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There’s a reason why photographer comes last on my list of titles. My identity isn’t found in being a wedding photographer. I don’t just want to photograph your wedding, I want to encourage you, support you and make you two feel special & loved now and for the rest of your marriage. Thankfully I get to do that WHILE being your photographer. I thrive off genuine connections, depth and transparency- no matter how messy it is.

Photos have always proved to speak to me in powerful ways and I could often times be found flipping pages through old photo albums as a little girl. Having been a part of journalism and documenting for my school’s yearbooks all throughout my adolescence and teen years, my passion for capturing moments to look back on for years to come has never faded away. Throughout the years, I have found myself in roles of guiding & leading others whether it be as a bible study leader for high school girls, the spearhead to a college group project, working at a teen rehab out of college or planning & coordinating events at my church. Merging my passion for capturing moments and loving on & bringing together people has always been in my blood, which naturally flourished into becoming a wedding photographer after I got married in 2012.

I don’t refer to myself as a “Boss” or any other buzzword that is currently being used. I’m not trying to build an empire, become the next “it girl” or become a NY Times #1 top selling motivational speaker. Although those things aren’t bad, that’s not WHY I’m here and what I have to offer you as a wedding photographer. I’m the wedding photographer that wants to stick around after your wedding to capture the REST of your marriage… you know, after the big party is over when real life happens: babies, no babies, your fur babies, your first home, your 5 year anniversary and everything in-between. Being naturally outgoing, personable and desiring genuine connections, I automatically want to get to know my clients on more than just a “Hello Bride for October 11th, 2021!” basis. I can confidently say, I keep in touch with a large majority of my clients after their weddings- whether capturing the next milestone in their marriage, attending their baby showers, crying with them over infertility (IVF warrior right here) or encouraging them as I watch their lives unfold online.

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