Sound Wave Mobile DJ is a San Jose-based wedding DJ company with a variety of services available for rental and booking, including photo booth rentals, officiant services for local ceremonies, lighting, music suggestions, culturally specific wedding services, and lighting equipment for a touch of whimsy. All-inclusive wedding packages for parties of all shapes and sizes can be easily booked and purchased with Sound Wave Mobile DJ, including such offerings as up to five hours of DJ service coverage with dinner music included, emceeing, access to a full music library, and light shows with unbelievable special effects.

Address: 11501 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: 510-938-7903

Social: Sound Wave Mobile DJ

Contact : DJ David Gomes

With Alan Waltz Entertainment, the party never stops with just the music, since this wedding DJ company based out of San Jose can provide local couples with photo booth rentals, lighting equipment, and other such entertainment needs for wedding celebrations. Alan Waltz Entertainment combines the following criteria in order to facilitate a meaningful wedding experience: passion and creativity for the craft of wedding parties, professionalism to ensure that the process is in line with client expectations, and elegance to ensure that the vibe of the party matches the needs of the client. 

Address: San Jose, CA

Phone: 408-243-4931

Social: Alan Waltz Entertainment

Contact : Alan Waltz

San Jose Wedding DJ is one of the most prominent wedding DJ service providers across San Jose, California and beyond, specializing in parties that radiate with energy and enthusiasm. With over 5,000 wedding celebrations performed since the founding of this company, San Jose Wedding DJ is practically a guarantee of total satisfaction, from the elegant music playing during the wedding ceremony to the final song on the dance floor that will inspire all guests to dance the night away under the setting sun.

Address: San Jose, CA

Phone: 415-350-5474

Social: California Disc Jockey

Contact : Chris Webb

Ndamixx is one of the most sought after wedding DJ companies across San Jose, California and beyond, providing local couples with unforgettable music and entertainment services for their wedding ceremonies and receptions. Ndamixx can attend to the needs of parties of all sizes, from intimate gatherings of 50 to giant bashes of 1,000, catering to the exact needs of the client in either situation or for anything else in between. Ndamixx guarantees a bespoke approach to music curation and playlist selection, accommodating exact client specifications in the process.

Address: San Jose, CA 95136

Phone: 408-460-7911

Social: Ndamixx

Contact : Jimmy Palacios

Massive Sounds is a professional DJ and MC service that operates in the Bay Area and Central Coast. It is very popular in San Jose due to its competitive pricing and amazing wedding DJ service. They also extend their services outside San Jose.

Massive Sounds is a very reliable wedding DJ company that puts great focus on the crowd. Unlike other DJs services, this company just does not plug and play. Rather, it creates a highly energetic atmosphere that every single wedding guest enjoys!

Address: Gilroy, CA 95020

Phone:  (408) 838-3101

Instagram: Massive Sounds

Facebook: Massive Sounds

Profile: Massive Sounds

Contact : Guy

Ultimate Sounds is a premium DJ company run by Norman Arnub, a well-known DJ who has been in this business for 30 years. He provides a mobile DJ/MC service in San Jose and throughout the Francisco Bay Area.

He has also received several awards that further speak of his distinct talents. All in all, Ultimate Sounds by Norman will give you an unmatched experience. Along with DJ andMC services, Ultimate Sounds also provides add-ons like lighting, wireless mics, ambient up-lights, video screen projectors, and animated monograms.

Address: 3275 E Hills Dr, San Jose, CA 95127, United States

Phone: (408) 691-0003

Instagram: Ultimate Sounds

Facebook: Ultimate Sounds

Profile: Ultimate Sounds

Contact : Norman

Black and White Affair DJ Services provides a hybrid experience between a mobile DJ and a club DJ. Hence, this company is perfect for smaller weddings and larger ceremonies alike.

You can get an idea of their mixes and the type of music they play on their website. This service offers highly customized wedding DJ packages. You will have to reach out to them for more information via their official website or via phone.

Address: 17 N Claremont Ave, San Jose, CA 95127, United States

Phone: (408) 768-4904

Instagram: Black and White Affair DJ Services

Facebook: Black and White Affair DJ Services

Profile: Black and White Affair DJ Services

Contact : Omar

The Los Gatos DJ Company is among the top services in the Bay Area. Dan and Cassie run this company. While Dan is a musician, Cassie is an event planner. So, this company offers a mix of services.

Their wedding packages cover exceptional DJ service, lighting, and photobooths. They have covered hundreds of events and provide unmatched service.

To get a custom quote for your wedding event, reach out to a representative via their official website, or give them a call during working hours.

Address: 455 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95032, USA

Phone: (408) 356-7717

Instagram: Los Gatos DJ Company

Facebook: Los Gatos DJ Company

Profile: Los Gatos DJ Company

Contact : Cassie

Look no further than JRD Productions for DJ services for a wedding celebration of total charm and elegance. JRD Productions can provide such services as disk jockeying, emceeing, and uplighting technology to ensure that the party has an atmosphere of lighthearted whimsy and festive fun. JRD Productions will work closely with couples to ensure that the music and tone of the evening is exactly in line with their specifications, such that the process working with this DJ company is completely individualized to the client.

Address: 104 N White Rd San Jose, CA 95127

Phone: 408-605-5851

Social: JRD Productions

Contact : Paul Eric Dominguez

Adam the Dancing Cowboy is a very popular wedding entertainment service active in San Jose. This service is run by DJ Adam, who specializes in country music, along with Rap, Rock, Pop, and top 40s. Hence, his mixes are very suitable for a diverse audience.

Just tell him what you need, and Adam the Dancing Cowboy will give you an amazing experience. This service also offers line dancing at your wedding party. Furthermore, Adam is also a dance teacher. So, guests who feel awkward about dancing, you don’t need to worry. Adam will teach them some amazing moves right there!

All in all, Adam the Dancing Cowboy gets everybody energized at the wedding party!

Address: San Jose, CA, United States

Phone: (408) 890-7940

Instagram: Adam the Dancing Cowboy

Facebook: Adam the Dancing Cowboy

Profile: Adam the Dancing Cowboy

Contact : Adam

This is a military veteran-owned company that offers a full DJ and MC service at weddings and lighting for events. Shining City Music Entertainment specializes in energetic and fun wedding parties.

They offer several highly convenient packages for their wedding MC/DJ service. If any of that interests you, do not hesitate and give Shining City Music Entertainment company a quick call.

Address: N Akron Rd, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Phone: (844) 774-4646

Facebook: Shining City Music Entertainment

Profile: Shining City Music Entertainment

Contact : Sean

Michael, otherwise known as DJ MytyMyke is a very talented performer and musician who has an amazing reputation in San Jose. He has perfected his art by performing at hundreds of events over the last several years.

Now, he runs his own custom wedding DJ service. Since he has performed at many nightclubs and larger events in San Jose, he knows what it takes to lift a bored crowd!

So, DJ MytyMyke shall make your wedding party extremely memorable for you and your guests. To find out more about DJ MytyMyke, check out his Facebook and Instagram accounts. Also, you may reach out to him via his official website.

Address: San Jose, CA 95131

Instagram: DJ MytyMyke

Facebook: DJ MytyMyke

Profile: DJ MytyMyke

Interview: 10 Questions with DJ MytyMyke

Contact : Michael

All Soiree DJ Entertainment is among the few DJ services in San Jose that offers a highly customized and fun-filled experience.

Their DJs specialize in a wide range of genres that include Disco, Freestyle, Old School, R and B, Latin, Bollywood, Reggae, EDM, Top 40, Pop, Dance Hall, and a lot more.

They are available for all kinds of weddings, from small to big. This service is highly diverse and carries a good amount of experience performing all around San Jose. To learn more about their prices, reach out to them through the official website. You may also give them a call via their phone number.

Address: San Jose, CA 95127

Phone: (408) 417-2102

Instagram: All Soiree DJ Entertainment

Profile: All Soiree DJ Entertainment

Contact : Richard

DJ Tanveer has been performing in the Bay Area since the age of 15. This is when he first began exploring Disk Jockeying. And after performing for decades, he has perfected his art.

Today, DJ Tanveer is highly popular in San Jose and covers a range of events, including corporate and private events, festivals, and weddings. He also consistently performs in the top nightclubs in the area. He specializes in top 40 music, Punjabi music, and Bollywood music. So, if that is what you are looking for, DJ Tanveer is your man!

You can learn more about him via his official Instagram and Facebook page. Alternatively, you may also visit DJ Tanveer’s official website.

Address: 3400 De La Cruz Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Phone: (408) 687-3880

Instagram: DJ Tanveer

Facebook: DJ Tanveer

Profile: DJ Tanveer

Contact : Tanveer

DJ Johnny is a household name in the world of wedding entertainment and disk jockeying. He runs a mobile DJ service throughout San Jose and surrounding areas. As a fun-loving and energetic person, DJ Johnny knows how to lift a crowd. He has performed at hundreds of parties and weddings in the Bay Area.

At very competitive rates, DJ Johnny will turn a simple wedding event into a night that everybody will remember! To learn more about DJ Johnny, feel free to check his Instagram and Facebook page. For quotes, either reach out to him via phone or his official website.

Address: S 10th St, San Jose, CA 95112, USA

Phone: (408) 560-4184

Instagram: DJ Johnny

Facebook: DJ Johnny

Profile: DJ Johnny

Contact : Johnny

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As the DJs listed in this article are among the best in San Jose, it is difficult to go wrong with any of these. So, just sit back, go through the details of each service, and then use your best judgment to make a choice.

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