Congrats! Now that you’re finally getting married, it’s high time to start planning for your big day. When it comes to wedding preparations, finding the right florist is one of the stressful jobs.

If you’re searching for a wedding florist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you are at the right place. To help couples choose the best florist in Milwaukee with ease, we have created our list of the top 10 wedding florists in and around the area. 

Check out this post to collect details about these vendors and pick the one you find suitable for you.

Feisty Flowers is a floral studio that specializes in weddings. They follow a fun, exciting, personalized, and stress-free floral design process. They aim to deliver excellent arrangements by using comprehensive expertise of wedding events as a whole. Their team of designers uses their knowledge to anticipate what couples need even before they ask for it. They talk to brides and grooms to know their vision and do magic by implementing creative and thoughtful ideas. Feel free to speak to the team for more details. 

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Phone: 414-526-5202

Social: Feisty Flowers

Profile: Feisty Flowers

Contact : Jaclyn Millonzi

If you’re looking for custom floral designs for your wedding, do contact the expert team of Belle Fiori. They specialize in wedding floral and other services to make your day thriving. The company collaborates with local Wisconsin farms to source blooms and cultivated flowers for premium arrangements. This partnership allows them to serve local as well as worldwide clients. Talk to their knowledgeable or experienced team to pick the best arrangements for your floral needs.

Address: 2014 N Farwell Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202

Phone: 414-272-2234

Social: Belle Fiori

Profile: Belle Fiori

Contact : Emily Neubauer

Wood Violet is an environmentally-friendly floral design studio located in Milwaukee. They follow multiple designs to make your wedding day memorable, including loose and natural, lush and bountiful, a little messy, and garden-y. The team is super flexible and delivers all services at competitive prices to meet different couples’ varying needs. No matter the season or your wedding vision, we will fulfill all your flower-related needs and ensure to make your venue look super classy with top-of-the-line floral arrangements. Schedule your meeting with the team today to discuss additional details.

Address: 6429 W North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53213

Phone: 414-678-1255

Social: Wood Violet

Profile: Wood Violet

Contact : Emily

Floral Alchemy is a group of popular florists with a natural approach to wedding floral designs and production. The team delivers seasonally-inspired flowers for weddings of all sizes from their eco-friendly studio. Their professionals blend expertise and artistry to offer sophisticated floral designs that are ethically sourced, seasonally appropriate, and aesthetically tailored as per couples’ tastes. The team’s goal is to make arrangements that honor your past and channel nature’s energy to celebrate your new beginning. Browse their flower collection and services for further details.

Address: 5119 W North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53208

Phone: 414-581-2372

Social: Floral Alchemy

Profile: Floral Alchemy

Contact : Liz Egan

Founded by Katrin in 2014, Cora Flora Studio is a full-time floral business. They are focused on delivering unforgettable experiences that are stunning, smile-filled, and stress-free. Their designers have years of experience in creating outstanding designs and arrangements for your wedding day. If you are ready to work with them for your big day, feel free to talk to the team today. 

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Phone: 414-533-7175

Social: Cora Flora Studio

Profile: Cora Flora Studio

Contact : Katrin

Founded in 1901, Welke’s Milwaukee Florist is a premier floral wedding company. They work with only high-quality flowers, delivering the full range of floral decor along with custom designs and personalized services. The team strives to understand and meet your wedding vision by providing commitments to quality and attention to detail every time. The team’s motive is to offer you the opportunity to enjoy your big day by taking care of everything from planning and design to sourcing and installation.

Address: 5528 W North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Phone: 414-442-8640

Social: Welke's Milwaukee Florist

Profile: Welke's Milwaukee Florist

Contact : Nikki

Urban Sense is an exclusive European florist in Milwaukee that carries a vast assortment of cacti, succulents, and other unique flowers. They specialize in the highest-quality floral design & arrangements and carry fresh flowers along with blooming, lush green, and succulent plants. They prefer talking to couples to know their visions and bring them to life by creating unique, fresh, and striking arrangements. 

Address: 5402 W. Vliet Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Phone: 414-257-0434

Social: Urban Sense

Profile: Urban Sense

Contact : Chris & Dan

Locker’s Floral is a team of professionals committed to establishing the best interpretation of your wedding vision. No matter your wedding size and budget, the team offers you complete assistance in picking your flowers and colors depending on your needs. They work within your specific budget and are dedicated to capturing the look you are looking for. The team also offers free consultations and the attention you deserve.

Address: 1640 S 83rd St, Milwaukee, WI 53214

Phone: 414-276-7673

Social: Locker's Floral

Profile: Locker's Floral

Contact : Kimberlee Grob

Jane Kelly Floral is another floral studio specializing in personalized wedding floral arrangements designed with artistic perfection. The business is operated by mother and daughter team, Jane and Kelly. They offer the perfect combination of expertise and talent to provide each couple with excellent floral designs for their wedding day. Jane and Kelly combine their wedding floral and interior design experience to create a unique look that reflects each couple’s style. 

Address: 6413 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Phone: 414-640-0204

Social: Jane Kelly Floral

Profile: Jane Kelly Floral

Contact : Jane & Kelly

Flowers By Faye makes an excellent pick for any couple looking for customized floral arrangements. They have been in the business for years and can complement each couple’s individual style with their unique, award-winning designs. Whether your floral style is rustic, romantic, tropical, or eclectic, their professionals endeavor to make arrangements that bring your wedding vision to reality. Faye is extremely knowledgeable and gives excellent suggestions to every couple by keeping their desires in mind. 

Address: 2534 North 71st Street Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Phone: 414-852-0998

Social: Flowers By Faye

Profile: Flowers By Faye

Contact : Faye Mueller

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These are some of the best-known wedding florists in Milwaukee who are worthy hires for your special day. This list will make it easy for you to pick a vendor who suits your specific floral needs or vision the best. Visit the business websites of these vendors and make your final selection after comparing all the above options. Regardless of your choice, get ready for gorgeous flower arrangements, beautiful bouquets, and other unique floral ideas on your wedding day with the help of these amazing florists.

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