Wroyal DJ Company

Wroyal DJ Company is one of the most sought after wedding DJ companies based out of Washington D.C., with a storied track record providing local couples with unforgettable entertainment services for their local wedding celebrations. Wroyal DJ Company is staffed up by a team of devoted DJs, each of whom can skillfully execute the music and emcee services required for a wedding reception. Wedding packages with Wroyal DJ Company include photo booth rentals, ceremony and cocktail hour music, reception coverage, DJ facade, dance floor lighting, and sound equipment.

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 240-748-8050

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Wroyal The DJ

Angie D Entertainment

Angie D Entertainment is a Washington D.C.-based wedding DJ company, specializing in wedding parties that get all guests out on the dance floor, energized for hours upon hours. Angie D Entertainment provides DJ services, lighting, and photo booth, combining multiple services under one roof for maximal client convenience. Angie D Entertainment is a full-service entertainment company that can bring life and vibrancy to any wedding celebration across Washington D.C. and beyond, with 15 years in business to guarantee that wedding parties with this wedding DJ company will be skillfully and artfully executed.

Address: Washington, DC

Phone: 301-464-6895

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Dj Angie D

DJ Curley Sue

Look no further than DJ Curley Sue for a wedding DJ who can tackle wedding celebrations of total sophistication and utter joy. DJ Curley Sue is a tried and true industry expert who can handle both the music and emcee needs for a wedding reception, with a personality that befits the position of the announcer when it comes to steering the pace and tone of the wedding reception from start to finish. DJ Curley Sue offers all-inclusive packages for weddings that include such items as ceremony and cocktail hour music, reception coverage, speakers and stands, DJ booth, customized playlist, dance floor lighting, setup and cleanup, and virtual consultations, among other such items.

Address: Washington, DC

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Curley Sue

DJ Bedro

Are you looking for a lively DJ that can keep the soul of your wedding party upbeat? Whether you want to jam to POP Remixes, Trance, Deep House, EDM, Funk, or a mix of these genres, DJ Bedro has got your back!

Currently, DJ Bedro operates in Washington and the areas surrounding it. However, he also pumps up weddings outside this area with his spicy mixes. 

Specializing in weddings and parties, DJ Bedro carries an unparalleled experience. All in all, this man knows how to keep the spirit of the party alive.

To get a quote, visit DJ Bedro’s business website today or give them a call.

Address: Washington, D.C

Phone: (301) 467-7990

Profile: DJ Bedro

Interview: 10 Questions with DJ Bedro

Social: Instagram

Contact : DJ Bedro

DJ T Beauty

DJ T Beauty is an experienced DJ who operates in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas. Moreover, her unique taste in music makes her one of the most uplifting and exotic DJs in the area.

She specializes in several genres, including pop, EDM, rap, r&b, hip hop, reggae, afrobeat, go-go, and Christian music. And in each of her music sets, she adds a unique flavor.

With that, she knows how to pump up the audience in both smaller settings and larger stadium level events.

Her wedding DJ services start at $150 per hour with a $100 deposit (non-refundable). These costs also cover the hosting, sound rental, and music tailored to the specific audience/needs of the couple.

With that, you could also get a photo booth add-on for $100 per hour with a $50 deposit (non-refundable).

Also, for a flat fee of $30, you may as well receive fully customized props for the wedding party.

You can contact DJ T Beauty via phone or website/social media.

Address: Washington, D.C

Phone: (240) 437-3686

Profile: DJ T Beauty

Interview: 10 Questions with DJ T Beauty

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Tonisha Monique

The DC DJs

For a wedding ceremony and reception that evokes the utter majesty and festivity of wedding celebrations, The DC DJs is an excellent choice of Washington D.C.-based wedding DJ outlet. Lighting packages with The DC DJs include uplighting, ambience lighting, and dance floor lighting, while photo booth rentals are also available. Of course, the DJ and emcee services are the highlight with The DC DJs, and the devoted DJs on staff are all uniquely qualified to tackle the ins and outs of wedding receptions, facilitating a lively playlist that will entertain every single guest.

Address: 105 Loudoun St SW, Leesburg, VA 20175

Phone: 703-662-3555

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Mario

JJ&T Entertainment

JJ&T Entertainment is a wedding DJ outlet based out of Washington D.C., perfect for parties hoping to radiate magnetism and energy from start to finish. JJ&T Entertainment is staffed up by ten dedicated DJs, each of whom claims a vast catalog of previous experience, certifying each DJ is an industry expert with tons to offer for a local wedding party. JJ&T Entertainment also staffed up a roster of live bands for a wedding party looking for a more acoustic and engaging approach to the entertainment for the wedding reception. No matter what clients are looking for when it comes to wedding day entertainment, JJ&T Entertainment can make it happen.

Address: 3824 Wendy Ln Silver Spring, MD 20906

Phone: 301-830-8441

Social: Facebook

Contact : Jessica & Jerry

Maryland's DJ

Maryland’s DJ is one of the most highly skilled wedding DJ companies to be found across Washington D.C. and beyond, with a staff of devoted DJs who are all ready, willing, and able to tackle wedding celebrations of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Maryland’s DJ offers services for weddings including customized playlists, unlimited personal planning sessions, coordination, emcee services, uplighting design, intelligent lighting, photo booth rentals, and a wedding day skillfully executed by the masterful team of staff members at this bespoke wedding DJ company.

Address: 966 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 301-968-0965

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jordan Solender

Pulse Entertainment

Lighthearted fun is the name of the game with Pulse Entertainment, a wedding DJ company based out of Washington D.C. Pulse Entertainment provides DJ and emcee services through a process that begins with an initial consultation, continues on with the planning process, and then ends in the day of the event; the process includes a bespoke selection of musical playlists for the evening as well as timelining with the event coordinator and an in-person visit to the venue to ensure that the wedding day is smoothly curated and facilitated. 

Address: 3949 Pender Drive, Suite 105 Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone: 703-520-9898

Social: Facebook

Contact : Karl Stallknecht

Dj Schemes

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, Dj Schemes can offer some of the most highly skilled DJ and emcee services across Washington D.C. and beyond. Dj Schemes has been attending weddings across Washington D.C. for the last ten years, and with this much experience, he is sure to bring a ton of energy to wedding celebrations. Dj Schemes includes high quality lighting and audio equipment in addition to a lively personality as an emcee that will engage and excite all guests in attendance. Dj Schemes offers in-person consultations to ensure that he’s on the same page as his clients.

Address: Washington, DC

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Dj Schemes

Bryan George Music

Bryan George Music is one of the oldest and most experienced DJ services operating in Washington, DC. This company was founded 15 years ago by Bryan George.

They have provided music for over 2000 weddings and specialize in DJ services for weddings alone. Their team comprises highly talented and experienced professional DJs who now operate under his leadership.

Additional services offered include wireless uplighting, string ensembles, and photo booths.

To get a quote for your big day, reach out to Bryan George Music via telephone, the company website, or social media accounts.

Address: Washington, D.C

Phone: (202) 345-6695

Profile: Bryan George Music

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Bryan George

House Monsters DJs

House Monsters DJs is a well-known DJ service that covers weddings and other events all over Washington, DC. Furthermore, this company is run by DJ Tyso, a household name in the world of Disk Jockeying.

House Monsters DJs offers three packages – the Essential Package ($2000), Prestige Package ($2500), and Dream Package ($3000). 

The Essential Package includes DJ/MC service with professional audio and wireless uplighting.

The Prestige Package includes all Essential Package services + 70” monitor or 2-intelligent lighting with Plexiglass Booth, and Fixtures on Towers/Trusses.

Lastly, the Dream Package includes all Prestige Package services + dancing on cloud effects and an indoor sparkler effect.

Also, they offer an add-on package for $1500 that features two 70 inches monitors that include a live cam. This live cam runs a custom log, live photos, 3D Motion designs, or live streaming.

Address: Washington, D.C

Phone: (240) 603-7919

Profile: House Monsters DJs

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Tyso

Dan Goldman Events

Dan Goldman Events is one of the most popular wedding DJ services in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and nearby areas.

The mastermind behind this company is Dan Goldman, a professional DJ with years of experience under his belt. Apart from unmatched DJ services, the team at Dan Goldman Events also offers some additional services that include bands and musicians, photo booths, lighting, production, and live streaming of wedding parties.

Since they offer a great team of DJs and diverse additional services, Dan Goldman Events is among the top choices of couples in Washington, DC.

Address: Washington, D.C

Phone: (202) 215-3655

Profile: Dan Goldman Events

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Brennan Sullivan

Marquee Artists

Marquee Artists is a DJ, lighting, and photobooth company that operates in DC, Virginia, NYC, Philadelphia, and Maryland.

With a team of highly skilled and hand-picked DJs, Marquee Artists promises an exceptional service throughout Washington, DC.

They also offer talented musicians for the cocktail hour. This includes a live pianist, solo guitarist, vocalist + guitarist, and a vocalist + guitarist + a double bass player.

Their rates start at $1500, which includes planning, DJ services, and a pro sound system. You can also choose add-ons like extra wireless mics, fun lighting, photo booths, and additional audio systems.

Address: 3900 Watson Pl NW, Washington, DC 20016

Phone: (202) 505-2008

Profile: Marquee Artists

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kelton Higgins

Exclusively Entertainment

Exclusively Entertainment specializes in DJ services for weddings, corporate events, and private parties in Washington, DC.

This service has been around for more than 20 years and has covered 3000+ events. Their team of DJs includes Dirty Hands and Inferno, as well as Ace, Ari Jam, Kam, Kia, Luis, Oz, Pedram, Pierre, Saam, Shahab, Xavi, and Welby.

To get a quote, visit their website today. With that, you can reach out to them via telephone.

Address: 4601 Hunt Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Phone: (888) 881-3936

Profile: Exclusively Entertainment

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Pierre

Shew-sical Entertainment Services

Shew-sical Entertainment is a premium wedding DJ service that operates in the greater DC, South Central Pennsylvania, Frederic, and Baltimore.

This fully organized team of highly experienced DJs have rocked many wedding parties in the Washington area. They are far more than any regular DJ company.

This company offers a mix of services that include full DJ/MC service, ceremony and cocktail coverage, custom and personalized introductions, wireless and battery-powered speakers, remote powered speakers, custom mixes and mashups, and afterparty coverage.

With a great collection of music and an unmatched experience, this is the go-to DJ service of nearly every couple of Washington, DC.  

Visit their website and social media pages today to find out more about them.

Address: Washington, D.C

Phone: (888) 743-9742

Profile: Shew-sical Entertainment Services

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Matt Shew

Astro Event Solutions

Astro Event Solutions is a top-notch DJ service run by DJ Beaini, a well-known professional in the world of Disc Jockeying.

Though this company was founded just recently in 2020, DJ Beaini has provided music for over 2000 events in his career.

Astro Event Solutions is a company run by one of the top names in the industry. This company covers a wide range of events such as club parties, private events, international parties, and of course, weddings.

So, regardless of what the theme of your wedding party is, Astro Event Solutions has got you covered!

Address: Washington, D.C

Phone: (703) 677-4677

Profile: Astro Event Solutions

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Beaini

DJ Maskell

With 15 years of experience, DJ Maskell operates throughout the Washington DC area, as well as Virginia, Maryland, and surrounding areas. Throughout his career, he has played a wide range of genres at over 450 weddings.

As an independent contractor, DJ Maskell works with couples directly and offers a fully personalized DJ service. Hence, many couples place their full faith in him.

With that, he also provides an unmatched experience beginning from the intro music piece to the last. DJ Maskell does not charge extra for add-ons. Instead, he offers a flat quote that covers everything from the lighting to the equipment.

Address: Washington, D.C

Profile: DJ Maskell

Social: Instagram

Contact : Mark Maskell

Imani Entertainment

With all-inclusive packages and practically endless services offered, Imani Entertainment is a distinctive and awesome choice of Washington D.C.-based wedding DJ company. Imani Entertainment provides DJ and emcee services in addition to photo booth rentals, karaoke machines, and lighting design. All-inclusive packages booked with Imani Entertainment include a two to four speaker setup, a 120,000 song digital library, wireless microphones, prelude music, ceremony music, cocktail hour music, and reception music, uplighting, monogram projections,props, and other such items.

Address: 13310 Chalfont Avenue, Fort Washington, MD 20744

Phone: 202-487-8110

Social: Facebook

Contact : Andy Yorke

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Wedding parties can quickly become boring without good music. Hence, we strongly suggest you invest your time and energy into hiring a suitable DJ service.

However, hunting for a suitable DJ is an overwhelming process. After all, there are a plethora of options out there. But with this list, we have made that incredibly easy for you.

All the DJ services included in our list are hand-picked due to great reviews and an active internet presence.

So, what are you waiting for? Give one of them a call and spice your wedding party up!

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