Address: 3633 W MacArthur Blvd #410, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone: 949-439-9709

Facebook: Ning Wong Studios

Instagram: Ning Wong Studios

Contact : Ning

White Rabbit Wedding Photo Boutique, owned by Jenna Henderson,  is not only your typical wedding photography company. Jenna and her team capture your unique love story in a way that truly reflects your personality and style. Whether it is the beautiful details of your dress, cake, and the venue, or sweet moments shared between the couple, family, and friends, Jenna has got you covered. Make an appointment today before you miss a chance to work with such an amazing wedding photographer.

Style: Natural, Contemporary, Photojournalism

Pricing: Starts at $3200

Address: 1535 E. 17th St. Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: 909-293-8064

Profile: White Rabbit Photo Boutique

Facebook: White Rabbit Photo Boutique

Instagram: White Rabbit Photo Boutique

Contact : Jenna Henderson

Having a decade long experience in wedding photography, this team of husband and wife excel at creating some beautiful and memorable memories. Victor Vega along with his wife Mayroth has made their mark among the most popular wedding photographers in Santa Ana California. Each photograph taken by the couple speaks volumes about the client’s personalities and the love and bond shared between them.

Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Traditional

Pricing: Starts at $1300

Address: 407 N Broadway Santa Ana, CA, 92701

Phone: 714-410-5666

Profile: Privilege Photography

Facebook: Privilege Photography

Instagram: Privilege Photography

Contact : Victor Vega

Who doesn’t want to look stunning in their wedding photographs? Alexa is the best person to help you do that. With an experience of more than a decade, she will make her clients relax and be comfortable in front of the cameras. Apart from an album of fabulous photographs, you can also request digital files or even matted prints.

Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism, Natural

Pricing: Starts at $3000

Address: 1901 E 1st St. Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: 510-282-8740

Profile: Lex and Lotus Photography

Facebook: Lex and Lotus Photography

Instagram: Lex and Lotus Photography

Contact : Alexa

Address: 1173 Warner Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

Phone: 949-287-2153

Facebook: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Instagram: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Contact : Lin & Jirsa

Address: 2922 E Chapman Ave #202, Orange, CA 92869

Phone: 714-408-8428

Facebook: Three16 Photography

Instagram: Three16 Photography

Contact : Jerrick O'Connor

Choosing Victoria and her husband as your wedding photographers will prove to be one of the best people to choose among the list of wedding vendors. Owing to her cheerful and bubbly personality, Victoria not only helps you relax and calm your nerves in front of the camera but also captures all the details. The wedding photographs are nothing short of a piece of art that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Style: Traditional, Natural, Contemporary, Photojournalism

Pricing: Start at $2600

Address: Santa Ana, 92701

Phone: 310-663-8949

Profile: Victoria Chrystal Photography

Facebook: Victoria Chrystal Photography

Instagram: Victoria Chrystal Photography

Contact : Victoria Castillo

Address: 130 E Dyer Rd, Ste C, Santa Ana, CA 92707

Phone: 949-385-3019

Facebook: Something New and Blue

Instagram: Something New and Blue

Contact : Anne & David

Address: 2708 Westminster Ave Suite 200, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Phone: 714-655-2144

Facebook: Peter Nguyen Studio

Instagram: Peter Nguyen Studio

Contact : Peter

Address: Santa Ana, CA

Phone: 714-583-4911

Facebook: Omar Valle Photography

Instagram: Omar Valle Photography

Contact : Omar Valle

Based in Santa Ana California, Kassel has vast experience of interacting with the clients and making them comfortable during the photography sessions. His passion for photography is quite evident from his unique style of photography. Kassel photography offers three different types of wedding photography packages that include the ‘simple’ at $1650, ‘fabulous’ $2200, and ‘the package’ at $2850. Choose the package that suits your style and budget.

Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary

Pricing: Starts at $1650

Address: 1058 E. First Street, Suite #115 Santa Ana, 92701

Phone: 714-541-1958

Profile: Kassel Photography

Facebook: Kassel Photography

Instagram: Kassel Photography

Contact : Kassel

Based in Santa Ana California, Aaron Alvarez Photography is one of the most professional wedding photographers in the area. They are well known for producing breathtakingly beautiful images that truly capture the couple’s personality, love, and bond. Not only that they promise to deliver your photos, video, and album products in less than two weeks. You have an entire range of photography items to choose from, whether it is albums, canvas, digital files, flush mount or prints, the work of Aaron Alverez will make you a satisfied client.

Style: Traditional, Contemporary, Photojournalism

Pricing: Starts at $1000

Address: 207 N Broadway, Ste D Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: 657-210-1128

Profile: Aaron Alvarez Photography

Facebook: Aaron Alvarez Photography

Instagram: Aaron Alvarez Photography

Contact : Aaron Alvarez

Matt and Angie Sloan make yet another brilliant couple who have a knack for interacting closely with every client and then capturing each special moment through their lenses. Highly recommended by their previous clients, Sloan Photographers have a natural and sophisticated style that makes every couple comfortable in front of the camera. Make an appointment today so that you don’t miss the chance to create some fabulous photographs that remind you of that beautiful day.

Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary

Pricing: Starts at $2500

Address: 907 N. Olive St. Santa Ana, 92703

Phone: 602-614-3323

Profile: Sloan Photographers

Facebook: Sloan Photographers

Contact : Matt and Angie Sloan

Christopher Todd Studios promises to turn your vision into a reality. With Christopher as the main photographer, you couldn’t have chosen a better photographer for your wedding day. His vibrant and easy-going personality sets him apart from other photographers. His biggest strength lies in his ability to capture not only the wedding ceremony but also every special moment. Through his photography and stunning photographs, you can relive those special moments once more.

Style: Traditional, Contemporary, Photojournalism

Pricing: Starts at $3000

Address: 211 E Columbine Ave. Studio D Santa Ana, 92707

Phone: 800-501-2063

Profile: Christopher Todd Studios

Instagram: Christopher Todd Studios

Contact : Christopher Todd

Jessica is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Santa Ana California. Her cheerful, warm, and pleasant personality comes in handy when it includes putting every couple at ease and taking natural and flawless photographs. The wedding packages start at $3000 and include prints, digital files, and beautifully organized albums. Moreover, Jessica will customize the wedding package to suit your style and budget.

Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary, Traditional, Natural

Pricing: Starts at $3000

Address: Santa Ana, 92705

Phone: 949-742-0357

Profile: Jessica Di Bella Photography

Facebook: Jessica Di Bella Photography

Instagram: Jessica Di Bella Photography

Contact : Jessica

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Each couple strives to choose a professional wedding photographer who can ensure that each moment of their big day is preserved in a collection of nostalgic moments that can be relived in the years to come. Since your wedding day is the most important day of your life, don’t miss a chance to hire an experienced and professional wedding photographer who can help you create special memories of your big day.

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