SWD Floral is a boutique florist owned and operated by lead designer Jessica, who curates gorgeous floral arrangements in accordance with client personalities, requests, and specifications. The starting price for a bridal bouquet is $175, with low centerpieces starting at $85 and tall centerpieces starting at $125, and SWD Floral can accommodate budgets of all sizes. No matter what the theme or size of your big day, Jessica and her team can offer you something to match the rest of your decor and bring your dream wedding to life. Consultations can be scheduled by appointment. 

Address: 1701 E Edinger Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: (562) 243-3397

Social: SWD Floral

Profile: SWD Floral

Contact : Jessica

Mulberry & Moss is one of Santa Ana’s most elegant boutique floral studios, serving wedding festivities across Orange County, from Beverly Hills to San Clemente. Full-service wedding packages at this florist are priced according to the size of your guest list. Additionally, a la carte services can be provided, with prices for bridal bouquets beginning at $250, corsages beginning at $25, and floral arches beginning at $1,000, not including delivery fees. Keep in mind, however, that a la carte orders are dependent on the scheduling availability of the team at Mulberry & Moss, so make sure to get your orders in quickly!

Address: 1422 E Wilshire Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: (909) 362-6651

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Contact : Sarah

Headed by industry expert Janelle Thomson, Lavenders Flowers is a boutique floral studio offering several wedding package options for ceremonies and receptions across Santa Ana and beyond. Packages start at a minimum of $6,000 for fully customized floral designs and arrangements made of fresh, verdant flowers. Alternatively, clients can receive semi-custom floral design through the Gathered by Lavenders service. Prices start at $600 and include bespoke floral arrangements that can be delivered with a click-to-buy system.

Address: 1414 Ritchey Street Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: (714) 441-2345

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Contact : Janelle Thomson

Flowers by Cina is a floral studio stationed in Santa Ana that was first established in 1960 and is currently run by owner Melissa McGowan. Melissa leads a team of thoughtful designers and creators who can provide everything from bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony designs, and reception designs according to the aesthetic desires of their clients. They are committed to providing every client with innovative floral arrangements that can transform any space they are used in, including your wedding venue. Equal parts “innovative” and “fresh,” the arrangements at Flowers by Cina are guaranteed to fill wedding venues with a sense of upscale luxury and palpable vibrancy. 

Address: 3043 Oak St. Santa Ana, CA 92707

Phone: (714) 539-8939

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Contact : Cina

Chris Lindsay Designs is one of Santa Ana’s premier floral studios, with 60 years in business and a track record of providing wedding ceremonies and receptions in the local area with luxurious and innovative floral designs. Of utmost importance with the team at Chris Lindsay Designs is personal service. This means that the team will collaborate closely with prospective married couples to ensure that their tastes, preferences, and aesthetic sensibilities are heard, internalized, and reflected in the eventual resulting arrangements. Meetings can be scheduled by appointment, with quotes provided once they better understand your needs.

Address: 2737 S Croddy Way Suite H, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone: (949) 833-1060

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Contact : Chris Lindsay

One of Orange County’s most sought-after floral studios, The Blooming Branch is owned and operated by professional florist Maribel Lopez, whose designs span the wide spectrum of styles and color palettes to meet any and all design preferences of prospective married couples. Thoughtful presentations of flowers can range from romantic and lush to sleek and minimalist, covering everything else in between. Consultations and meetings with Maribel can be scheduled via appointment. 

Address: 3400 W MacArthur Blvd #B, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone: (949) 612-5067

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Contact : Maribel Lopez

Blooms Dunn Right is the brainchild of the Dunns, a married couple who collaborate to provide couples across Santa Ana and beyond with bespoke floral arrangements for wedding celebrations. Full-service wedding packages with Blooms Dunn Right include personal flowers, ceremony and reception, delivery, and set up, starting at approximately $2,300. Additionally, a  package with only personal flowers can also be arranged, with prices beginning at $1,000. For elegant floral arrangements and convenient customer service, Blooms Dunn Right can get the job done in style.

Address: Santa Ana, CA

Phone: (559) 618-7177

Social: Blooms Dunn Right

Profile: Blooms Dunn Right

Contact : Billiann Dunn

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Now that you and your partner have wrapped up this list, we hope the two of you have been able to find a few choices of floral studios that can accommodate your needs and fit within your budget. With all of these excellent options from which to choose, it might be hard to narrow it down to just a few selections, but we encourage you to make your choice sooner rather than later. After all, wedding season can book up fast, and you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to work with your favorite florist of the bunch. That being said, we know the wedding planning process can be incredibly stressful, so we wish you and your partner all the luck in the world as you continue on with this journey!

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