Brock + Co Events is a wedding planning company providing high-quality design and logistical services for couples in and around Austin. Staffed by a team of experts specializing in design and coordination, Brock + Co Events can facilitate weddings from the very beginning to the end of the process. They take on logistical services that include venue selection, budgeting, vendor management and negotiation, floor plan and layout, rentals, wedding day support, and more. Brock + Co Events can take any wedding celebration to the next level, no matter whether it’s held in a backyard or ranch or is a destination wedding.

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Address: 5511 Parkcrest Drive, Suite 103, Austin, TX 78731

Phone: 512-954-8252

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Contact : Becky Brock

At 36th Street Events, an expert team of producers and designers collaborate to bring unforgettable wedding celebrations to clients in the greater Austin metropolitan area. With services including event design, full-service planning, and production packages, 36th Street Events can tackle all the logistical hassles and hurdles that come with the wedding planning process. They can do this while creating a seamless, organic experience and a stress-free environment for their clients. From budgeting to timelining to decor designing, 36th Street Events can bring their elegant charm to all kinds of wedding celebrations.

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Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 512-993-6282

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Contact : Beth Walker

Blue Sparrow is a wedding planning company based in Austin, providing professional services to couples in Austin and beyond. Blue Sparrow prioritizes aesthetics and process equally, combining their clients’ design preferences with a personal touch and industry expertise. They do this while creating a streamlined planning process that helps take the stress out of the wedding planning equation. Led by an experienced team of producers, planners, designers, and coordinators, Blue Sparrow offers a variety of services, such as detailed & streamlined full-service planning, design & coordination. They also offer a package for only coordination, allowing clients versatility to select the services they most need.

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Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 512-934-8636

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Contact : Vanna

At Events Unleashed, senior event planner Lahoma Dade manages a team of planners who work together to ensure clients get the wedding celebrations of their dreams. Boasting a slate of honors from some of the country’s most prestigious wedding publications, Events Unleashed offers three distinct packages. These are their month-of coordination package, their extended partnership planning package, and their premium wedding package. Starting with coordination services for the former option and ending with full service planning with the premium package, Events Unleashed lets their clients steer the wedding planning process. Each wedding they plan is unique and based on the needs of the client, with the planners stepping in where they’re needed to ensure a truly unforgettable celebration.

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Address: 912 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

Phone: 512-270-8796

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Contact : Lahoma Dade

Uptown Events is a wedding planning company staffed by a team of industry professionals who work to create elegant, luxurious wedding celebrations for couples. They offer a variety of services, including full-service planning, partial planning, wedding design, wedding coordination, and destination wedding packages. This gives clients a great degree of freedom in selecting the services they want help with while allowing them full freedom over the parts of their big day they want to supervise. From timelining to negotiating with vendors to selecting the venue, this team will ensure that no stone will be left unturned, right from the vision board to the vision in action.

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Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 361-935-7009

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Contact : Jessica Upton

At Kristin Ashley Events, Kristin leads a team of industry professionals, including designers, coordinators, and planners. She brings her experience working with names like Ralph Lauren and a collection of awards to the table when working with clients. With that expertise under her belt, Kristin and her team offer a variety of services. These include full wedding planning, wedding design, event management, and destination weddings. This variety means that clients have a say in the areas in which they would most like to exert control while leaving the rest to the professionals.

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Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 618-946-0936

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Contact : Kristin Kennedy

Located in Austin, TX, Pearl Events Austin is an award-winning event planning company specializing in creative wedding and reception planning. No matter your taste and style, they offer personalized event planning services to meet your specific vision, from simple to classic, raw to edgy, refined to embellished, or any other. All their professionals strive to plan memorable events for couples to give them memories that they will cherish for life. If you want to hire them, talk to the team now to book your date. 

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Address: 1206 W 38th St, Austin, TX 78705

Phone: 512-487-7047

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Interview: 10 Questions with Pearl Events Austin

Contact : Becky

Bride’s Best Friend is a professional wedding planning business in Austin. Cassie, the owner of this company, is a lead event planner with years of experience in this field. She launched this business in 2010 and has planned countless wedding events since then. The team strives to inspire all couples to have confidence, stop worrying about managing details, and focus on enjoying & celebrating each special moment of their big day. If you still have any doubts or confusion about their services, feel free to talk to Cassie or other team members.

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Address: Austin, Texas

Phone: 512-777-1626

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Contact : Cassie Crudo

3 Of Cups is a collective of event professionals, established in Austin, TX. With a chill “Austin Vibe”, the team members strive to connect with clients in a genuine and authentic way. The diverse 3 Of Cups’ clientele is represented in all shapes, sizes, and colors, including the LGBTQAI+ community. The various departments of the company include Planning + Coordination, Venue Location Scouting, Design + Florals, Photography + Videography, and Sound + DJ packages.

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Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 512-270-1734

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Contact : Jessica Ryan-Garcia

At Clearly Classy Events, a dedicated staff of coordinators, organizers, planners, and designers work closely with one another to execute weddings of all shapes and sizes for clients. Boasting a variety of awards and acknowledgments from major wedding publications and news outlets, the team at Clearly Classy Events offers a complimentary initial consultation. Packages include everything from day-of packages to full-service planning packages. They also handle destination weddings for couples that would like to make a holiday out of their big day. Inquiries can be made through the contact form on their website.

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Address: 5524 Bee Cave Road, Suite E2, Austin TX 78746

Phone: 512-659-9571

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Profile: Clearly Classy Events

Contact : Johnell

Weddings by Weaver is a wedding planning company providing couples in and around Austin with seamlessly executed wedding celebrations. Services offered include full-service planning, wedding day management, floral design, and DJ & photo booth packages. This keeps the bulk of the planning process under one roof. Led by Kara Weaver, who opened Weddings by Weaver for business in 2017, this business boasts an impressive array of honors and awards for its high standards of service. Consultations can be scheduled by appointment through their website, and inquiries can be made through the contact form.

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Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 210-287-3568

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Contact : Kara Weaver

At Platinum Weddings and Events, a devoted team of wedding industry professionals provides expert services, advice, and designing abilities to couples in and around Austin. This team offers everything from full service planning to day-of coordinating as well as any customizable slate of services in between those two options. This versatility gives clients the ability to dictate the specific areas and aspects of the wedding in which they want to take charge while leaving the rest to the experts. Inquiries can be made through their website.

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Address: 10133 Planters Woods Drive, Austin, TX 78730

Phone: 512-799-8601

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Contact : Amy Mader

Bekah Laine Events is a wedding planning company offering design and logistical services to couples in the greater Austin metropolitan area. Boasting awards from a variety of prestigious wedding publications, Bekah Laine Events offers packages on a sliding scale. These range from full-service planning to partial planning and coordination. Services offered in these packages include budget and timeline development, venue search and selection, and monthly hour-long calls. They also offer two onsite event coordinators for the wedding day, oversight of vendors, decorators, and wedding staff, and more.

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Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 737-231-0145

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Contact : Bekah Laine

At Hentrich Creative Consultants, owner and lead designer Victoria Hentrich brings nearly four decades of wedding planning industry experience to clients in and around Austin. From destination weddings across the world to Austin-based events, the Hentrich Creative Consultants team is perfectly equipped to bring any wedding celebration vision to life. This is done through a variety of completely customizable services that allow them to cater to each client’s unique needs and individual specifications. Inquiries can be made through the contact form on their website.

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Address: 4101 Medical Pkwy, Ste 104, Austin, TX 78756

Phone: 512-478-7975

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Contact : Victoria Hentrich

Momentous Weddings, Events & Designs is a wedding planning company providing bespoke services to soon-to-be-married couples in Austin and beyond. Led by owner and operator Carissa, this team combines their passion for the craft of wedding design with their logistical and coordination abilities to bring clients a sense of comfort as they plan for their big day. Packages offered include full-service planning and design, partial planning and design, wedding day management, and a variety of a la carte services. This makes Momentous Weddings, Events & Designs ideal for clients looking to customize the level of influence that their planner has over their wedding day.

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Address: Austin, TX

Phone: 512-693-9542

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Contact : Carissa

At LennsFest Events, Kate and a team of skilled professionals provide wedding planning services to prospective married couples in the greater Austin metropolitan area. Services offered include initial concept design and development, timelining and budgeting, vendor negotiation and management, and photography and videography, and more. The team at LennsFest Events also offers a variety of packages that range from full service planning to partial planning to coordination. Inquiries can be made through the contact form on their website.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 1705 Crossing Pl APT 103, Austin, TX 78741

Phone: 512-790-3868

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Contact : Katie Lenns

Glitzzy Events is a wedding planning company providing clients in and around Austin with unforgettable wedding celebrations. With over 280 events under their belt, the team at Glitzzy Events specialize in Indian/Fusion weddings and are the truly the experts when it comes to Indian & Fusion wedding planning. Glitzzy Events offers a variety of packages, including wedding planning, coordination, and execution. The amount of planner involvement depends on your requirements, and they offer four distinct package options that vary in the timespan of services rendered. Micro weddings can also be accommodated through their small wedding day planning & execution package.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 8863 Anderson Mill Rd #119, Austin, TX 78729

Phone: 512-293-8786

Social: Glitzzy Events

Profile: Glitzzy Events

Contact : Cheryl Fernandes

XO Moreau Weddings & Events is a full-service wedding planning & design firm famous for delivering unique and beautiful wedding experiences. Alex Moreau, a wedding planning specialist behind XO Moreau, has years of experience, expertise, and hands-on experience to plan, design, and produce weddings that couples have envisioned. The entire team specializes in detailed wedding planning with a touch of class and elegance. Apart from managing all operations and logistics, they use their exceptional design skills to build and design custom wedding designs to meet couples’ expectations. 

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Austin, Texas

Phone: 724-464-7596

Social: XO Moreau Weddings & Events

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Contact : Alexandra Moreau

Altar Ego Weddings is an Austin-based, award-winning wedding planning group committed to making your special day as stress-free as possible. The team is passionate about giving a carefree and relaxing environment for couples on their big day. They can step in at any time to handle your wedding preparations to ensure an unforgettable event. They deliver wedding planning & coordination packages ranging from month-of planning to full-service planning. The team can also customize a wedding package depending on your particular vision and needs. Hire the team and let them plan your big day. 

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Austin, Texas

Phone: 972-742-6407

Social: Altar Ego Weddings

Profile: Altar Ego Weddings

Contact : Jennifer Ashford

Yellow Umbrella Events is another reputed name in Texas for local and destination wedding planning. This company is owned and operated by Cheryl Bailey and Shea Bailey. They have worked with so many couples from across the globe to plan their weddings. Cheryl is an innovative and flexible wedding planner who will be there in your assistance from the first consultation to days after the wedding. Talk to her for other details.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 911 Farm to Market 1626 Suite 101B, Austin, TX 78748

Phone: 512-902-2743

Social: Yellow Umbrella Events

Profile: Yellow Umbrella Events

Contact : Cheryl Bailey

Lovely Day Events is an award-winning business, a combination of professional event planners and stylists in Austin, TX. The entire team is creative, specializes in producing fun, highly-customized, and sophisticated wedding events based on couples’ demands. Before directly jumping to the planning process, they talk to brides and grooms to know their visions to create weddings they have always envisioned. For other additional details, contact the team today.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 2616 Jefferson St, Austin, TX 78703

Phone: 626-664-0986

Social: Lovely Day Events

Profile: Lovely Day Events

Contact : Kierstin Schupack

Austin Wedding Planners, LLC is one of the leading wedding planning and coordination companies in Austin. They use the most talented, skilled, and creative resources to plan and design dream wedding events. No matter your needs and budget, they can help you plan and coordinate from start to end to offer a perfect wedding experience. Hire Austin Wedding Planners, LLC now and let the team take the stress out of your wedding event.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 1701 Palma Plaza, Austin, TX 78703

Phone: 512-826-6034

Social: Austin Wedding Planners

Profile: Austin Wedding Planners

Contact : Rosa Gibson

Vintage & Lace Wedding Planning & Coordination is an Austin-based wedding planning firm. They are known for delivering custom wedding planning and coordination services to couples with a personal touch. Heather Girotti, the owner and lead planner, has years of experience in wedding planning and design. Her goal is to make wedding planning as stress-free as possible and create timeless events that reflect couples’ stories. They deliver planning services for rehearsal dinner, wedding day, reception, or other related functions. Contact the team for further details. 

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Austin, Texas

Phone: 512-589-1039

Social: Vintage&Lace Weddings

Profile: Vintage&Lace Weddings

Contact : Heather Girotti

Lotus Events is an award-winning business that specializes in wedding planning, design, and coordination. Owned by Tara, they have been offering wedding planning services in Austin, TX and nearby areas for years. They are well-known for their friendly, hard-working, and energetic wedding planning and design services. The business is passionate about providing stress-free and memorable planning experiences for couples. Their attention to detail and flexibility builds a calming environment so that you can enjoy your big day to the fullest.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Austin, Texas

Phone: 512-808-6722

Social: Lotus Events

Profile: Lotus Events

Contact : Tara Blackwell

Wedding Day Girl is a premier wedding planning and coordination business based in Austin, TX. The team of Day of Coordinators helps couples avoid pitfalls, snags, and issues that occur in the final few days leading up to their wedding day by offering comprehensive services. They deliver full-assistance to plan a memorable day by considering all details in mind, including wedding day logistics, venue & vendor coordination, and everything in between. Hire them now to eliminate or avoid the stress involved in wedding planning.

Address: 621 12 Oaks Ln, Austin, TX 78704

Phone: 512-521-6485

Social: Wedding Day Girl

Profile: Wedding Day Girl

Contact : Amina

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Trusting a wedding planner’s experience and knowledge will enable you to get the most out of your wedding day. These are the top 10 wedding planners in Austin, Texas, who can help you plan and design the wedding day of your dreams. Just go through this list and select a wedding planner of your choice. Leave everything up to a professional and enjoy every bit of your big day.

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