Cakes by LaLa is a wedding cake business serving the greater Washington D.C. area. With a wide variety of flavors available, featuring LaLa’s signature creamy vanilla buttercream icing, the team at Cakes by LaLa prioritizes customer satisfaction from the first moment of the cake reveal to the very last bite at the end of the reception. With a distinct focus on the granular details, the team at Cakes by LaLa offers single-tiered, multi-tiered, and fully customized cakes for weddings of all shapes and sizes.

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 202-681-6351

Social: Cakes by LaLa

Profile: Cakes by LaLa

Contact : Lala

Couture Cakes by Sabrina is a wedding cakery with nods and acknowledgments from some of the country’s most prestigious wedding-focused publications. First launched in 2013, Couture Cakes by Sabrina is owned and operated by Sabrina herself, a Michigander born and raised with a Certificate in Baking and Pastries and a love for cake making handed down from her family, originally stemming from years spent in her aunt’s commercial kitchen. Wedding cake consultations and cake tastings are available by appointment; the cakes at Couture Cakes by Sabrina start at $1,000.

Address: Washington, DC

Social: Couture Cakes by Sabrina

Profile: Couture Cakes by Sabrina

Contact : Sabrina

Blue Lace Cakes is a wedding cake business focusing on the extravagance and luxuriousness that define the wedding cake experience. With awards, honors, and distinctions from a wide array of local and national publications, Blue Lace Cakes combines a studied devotion to the craft of baking with a flexible policy toward individualization and customization. Clients can contact Blue Lace Cakes for consultations and tastings, and wedding cake prices start at $200 for smaller gatherings and $600 for full sized accommodations.

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 240-242-5785

Social: Blue Lace Cakes

Profile: Blue Lace Cakes

Contact : Voula

Cakes by Christa is a local Washington D.C. cakery with services available for weddings in and around the metropolitan area. With a gallery of wedding cakes available for browsing, Cakes by Christa guarantees custom made cakes for each client — no two cakes will ever be made the same. Tastings and consultations can be provided with several flavors, frostings, and fondants made available for sampling. Estimates can be made upon individual request through the Cakes by Christa website.

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 301-888-2253

Social: Cakes by Christa

Profile: Cakes by Christa

Contact : Christa

The Cakeroom is a quaint bakeshop located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington D.C. The Cakeroom provides wedding cakes for receptions in the greater metropolitan area with flexible pricing models depending on the size of the wedding party. The gallery available for perusal on their website indicates a varied mix of styles and features, right down to the granular details. Owned and operated by a pastry chef trained at the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education, The Cakeroom is an ideal choice for upscale weddings.

Address: 2006 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Phone: 202-450-4462

Social: The Cakeroom

Profile: The Cakeroom

Contact : The Cakeroom Team

5-12 Dessert is a wedding cake company owned and operated by Daneen & Tai Heath, a mother-and-daughter team providing their baking services for weddings in and around Washington D.C.. Launched in 2014, 5-12 Dessert provides wedding cakes for big, small, and micro events as well as dessert bars, cupcake towers, cookies, and edible wedding favors, covering all of your celebration’s sweet treat needs. With 15 flavors available and additional frostings for maximal variety, 5-12 Dessert can offer wedding cakes as delectable on the inside as they are spectacular on the outside. 

Address: 703 Edgewood St NE, Washington, DC 20017

Phone: 202-841-4127

Social: 5-12 Dessert

Profile: 5-12 Dessert

Contact : Daneen & Tai

The Bakers’ Lounge is a wedding cake bakery located in Washington D.C. serving up gourmet wedding cakes to receptions all across the metropolitan area. Advertising choices such as “fresh fruit, boozy truffle fillings, cheesecake centers, and more,” The Bakers’ Lounge can bring an upscale look and feel to those classic nostalgic flavors that will have you craving a slice right from the moment the cake is revealed. A 30-45 minute consultation and tasting can be scheduled by appointment only. 

Address: 3617 12th St NE, Washington, DC 20018

Phone: 202-601-7107

Social: The Bakers' Lounge

Profile: The Bakers' Lounge

Contact : Catherine Cotay

Sweet Treats DMV is a bakery offering wedding cake baking services in the greater Washington D.C. area. Run by a pastry chef with a specialized degree in Baking and Pastry, Sweet Treats DMV brings even the most fantastical wedding cake visions to life with a keen eye for detail and finesse. Tastings and consultations can be scheduled in advance with three flavors and three fillings made available from the Sweet Treats DMV menu of flavors. With flexible pricing and a gallery of photos that speaks for itself, Sweet Treats DMV is a natural choice for Washington D.C. weddings.

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 240-847-4183

Social: Sweet Treats DMV

Profile: Sweet Treats DMV

Contact : Tawonda Boyd

Juniper Sweet Treats is a wedding cake provider with a wide variety of custom cakes, cupcakes, and more. With a unique menu of flavors featuring classic hits such as Birthday Confetti, Ginger & Spice, and Golden Rum, Juniper Sweet Treats inquiries and orders can be placed through the contact form available on the Juniper Sweet Treats website. 

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 202-599-8083

Social: Juniper Sweet Treats

Profile: Juniper Sweet Treats

Contact : Yvonne Renee

Kogibow Bakery is a wedding cake shop offering custom cakes for weddings and other celebrations in and around Washington D.C. Each cake at Kogibow Bakery is uniquely baked and prepared to exact client specifications, making for a truly unique wedding cake experience. Call or use the contact form on the website in order to get in touch with the skilled team of bakers at Kogibow Bakery and schedule your wedding cake order today!

Address: 1817 Adams Mill Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009

Phone: 202-332-1202

Social: Kogibow Bakery

Profile: Kogibow Bakery

Contact : Kogibow Bakery Team

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While your wedding cake might quickly disappear into the rumbling stomachs of your guests, your wedding cake will live on in photos, in videos, and in your vivid memory of the moment of the cake reveal and the cake cutting. The looks on the faces of your loved ones, the moment of synchronous slicing with your spouse, and the first taste of the luscious, velvety cake will all be worth the effort. Sourcing the wedding cake baker who will best serve your celebration needs will pay dividends on the day of your reception, and you’ll know it at first bite!

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