Lilies, roses, peonies, and the list of flowers that would make a wedding heavenly is never-ending. But what was your dream when you were a little girl? How did you imagine your bouquet? Did you wish for a rose centerpiece, or were you planning something unique?

Be it unique orchids or simple sunflowers for a wedding, you need a reliable, creative, and reputed wedding florist. Here are the top wedding florists in Washington D.C,

She Loves Me makes this list thanks to its unique collection of indigenous flowers. They also have a standard flower collection for couples looking to mix-and-match. 

It’s not just flowers they offer, however. The team from She Loves Me works to create uniquely crafted botanical goods and flowers to ensure that your wedding will be one that people will be talking about for ages. From simple to extravagant, She Loves Me has got everything covered.

Address: 808 Upshur St. NW Washington, DC 20011

Phone: 202-627-2604

Social: She Loves Me

Profile: She Loves Me

Contact : Holley Simmons

Poppy Flowers is run by a team of floral designers who have learned their skills from the White House’s chief floral designer. They procure flowers from eco-friendly farms from around the world. Needless to say, the options in front of you will be plenty. 

Feeling overwhelmed with the options? Then leave it to them to make it memorable. By hiring Poppy Flower, you are hiring an entire supply chain for floral designing, not just one person.

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 214-718-3286

Social: Poppy Flowers

Profile: Poppy Flowers

Contact : Cameron Hardesty

Looking to decorate your venue with nothing but hanging flowers? Want to keep your guests guessing as to which flowers you have picked? Flor de Casa can create a story with its flowers. 

If you’re not sure how to begin, they offer a set of packages based on your requirements. They can also create customized wedding florals, working to make your dream wedding burst to life with flowers. Your every flower need is met with ease, starting from boutonnieres to table floral arrangements.

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 571-403-1270

Social: Flor de Casa Designs

Profile: Flor de Casa Designs

Contact : Shanda

Planning a traditional church wedding? Wondering how to decorate your mansion venue? Rocking Bird Flower is specialized in decorating unique wedding venues with free-form arrangements. They have experience in decorating historic venues, urban hotels, romantic wineries, and more. They work with the flower farms of Southern Maryland and guarantee you freshness and quality – the flower will look as good as new all day, right up until you walk out of the venue into your car (or carriage). They are also proud of giving it back to society by connecting women-owned farms and small businesses to create a sustainable economy for all.

Address: 2351 Champlain Street NW Washington, DC 20009

Phone: 202-315-8765

Social: Rocking Bird Flower Co.

Profile: Rocking Bird Flower Co.

Contact : Meredith

Bee Inspired Events is famous for couture flower decorations for different types of events. They are open to catering to your complete wedding requirements or one event. All you need to share is the tablescape and the venue. The team will take care of the rest, leaving you free to worry about other bridal responsibilities. Bee Inspired has a structured team that takes care of the entire process and executes it with minimal to zero overlooking from your side. They are famous for their balanced design that uses floral colors to complement the nature of the venue.

Address: Washington, DC 20010

Phone: 202-340-5075

Social: Bee Inspired Events

Profile: Bee Inspired Events

Contact : Maya Bosnjak

Conventional Floral guarantees a unique look to your day with pew markers, corsages and boutonnieres, ceremony arrangements, arches, chuppahs, and others. They have 15 years of experience handling different types of weddings and are able to bring your dreams to life, no matter what design you’re looking for. So, whatever your wildest dreams of wedding flowers might be, you can be sure that Convention Floral will make them a reality. They also have budget packages that allow you to rent ready designs with columns, candelabras, and more.

Address: 5932 3rd St NW, Washington, DC 20011

Phone: 202-939-0510

Social: Convention Floral

Profile: Convention Floral

Contact : Nubia Fasil

Ultra Violet Flowers is famous for following special instructions from brides for a magical wedding. Did you start your wedding binder when you were a teenager? Do you have a long list of unique requirements? Well, you need Ultra Violet Flowers. They have 20 years of experience in floral artwork with unique flowers and hand-made designs. Do you have a hard time believing such a customized service exists? Check out their portfolio. You might even get some new ideas for your wedding.

Address: 1218 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Phone: 202-333-3002

Social: Ultra Violet Flowers

Profile: Ultra Violet Flowers

Contact : Fabio Ripoli

Le Printemps is a wedding florist business in the market for more than three decades. It takes trendy designs, reliable service, and impeccable creativity to stay in the market for this long. Are you looking for a luxurious wedding with a fantasy touch? Suha of Le Printemps is the right choice for your wedding. Beyond an exotic collection of flowers and creative patterns and designs for arrangements, Le Printemps also offers you the trendy creativity needed to ensure your wedding is Instagram-worthy. 

Address: 1255 23rd St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Phone: 202-429-8704

Social: Le Printemps

Profile: Le Printemps

Contact : Suha Kaidbey

It is best to go seasonal if you wish to add a beautiful touch to your wedding. When you pick off-season flowers, the quality and richness plummet. This women-owned enterprise knows how to make your wedding special with season-specific flowers. They offer a list of blooms suitable for the season for you to pick. Do you want to go beyond the textbook style of wedding flower arrangements? Well, you need a reliable, young, and creative mind for handling your floral designs, and La Fleur Enchantée is the right place to end your search.

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 301-996-7415

Social: La Fleur Enchantée

Profile: La Fleur Enchantée

Contact : Sharon & Agnes

Do you want floral decorations to match your venue alone or something that would express your feelings and personality? If you pick the latter, you need a dramatic design style that elevates the day’s beauty. James David Ray chooses to focus not just on flowers but also on every twig and leaf that makes its way to your floral arrangement. Are you a perfectionist? It is possible to satisfy you with James David Ray’s designs then.

Address: Alexandria, VA

Phone: 703-835-3021

Social: James David Ray

Contact : James David Ray

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Are you stuck with just red roses in mind? Do you want a fresh approach to floral wedding designs? Why pick some random guy with a cart full of flowers when you can choose floral designers who carved their career with intricate flower designs and exotic creativity? Well, for such a delightful wedding memory, you need a reliable designer who is easy to talk to, understands your style, and keeps up the budget.

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