Memorable Music Ensembles is a notable wedding music band in Milwaukee with a reputation of excellence and artistry when it comes to musical services for local celebrations. Memorable Music Ensembles can play styles ranging from classical to contemporary, with a repertoire that is developed and refined with each celebration played by this wedding band. The string players who comprise the central ensemble are all thoroughly skilled with their instruments, adding elegance and upscale charm to wedding celebrations with the addition of the classical stylings of a string ensemble during a wedding ceremony. Memorable Music Ensembles can even collaborate with other instrumentalists and vocalists, making their services very flexible and versatile.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Phone: (414) 453-2759

Facebook: Memorable Music Ensembles

Contact : Gina

Check out Dream City Strings for an elegant and sophisticated approach to wedding music for a Milwaukee-based celebration. Dream City Strings provides music in a jazz style that features live strings for a taste of refinement. The services of Dream City Strings include visual displays that will impress all guests in attendance, while the musical entertainment provided by this wedding band can cover songs ranging from “Beethoven to Bruno Mars,” and tackle virtually everything in between. Complimentary consultations can be scheduled in advance of a booking with Dream City Strings, ensuring that couples can work closely with the team of wedding specialists to create a wedding setlist that is catered to exact client specifications for a properly bespoke experience.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Phone: (414) 253-2504

Instagram: Dream City Strings

Contact : Jared

Bill Sargent Bands is a big band made up of some of the most talented musicians located in Milwaukee, a great choice for a wedding party. Up to 17 instrumentalists and two vocalists can make up the ensemble of Bill Sargent Bands, while smaller groups of three to 10 musicians can be provided for wedding parties, with band option titles including The Bill Sargent Big Band, Bill Sargent’s Really Big Band, Small Bill Sargent Custom Bands, and Bill Sargent’s Trad-Jazz Rousers Dixieland Bands. With the sheer variety of customizable groups, Bill Sargent Bands is a locally loved and much trusted source of incredible wedding music.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Phone: (414) 777-0100

Facebook: Bill Sargent Bands

Contact : Bill Sargent

Failure to Launch is one of the most sought after wedding music bands to be found within the greater metropolitan area of Milwaukee, a cover and tribute band with an unbeatable local reputation when it comes to musical services for wedding parties. Failure to Launch is staffed by a two-man percussion unit, a keyboardist, and guitar player, a bass player, and a professional DJ, making for a well-rounded band that can deliver songs from bands ranging from “the Backstreet Boys to the Beastie Boys,” and covering everything else in between. With the services of this highly skilled band, wedding celebrations taking place in Milwaukee will receive the complete package.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Facebook: Failure To Launch

Instagram: Failure To Launch

Contact : Eric

TallBoy is a Milwaukee wedding music entertainment band with 15 years of experience catering to local celebrations of virtually all sizes and styles. TallBoy is a four-member band of musicians who perform in styles including classic rock, country, pop, and so much more. This band offers full-service wedding packages with lighting, DJ services, and emcee services all included for an experience with TallBoy that will feel like a one-stop shop for a variety of wedding day necessities. Ceremony music, cocktail hour music, and reception music can all be provided by the team of musicians at the helm of tallBoy, while the specific music can be created in close collaboration with the happy couple for a bespoke wedding planning experience.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Facebook: TallBoy

Instagram: TallBoy

Contact :

For a wedding band that puts fun and lightheartedness front and center for wedding celebrations taking place in and around Milwaukee, SuperFly is a must-see wedding band. SuperFly advertises its services as totally professional while also retaining a sense of silliness that will get all guests in attendance enthusiastically dancing out on the dance floor throughout the wedding night. SuperFly can provide thrilling light shows, high quality sound equipment, background music throughout the dinner service and before the reception, emcee announcements, and singalongs throughout the night. 

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Phone: (414) 489-9287

Facebook: SuperFly

Instagram: SuperFly

Contact : Jason Litkowiec

When it comes to wedding music, Bobby Way and the Fabulous Wayouts can provide memorable entertainment services for celebrations taking place in and around Milwaukee. Bobby Way and the Fabulous Wayouts has a repertoire spanning over 800 musical arrangements, all of which can be performed with passion and energy for wedding celebrations. With hundreds of wedding celebrations tackled in the past, Bobby Way and the Fabulous Wayouts understand how weddings work and how to prioritize the guest experience; experts at getting guests to participate in the fun, Bobby Way and the Fabulous Wayouts can provide music for the dinner service, DJ services throughout the evening, and endless enthusiasm.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Phone: (414) 333-3424

Facebook: Bobby Way and the Fabulous Wayouts

Contact : Louie Higgins

Look no further than The Sensations for a Milwaukee-based wedding band that can provide a soundtrack that will please both the happy couple and their loved ones in attendance at a local wedding party. The Sensations brands its unique style as “Rock n Soul,” combining the classic rock stylings of 70s and 80s hits with a soulful approach to their music that will be music to the ears of the many guests at a dinner and dancing reception. The Sensations can perform as a four-piece ensemble with a rock-solid rhythm section keeping time and a small horn section to deliver a blast of sound.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Facebook: The Sensations

Contact : Jerry

Brewtown Beat is one of the most highly skilled wedding music bands to be found in and around Milwaukee, with a history of providing local couples with unforgettable musical entertainment. Brewtown Beat is a Ska band with a style that is grounded in both Jamaican reggae and modern rock, delivering classic tunes by popular reggae and rock bands including Bob Marley & the Wailers, The Clash, Men at Work, Vampire Weekend, The Cure, Sublime, and The Killers, among many others. A popular and highly regarded band featuring a thrilling horn section to add a bit of pop and pizzazz, Brewtown Beat is an exciting choice of wedding band for a local party.

Address: 141 N Water St Unit 37, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Phone: (414) 333-5780

Facebook: Brewtown Beat

Contact : Brewtown Beat's Team

Few local wedding music bands can match the funk and enthusiasm of Groove Therapy, a Milwaukee band with tons of experience playing for local celebrations. Groove Therapy can offer all-inclusive wedding packages with items including DJ services, uplighting, emcee services, wedding ceremony musicians, cocktail music, and reception music that will keep the dinner and dancing service thoroughly entertaining for the guests and the happy couple. New songs can be learned by the team of musicians with Groove Therapy. Groove Therapy is a nine-piece band that plays hits ranging from the late 1960s all the way to the billboard hits of the modern day. Instruments in Groove Therapy include a male and female lead vocalist, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, flute, trumpet, flugelhorn, and trombone.

Address: Milwaukee, WI

Phone: (414) 243-3068

Facebook: Groove Therapy

Contact : Bob Hirschi

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Now that you and your partner have concluded reading through our list of the top ten wedding music bands to be found across the greater metropolitan area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and beyond, we hope that you two feel prepared to tackle the remaining aspects of your wedding planning process with confidence and ease. After all, the vendor selection process can be fun and exciting, especially when you get to look at these wedding bands and imagine how their musical stylings will interact with the atmosphere of your event. With all that said, we wish you and your partner tons of luck and love as you carry on with your wedding planning process! 

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