Apis Floral is one of San Jose’s leading floral studios, best known for their gorgeous floral arrangements meant for wedding ceremonies and receptions across the local area. Established in 2014, Apis Floral has quickly risen the ranks to become a tried and true local favorite, with a vast array of freshly picked, fragrant, seasonal flower options from which to customize and assemble bespoke bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, floral crowns, ceremony flowers, centerpieces for receptions, and a bevy of other decorations. All arrangements created by the team of designers staffed up at Apis Floral are made using only the most aromatic, vivid, and vibrant flowers, ensuring that all of the resulting designs will pop, shine, and sparkle in front of guests.

Address: 460 Lincoln Ave #30, San Jose, CA 95126

Phone: 408-288-5654

Social: Apis Floral

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Contact : Efrain & Jose

With the services of Floralei’s, San Jose-based couples planning their upcoming nuptials will be able to trust that they’ll receive some of the most incredible floral designs available for purchase. At Floralei’s, Lori McQuiddy lends her practical industry experience as a creative designer and artist to the practice of floral design, assembling some of the most innovative, whimsical, lighthearted, lush, and romantic arrangements on the market. Lori manipulates color and texture to great effect with her floral arrangements, working in layers and layers of vivid shapes to create a sense of infinite strata to unravel, whether in the form of bouquets, centerpieces, installations, or any other design a client could ask for.

Address: San Jose, CA

Phone: 760-712-2946

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Contact : Lori McQuiddy

Ann’s Petal is a bespoke floral studio based out of San Jose, providing local couples with unforgettable floral designs for wedding celebrations. Ann Nguyen is the founder of Ann’s petals, and she has been open for business since 2015, devoting every little bit of her artistic inclinations and aesthetic tastes to the craft of floral design. Consultations with Ann at Ann’s Petal can be scheduled by appointment, ensuring that any customizations and specific desires that clients have will be neatly addressed by Ann and folded into the resulting designs for the swiftly approaching wedding festivities.

Address: 3264 Lyter Way, San Jose, CA 95135

Phone: 408-666-3637

Social: Ann's Petals

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Contact : Ann Nguyen

When it comes to floral designs with a touch of grace and a bit of artistic flair, Urban Flora is an incredible choice of florist in and around San Jose. The designers on staff at Urban Flora guarantee that no two arrangements created in their studio will ever look the same, meaning that floral arrangements are designed, individualized, and customized to each distinct event that the team at this floral studio facilitates. A three person team runs the show at Urban Flora, so when it comes to bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and so much more, the team in charge will work tirelessly with one another to craft only the most thoughtful, carefully curated floral arrangements.

Address: San Jose, CA

Phone: 408-966-8670

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Contact : Urban Flora Team

Dubon Floral Design is one of the most sought after floral boutiques in the greater San Jose metropolitan area. Dubon Floral Design is headed up by a dynamic duo of sisters, Sara and Delmy, who collaborate with one another in order to achieve maximum efficiency and artistic integrity as a team when it comes to bespoke floral arrangements created to the exact specifications of local couples planning their wedding ceremonies and receptions. Whether it’s centerpieces, ceremony flowers, or bridal bouquets that a client is requesting for their upcoming nuptials, the team of sisters at Dubon Floral Design can tackle it and deliver it to the highest standard of excellence.

Address: 925 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123

Phone: 408-963-9448

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Contact : Sara

Blooming Bouquet is one of the leading florists in San Jose, California. Simon and his team of designers are committed to making your experience go above and beyond your expectations. They have various a la carte options for bouquets, personal flowers, and centerpieces or would be excited to work with you on your customized designs. Have a peek through their website for floral inspiration in a wide range of budgets. Blooming Bouquet also hires décor, including props and floral stands, charger plates, linens, chairs, lighting, and more. 

Address: 500 Coleman Ave San Jose, CA 95110

Phone: 408-292-8311

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Interview: 10 Questions with Blooming Bouquet

Contact : Simon Michael

C&M Fleuri is a specialized wedding floral design and event planning business located in San Jose and serving the greater San Francisco area. They offer fully customizable, personalized wedding floral décor and take the time to ensure they understand your style, vision, and preferences. They love to collaborate with you about the best blooms and unique ideas to bring fresh elements to your special day. C&M Fleuri can assist with bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, table centerpieces, aisle décor, floral arches, petals, and more.

Address: San Jose, CA 95132

Phone: 669-223-8114

Social: C&M Fleuri

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Interview: 10 Questions with C&M Fleuri

Contact : Mariane

The sheer range of options for flower designs at Sharon Floral sets this boutique florist apart from many of the others in and around San Jose. Colorscapes on offer with Sharon Floral include green, pastel, pink, purple, red, and white, with flower types ranging from asters to calla lilies to eucalyptus to peonies to roses and anything else in between. Floral items include bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, groom boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, wedding arches, table decorations, and so much more. No matter the style, color, or texture that couples planning their upcoming wedding celebrations are looking for, the team of devoted florists at Sharon Floral can accomplish all of those goals and transcend expectations.

Address: 2475 Forest Ave, San Jose, CA 95128

Phone: 408-316-6916

Social: Sharon Floral

Profile: Sharon Floral

Contact : Sunny

Ralston Florist is one of the most sought after floral studios in and around San Jose, with a variety of packages and customizable options for clients looking for a seamless and effortless booking and purchasing process. Couples purchasing their wedding packages with Ralston Florist are entitled to such gorgeous floral items as hand tied bridal bouquets with color choice of roses, maid of honor bouquet, grooms boutonniere, best man boutonniere, toss away bouquet, and so much more. The designers on staff at Ralston Florist are uniquely and specifically trained to accommodate any and all special requests, whether it’s for a freestanding installation for the ceremony or a bespoke centerpiece for the reception.

Address: 538 W Trimble Rd, San Jose, CA 95131

Phone: 650-592-6313

Social: Ralston Florist

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Contact : Elena Franzoia

When it comes to flowers for wedding ceremonies and receptions across San Jose and beyond, Heavenly Blossoms Florist is an easy choice of boutique floral studio. Complimentary one hour consultations can be scheduled in advance of a booking with this floral studio, meaning that clients will be given the time and individual attention of a representative from this florist to address and assess any specific artistic needs and desires. Styles on offer with Heavenly Blossoms Florist include bohemian, garden, rustic, vintage, romantic, and seasonal, with each style made to match the general vibe and aesthetic of a wedding venue and its centralizing decor and design principles. 

Address: 14990 Paseo Tranquillo, San Jose, CA 95118

Phone: 408-712-0394

Social: Heavenly Blossoms Florist

Profile: Heavenly Blossoms Florist

Contact : Yvonne Kirk

Juanita’s Flowers is one of the most prominent boutique floral studios in the greater San Jose metropolitan area, specializing in wedding flowers for local ceremonies and receptions. Family-owned and operated, Juanita’s Flowers keeps a list of bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and more for clients looking to simplify the process and order pre-existing arrangements that will lend a touch of elegance and upscale sophistication to wedding celebrations. Custom designs can also be accommodated by the team at Juanita’s Flowers for a bit of bespoke charm. For colorful, textural arrangements that speak to the beauty of nature, look no further than Juanita’s Flowers.

Address: 1608 McKee Rd STE 40, San Jose, CA 95116

Phone: 408-824-9989

Social: Juanita's Flowers

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Contact : Juanita's Flowers Team

Nothing can match the sheer elegance of the floral offerings at San Jose Flowers, where Sal Rosales lends his practical industry experience to the designing and arranging of the most beautiful flowers across the local area for wedding festivities of all shapes, siezes, and styles. With 20 years of experience in the field of floral design, Sal with San Jose Flowers guarantees customized and individualized arrangements delivered with a high standard of quality and with a high degree of communication with the clients. This means that the process of ordering wedding flowers with San Jose Flowers is guided by the needs and desires of the happy couple, resulting in bouquets, centerpieces, and installations that align with the artistic inclinations of the couple.

Address: 32 S White Rd suite a, San Jose, CA 95127

Phone: 669-284-3171

Social: San Jose Flowers

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Contact : Sal Rosales

Hill’s Flowers is one of the most elegant, sophisticated floral design studios across San Jose and beyond, a perfect choice for couples in the local area planning their weddings. Consultations with a representative at Hill’s Flowers can be scheduled by appointment in advance of an upcoming wedding celebration; this is a perfect resource for clients who are looking to steer the process and have a designer hew closely to the vision that they lay out for their wedding flowers. One of the oldest businesses in and around San Jose, Hill’s Flowers has been providing gorgeous floral arrangements to the local area since 1920, so this San Jose mainstay is both a historic institution and a great choice of florist for upcoming weddings.

Address: 266 Race St, San Jose, CA 95126

Phone: 408-295-6735

Social: Hill's Flowers

Profile: Hill's Flowers

Contact : Emily Han Dang

Look no further than Flowers by Ivy for bespoke floral designs delivered with the personal touch of a floral expert. In the case of Flowers by Ivy, Ivy is the head designer and expert in charge, and she has been assembling gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces since 2006 with this San Jose-based floral studio. With a vast knowledge of the interaction of colors and textures within a variety of color palettes as well as a dedication to seasonality and freshness when it comes to the fragrant flowers on offer, Ivy with Flowers by Ivy can take any client request and help it come to life by the time of the wedding day.

Address: 392 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113

Phone: 408-605-6366

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Contact : Ivy

Bee’s Flowers is a San Jose-based boutique florist, with a vast array of designs and arrangements for wedding celebrations of all kinds. Floral items for weddings include centerpieces, bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, arch flowers, corsages, boutonnieres, and so much more. Tom Nguyen heads up the charge at Bee’s Flowers, and he lends five years of practical industry experience to the craft of floral design for wedding celebrations. Whether clients are hoping to stuff their bouquets with orchids, hydrangeas, dahlias, peonies, roses, tulips, lilies, or all of the above, Tom with Bee’s Flowers can ensure that client visions swiftly become tangible realities on the day of the wedding.

Address: 14398 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

Phone: 408-628-4390

Social: Bee's Flowers

Profile: Bee's Flowers

Contact : Tom Nguyen

Inspired by style, color, and theme, the team of expert designers on staff at Sassy Diva Designs and Events can accommodate a wide variety of inspirations and ideas for wedding flowers. Located in San Jose and providing services to weddings across the local area, Sassy Diva Designs and Events offers a few wedding packages that are perfect for couples hoping to streamline the wedding planning process when it comes to floral design. Additionally, coordination and elopement services are offered at Sassy Diva Designs and Events, which makes it easy for clients who are hoping to keep multiple services all within one service provider. 

Address: 831b Warrington Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94063

Phone: 650-200-7331

Social: Sassy Diva Designs and Events

Profile: Sassy Diva Designs and Events

Interview: 10 Questions with Sassy Diva Designs and Events

Contact : Beth Covey-Snedegar

Le Bloomerie is one of the premier floral studios based out of San Jose, owned and operated by professional florist Melissa. Melissa is inspired by earthy garden textures and colors as well as the potential of freshly picked flowers to tell a story once assembled into a bespoke arrangement. Inspired by artists including Van Gogh, Monet, and Klimt, the floral designs created at Le Bloomerie are truly works of art that craft and weave a beautiful narrative, no matter the desired look and feel of the client. Consultations with Melissa at Le Bloomerie can be scheduled by appointment in advance of a booking, perfect for clients who are coming into the process with pre-established design ideas and photos for inspiration.

Address: Los Gatos, CA

Phone: 408-800-3952

Social: Le Bloomerie

Profile: Le Bloomerie

Contact : Melissa Sullivan

Of course, we love the stunning floral designs that Bloomster’s. A simple look through their portfolio will showcase their exceptional talent, a keen eye for design, and creative flair. However, the social aspect of Bloomster’s is what really caught our eye. Bloomster’s is also an enthusiastic member of the community. They donate their time and expertise to numerous charitable causes, including schools, hospice care, and cancer research. By hiring Bloomster’s you, in turn, will enable them to help others. Since 1987, Bloomster’s has brought in the freshest blooms and created breathtaking bespoke floral wedding designs.

Address: 5945 Almaden Expressway Suite 170, San Jose, CA 95120

Phone: 408-268-5518

Social: Bloomster's

Profile: Bloomster's

Contact : Kren Rasmussen

If you continue down the road from Santana Row in San Jose, you will come across Blackistone Florist. After having floral businesses in Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas, the owners of Blackistone Florist decided to put down roots (pun intended) in San Jose. Their decades of experience, combined with choosing the freshest flowers to ensure the highest standard for floral arrangements. Blackistone is enthusiastic about working with various budgets, tastes, and styles and offers free initial consultations to discuss your vision and requirements.

Address: 453 SARATOGA AVE San Jose, CA, 95129

Phone: 408-771-6140

Social: Blackistone Florist

Profile: Blackistone Florist

Contact : Ramyar Siasi


Lilli and her team at Aroosi specialize in Persian weddings and include wedding planning and design amongst their services. She is also incredibly adept at creating gorgeous one-of-a-kind floral designs that are entirely in tune with the theme, vision, and style of the wedding day. Lilli can arrange a private consultation by appointment to discuss your needs and preferences as well as how best you can make use of the allocated budget for florals.

Address: San Jose, CA 95125

Phone: 408-872-8910

Social: Aroosi

Profile: Aroosi

Contact : Lili

Linnae Asiel and Jonathan Gomez are the husband and wife dynamic creatives behind Asiel Design, and together they have been creating bespoke florals and design since 2003. Asiel Design specializes in weddings and themed events and has the rare talent of elevating a day using a myriad of design elements that become much more than the sum of their parts. If you want to awe your guests, then Asiel Design should undoubtedly be on your list of vendors. The floral works of Asiel Design can be considered works of art as they transform a space and elevate the décor and vision.

Address: 245 McEvoy St. San Jose, CA 95126

Phone: 408-280-7078

Social: Asiel Design

Profile: Asiel Design

Contact : Linnae Asiel Gomez

Tamara and her design team at Zifaf Weddings & Events offer various décor services that can assist with creating the perfect design scheme for your wedding day. They are well-versed in making breathtaking floral arrangements, including table centerpieces, aisle markers, cake flowers, bouquets, and halos. Your flower girl will look adorable in one of their flower crowns while tossing fresh petals down the aisle before you arrive to say ‘I Do.’

Address: San Jose, CA

Phone: 669-200-8585

Social: Zifaf weddings & events

Profile: Zifaf weddings & events

Contact : Tamara

Project Fleur can bring a different version of the collaborative design to your wedding florals. They specialize in connecting people and nature through their virtual floral classes that come complete with all of the elements and fresh blooms shipped directly to your home. Trish Nishikawa is fantastic at taking you through the steps of how to create your own floral arrangement or bouquets. You can also consult them for full-service wedding florals.

Address: San Jose, CA

Phone: 408-335-8214

Social: Project Fleur

Profile: Project Fleur

Contact : Trish Nishikawa

Kelsey Brain is passionate about flowers and weddings. She is the owner and creative force behind With Flourish and is obsessed with the simple beauty found in nature. She strives to make every floral arrangement suited especially for the wedding couple and their unique sense of style and vision for their special day. Expect a little bit of extra flourish when you hire With Flourish.

Address: San Jose, CA

Phone: 408-316-5845

Social: With Flourish

Profile: With Flourish

Contact : Kelsey Brain

Rosies & Posies Downtown Florist is located in the business district of San Jose, California. They can meet your wedding floral needs, from romantic bouquets to simple boutonnieres. They import flowers daily from around the globe and create stunning centerpieces and ceremony flowers in your choice of color scheme. There is a wide variety of a la carte floral arrangements to choose from.

Address: 98 Paseo De San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95113

Phone: 408-293-3773

Social: Rosies & Posies Downtown Florist

Profile: Rosies & Posies Downtown Florist

Contact : Rosies & Posies Team

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Flowers and weddings go together as perfectly as the couple set to say ‘I Do.’ We know that it can be seriously tempting to go all out and blow your budget on lavish luxury wedding florals. However, a professional florist knows how to make the most out of what funding is available and use seasonal blooms that will last and create the wow factor you’re likely looking to achieve.

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