A wedding is a special milestone in a couple’s life and finding the best wedding photographer to document all the memorable moments is an important choice that should be carefully made.

Choosing someone who has a relaxed personality and an eye to match a wedding style is something that will ensure all photos will reflect the couple’s personalities.

To get a better idea of what the Washington area has available, check out these top wedding photographers and their creative styles:

A husband and wife team of professional wedding photographers who love everything there is with couples sharing their commitment with the ones closest in their lives. Capturing intimate interactions and candid moments throughout the day is what brings them the most joy, and gives couples a special memento of their incredible day.

Photography Style: Classic, Dramatic, Candid, Natural

Years of Experience: 8+ years

Location: 1715 West Virginia Ave, Washington, DC 20002

Contact: 240-461-4603

Facebook: Gonzalez J Photography

Profile: Gonzalez J. Photography

Contact : Gonzalez J. Photography

A creative professional wedding photographer who has experience in multiple forms of creative photography, Cassidy is best-known for capturing unique snapshots of people and landscapes to bring back memories of special days. His documentary approach and photojournalistic style make every photo incredibly professional and authentic in every moment in time, though he is also able to shoot in multiple styles to suit every couple’s wants.

Photography Style: Dramatic, Editorial, Photojournalistic, Natural, Candid

Years of Experience: 11+ years

Location: 2030 8th St, Washington D.C. 20001

Contact: 240-532-8460

Facebook: Duhon Photography

Profile: DuHon Photography

Contact : DuHon Photography

A professional award-winning wedding photographer with more than two decades of experience, Ruben has a creative style with a wonderful eye for detail. He has a calm relaxed personality that is ideal for making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, and skills to use multiple forms of capturing the perfect shot. From natural candid portraits to breathtaking landscapes, every photo will beautifully capture every moment and emotion.

Photography Style: Classic, Vintage, Editorial, Dramatic, Photojournalistic

Years of Experience: 25+ years

Location: 2901 Connecticut Ave, Washington, DC 20008

Contact: 202-531-2015

Facebook: Ruben Photography

Profile: Ruben Photography

Contact : Ruben Photography

Always wanting to learn new creative ways to capture special moments between loved ones, Kanayo is a professional wedding photographer who has an artistic eye and love for sharing a couple’s love story through photography. Wanting to preserve events in a collection of bold colorful snapshots that are cherished, each photo will take couples back to those wonderful moments shared with loved ones on an important day in their lives.

Photography Style: Photojournalistic, Natural, Artistic, Dramatic, Editorial

Years of Experience: 6+ years

Location: Washington, DC

Contact: 240-393-8000

Facebook: Kanayo Adibe Photographer

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A passionate photographer who loves to document every special moment shared at a couple’s wedding, Deeba has over a decade of experience in creative photojournalistic photography that beautifully shows candid emotions and interactions of loved ones. Knowing how to make people feel comfortable and framing the perfect shot, the entire event will be detailed in an artistic collection to be cherished forever.

Photography Style: Editorial, Vintage, Dramatic, Artistic, Candid, Photojournalistic

Years of Experience: 10+ years

Location: 3514 14th St, Washington, DC 20001

Contact: 707-688-4698

Instagram: Donya Photography

Profile: Donya Photography

Contact : Donya Photography

An award-winning wedding photographer who specializes in telling visual stories through creative photography, Rodney carefully documents special moments in a couple’s wedding in the most passionate way. With nearly three decades of experience, every photo is taken in a natural candid way, with wise direction and no unnatural poses, for pure emotions and interactions that take couples back to a special day in their lives.

Photography Style: Photojournalistic, Dramatic, Editorial, Natural, Artistic

Years of Experience: 28+ years

Location: 1133 14th Street, Washington, DC 20005

Contact: 703-440-4086

Facebook: Rodney Bailey Photography

Profile: Rodney Bailey Photography

Contact : Rodney Bailey Photography

A bold passionate wedding photographer who has a fun personality to put everyone at ease in front of the camera, Adam is a creative professional who gets immersed in the moment to capture every candid expression. With a goal to give couples a visual love story in a beautifully unique way, every shot is framed in a flattering way that perfectly reflects the couple and their distinctive style.

Photography Style: Candid, Natural, Artistic, Vintage, Portrait

Years of Experience: 9+ years

Location: 52 O St, Washington, DC 20001

Contact: 302-245-5179

Facebook: Mason Photography

Profile: Mason Photography

Contact : Mason Photography

Understanding how important it is to capture all of the right moments during a wedding, Liz is a professional photographer who carefully preserves memories in her unique creative photography. Attentive to every last detail and relaxed for comfortable photo sessions, her portraits and candid photos are known for their beauty and natural expressions, which is no wonder why she is a popular choice in the DC area.

Photography Style: Classic, Candid, Natural

Years of Experience: 15 years

Location: Washington, DC

Contact: 202-642-0652

Facebook: Liz Stewart Photography

Profile: Liz Stewart Photography

Contact : Liz Stewart Photography

An adventurer with a creative eye, Mantas is a professional wedding photographer who loves to share his artistic eye on special occasions in people’s lives. Taking cues from his travels abroad, he has several years of experience capturing moments between loved ones and documenting events as a visual storyteller. Always putting his clients first, every session will show the connection people share with one another, and the love a couple shows the moment they say, “I do”.

Photography Style: Dramatic, Trendy, Artistic, Candid, Natural

Years of Experience: 8+ years

Location: 1200 N St, Washington, DC 20005

Contact: 202-213-7369

Facebook: Mantas Kubilinskas Photography

Profile: Mantas Kubilinskas Photography

Contact : Mantas Kubilinskas Photography

Understanding that every couple is different, and their special day should be captured in a way that reflects their personalities, Sam is a professional wedding photographer who has a unique style that tells a story of love and commitment. His passion for photography and creative eye for detail is what makes his work exceptional and among the top names in the Washington area.

Photography Style: Dramatic, Artistic, Editorial, Candid

Years of Experience: 9+ years

Location: 529 14th St, Washington D.C. 20045

Contact: 434-426-5018

Facebook: Sam Hurd Photography

Profile: Sam Hurd Photography

Contact : Sam Hurd Photography


It takes time to find the perfect wedding photographer to beautifully capture every special moment of the day. Carefully considering several important factors before signing a contract with any photographer will give couples the peace of mind their wedding will be wonderfully captured.


Top 5 Wedding Photography LOCATIONS in Washington

Washington, DC, has several locations that you can choose for a wedding photography session. Each of these locations is unique in their own way and have never disappointed the couples who have picked them for their wedding. Apart from allowing you to capture spectacular wedding photographs, they also allow you to create heartfelt memories which will have a very special place in their heart. Our list of the top 5 wedding photography locations will help you pick the location of your dreams.


1. The Yards Park

The Yards Park

Located in Washington DC, The Yards Park is a waterfront destination that provides not only green space but also water features, making it an ideal outdoor location.  The dancing fountains can serve as the perfect backdrop to your wedding photographs, with other photography options, including the bridge and the trail along the Anacostia River. A highly romantic location, this venue is perfect for couples looking for wedding photographs that they will never forget.

Location Style: Park

Address: 355 Water Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 

Social: The Yards Park


2. Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin

Located close to the famous Nation Mall and part of West Potomac Park, the Tidal Basin is one of the most gorgeous locations you can pick for a wedding photoshoot. The incredible colors of the trees in the spring will provide a great backdrop to your photos. Cherry blossom season means that the cherry trees will all be blooming, leaving you awestruck by the sheer beauty of the place. You can also easily access some of the most famous monuments in the city from the Tidal Basin, including the Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and the FDR Memorial.

Location Style: Lake

Address: Washington D.C, DC

Social: Tidal Basin


3. City Center DC

City Center DC

The City Center is among the most bustling places in the city, thanks to the variety of shops and restaurants in the area. The entire walk, especially Palmer’s Alley, is lit up with colorful lanterns and multiple lights, which provide an amazing backdrop for a great picture. Newlyweds can take memorable photos on the walkway or in the park, which also has several beautiful spots. 

Location Style: Public Square, Plaza

Address: 10th St. NW & New York Ave Washington D.C, DC

Social: City Center DC


4. National Mall and Memorial Parks

National Mall and Memorial Parks

With more than 100 unique monuments and memorials, this location is nothing short of a treat for the eyes. The famous cherry blossoms serve as the perfect backdrop for romantic wedding photographs. This location is incredibly beautiful regardless of the time of year, thanks to the stunning and unique colors of the trees and the number of sculptures found throughout the area. Couples can choose from hundreds of spots for their wedding photographs at this stunning location. 

Location Style: National Park

Address: 900 Ohio Drive SW, Washington, DC 20024

Social: National Mall and Memorial Parks


5. Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

A national monument, the Lincoln Memorial is located on the western end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. This venue features stunning architecture and awe-inspiring grandeur, making it a great spot for wedding photographs that capture not only the love you share with your partner but also the overwhelming majesty of the location.

Location Style: Monument, Park

Address: Washington D.C, DC 20037

Social: Lincoln Memorial


A wedding photography location can make a great deal of difference to your wedding photographs. Choose a location that speaks to you and allows you to capture your relationship with your other half accurately.