Los Angeles, CA

The Little Branch is one of Los Angeles’s leading floral boutiques, owned and operated by Megan McCarter. A full service floral studio with more than a decade of across the board excellence and quality-guaranteed customer service, The Little Branch can create bouquets, centerpieces, and florals to any scale, whether it’s a small reception outdoors or a gigantic bash in a 1,000 seat banquet hall. Designs created by Megan with The Little Branch can be “traditional, modern, whimsical, or classic,” or any other style that a client could desire, with the central value at this company being the needs and desires of the client.

Address: 1499 East 4th St #103, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Phone: 323-376-2062

Social: The Little Branch

Profile: The Little Branch

Contact : Megan McCarter

Nothing can match the elegance of the floral designs created by Kim with City Flowers, a Los Angeles based floral company perfectly equipped to handle wedding celebrations of all shapes and sizes in the local area. Floral arrangements with City Flowers have been described as “simplistic,” “luxurious,” “creative,” and so much more, with a special focus on the tiny little details that distinguish great floral arrangements from incredible floral arrangements. Kim works closely with the couples planning their weddings to make sure that stylistic preferences are adhered to throughout the process. For this bespoke approach to wedding floral design, City Flowers is a great choice of floral company.

Address: 745 S Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Phone: 213-999-2369

Social: City Flowers

Profile: City Flowers

Contact : Jay Kim

Flower and Sugar Events is a Los Angeles-based boutique floral studio with a bespoke approach to floral designs. Not only can floral services be provided by this company but also wedding coordination and planning services can be provided, making this studio a one-stop shop for a vast array of wedding ceremony and reception needs. Whether clients are looking for gorgeous bouquets and personal flowers for wedding ceremonies, a complete overhaul of the wedding planning process, or some help with budgeting for items including floral arrangements, the team at Flower and Sugar Events is ready, willing, and able to assist at any level of involvement with a variety of budgets in mind.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 818-802-9928

Social: Flower and Sugar Events

Profile: Flower and Sugar Events

Contact : Marine

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San Diego, CA

Le Champagne Projects is one of the most sought after floral studios across San Diego and beyond. Le Champagne Projects is led by owner and lead designer Kelly,  who has been running this San Diego-based business since 2015. With almost seven years in business and a track record of excellence, as well as a catalog of awards and honors assembled from a wide array of media outlets and publications, Kelly at Le Champagne Projects maintains an eco-friendly approach to floral design, favoring sustainability, local produce, and the design of environmentally conscious weddings. Full service florals include delivery, setup, installation, and strike, making for a seamless process from start to finish with Le Champagne Projects.

Address: San Diego, CA

Phone: 619-880-7278

Social: Le Champagne Projects

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Contact : Kelly

For floral design services in the greater San Diego metropolitan area, Sisti&Co is a natural choice of floral boutique for couples planning their upcoming wedding celebrations in the local area. Kimberly Sisti is the lead florist, planner, and owner of Sisti&Co, and she takes inspiration from her family’s history in the field of the arts while building on their legacy with her decor and design abilities. The style at Sisti&Co is refined and modern, focused on narrative storytelling and world building through the assembly of flowers and blooms that capture seasonality, color, and textural contrast in order to complement and resonate with the venue of choice.

Address: P.O. Box 501965, San Diego, CA 92150

Phone: 858-722-6491

Social: Sisti&Co.

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Interview: 10 Questions with Sisti&Co.

Contact : Kimberly Sisti

Wyld Blooms is a San Diego-based boutique floral studio specializing in floral arrangements designed to exact client specifications. The style on offer at Wyld Blooms is centralized around the spirit of “artistic whimsy,” with a variety of arrangements that evoke elegance while remaining lighthearted and appealing to the eye. “Floral magic” is one of the promises made by Wyld Blooms, whether through bridal bouquets, maiden bouquets, crowns, boutonnieres, corsages, arrangements in small, medium, and large sizes, garlands, and so much more. Styles available include boho, celestial, tropical, and more, with color palettes spanning the entire spectrum for a pop of vibrancy.

Address: San Diego, CA

Social: Wyld Blooms

Profile: Wyld Blooms

Contact : Callie Salmon

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San Jose, CA

Apis Floral is one of San Jose’s leading floral studios, best known for their gorgeous floral arrangements meant for wedding ceremonies and receptions across the local area. Established in 2014, Apis Floral has quickly risen the ranks to become a tried and true local favorite, with a vast array of freshly picked, fragrant, seasonal flower options from which to customize and assemble bespoke bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, floral crowns, ceremony flowers, centerpieces for receptions, and a bevy of other decorations. All arrangements created by the team of designers staffed up at Apis Floral are made using only the most aromatic, vivid, and vibrant flowers, ensuring that all of the resulting designs will pop, shine, and sparkle in front of guests.

Address: 460 Lincoln Ave #30, San Jose, CA 95126

Phone: 408-288-5654

Social: Apis Floral

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Contact : Efrain & Jose

With the services of Floralei’s, San Jose-based couples planning their upcoming nuptials will be able to trust that they’ll receive some of the most incredible floral designs available for purchase. At Floralei’s, Lori McQuiddy lends her practical industry experience as a creative designer and artist to the practice of floral design, assembling some of the most innovative, whimsical, lighthearted, lush, and romantic arrangements on the market. Lori manipulates color and texture to great effect with her floral arrangements, working in layers and layers of vivid shapes to create a sense of infinite strata to unravel, whether in the form of bouquets, centerpieces, installations, or any other design a client could ask for.

Address: San Jose, CA

Phone: 760-712-2946

Social: Floralei's

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Interview: 10 Questions with Floralei's

Contact : Lori McQuiddy

Ann’s Petal is a bespoke floral studio based out of San Jose, providing local couples with unforgettable floral designs for wedding celebrations. Ann Nguyen is the founder of Ann’s petals, and she has been open for business since 2015, devoting every little bit of her artistic inclinations and aesthetic tastes to the craft of floral design. Consultations with Ann at Ann’s Petal can be scheduled by appointment, ensuring that any customizations and specific desires that clients have will be neatly addressed by Ann and folded into the resulting designs for the swiftly approaching wedding festivities.

Address: 3264 Lyter Way, San Jose, CA 95135

Phone: 408-666-3637

Social: Ann's Petals

Profile: Ann's Petals

Contact : Ann Nguyen

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San Francisco, CA

Mandy Scott Flowers is an award-winning florist who creates luxurious floral designs for your wedding day celebration. They believe that picking out your floral designs should be a fun process. You will work with Mandy to come up with the best floral arrangements for your bouquet and boutonnieres, ceremony flowers, and reception flowers. They have experience planning for many different cultural weddings and can help you plan according to custom or go with something never seen before, and they believe that it is your wedding, and should be able to have decorations just the way you want them. Let Mandy Scott Flowers help you create gorgeous floral arrangements for your special day.

Address: 981 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: 415-441-3758

Social: Mandy Scott Flowers

Profile: Mandy Scott Flowers

Contact : Mandy

Rare Sparrow Floral Design is a full-service florist with wildly romantic custom floral design services that local area brides love. Their team will work closely with each bride to develop a custom floral design that speaks to their style and personality. If you are unsure what kind of arrangements you like, view their portfolio and pick one of their beautiful designs that will blend seamlessly with your wedding day colors. They offer several wedding packages for simple elopements and intimate gatherings, to lavish and grand weddings. No matter your style and budget, Rare Sparrow Floral Design can take care of any size wedding party with creative and luscious floral arrangements. 

Address: San Francisco, CA

Phone: 415-663-6797

Social: Rare Sparrow Floral Design

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Interview: 10 Questions with Rare Sparrow Floral Design

Contact : Shannon LaVoie

Unwritten Florals wants to tell your love story through flowers. They will take the time to get to know you and your floral desires for your wedding day celebration. This creative team loves to create art through flowers, and their expertise shows in every design they come up with based on your ideas and color palette. No matter whether you have a small wedding or a grade-scale event, they have a floral package for every style and budget with bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and more. At Unwritten Florals, they love what they do, and it shows in every intricate detail they create for your special day.

Address: San Francisco, CA

Phone: 626-422-7481

Social: Unwritten Florals

Profile: Unwritten Florals

Contact : Vanessa Diaz

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Oakland, CA

WestWind Succulents is one of Oakland’s most elegant succulent providers, offering soon-to-be-married couples bespoke designs that encapsulate the nature of their relationship and their tastes and preferences, all wrapped up in bouquets and boutonnieres. With this florist, locally grown succulents are a guarantee, with unique bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and favors that combine an environmentally-friendly ethos with an abiding beauty that resonates through each and every floral arrangement executed by the team at WestWind Succulents.

Address: 5510 college ave Oakland, CA

Phone: (925) 989-1909

Social: WestWind Succulents

Profile: WestWind Succulents

Interview: 10 Questions with WestWind Succulents

Contact : Jennifer Ahlstrand

For some of Oakland’s freshest and most beautiful floral designs, look no further than Sally Sparks. Offering packages for weddings ranging from elopement flowers to pick-up flowers to full-service flowers, Sally Sparks begins the process with an inquiry form, an initial design consultation for $25, and a custom wedding florals quote. Full-service wedding packages typically begin at $3,000, but the team is also willing to work with clients to outline a flexible budget that works within their financial constraints.

Address: Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: (628) 867-4719

Social: Sally Sparks

Profile: Sally Sparks

Contact : Sally Sparks

Esscents of Flowers is a boutique florist based out of Oakland, providing customizable floral designs for wedding celebrations in and around the local area. This florist offers customizable wedding packages, as well as a package for intimate weddings. The intimate package includes individual items such as bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, all of which can also be requested a la carte. The team is committed to ensuring your big day is as beautiful as you have imagined and will be by your side throughout the planning process. Local flower delivery in and around Oakland is provided, and consultations with the team can be scheduled by appointment.

Address: Oakland, CA 94602

Phone: (510) 394-2381

Social: Esscents of Flowers

Profile: Esscents of Flowers

Contact : Ariana

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Sacramento, CA

The Bloom Room is a Sacramento-based floral studio with a variety of services offered for wedding celebrations in and around the local area. Their packages include full-service floral design and execution, which allows for clients to make their personal tastes and preferences known to the designer and have those designs accommodated and facilitated in the resulting designs. The full-service design package entitles clients to an initial consultation and ongoing communication throughout the wedding planning process and a month-of finalization meeting, contact with the venue and coordinator, design of centerpieces, bouquets, and accents delivery and setup on the wedding day.

Address: 3444 24th St, Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: 916-546-5660

Social: The Bloom Room

Contact : Alley

Victoria Rule is the owner and operator of WTF What The Flowers, a boutique floral studio based out of Sacramento with the perfect services for wedding celebrations across the local area and beyond. Victoria specializes in weddings of all shapes and sizes and can help you with your wedding, no matter the size or style. Her prices depend on what florals you need and the size of your wedding, so you’ll have to get in touch with her for more details. For arrangements delivered with a stylistic sensibility and an artistic flair, check out WTF What The Flowers for upcoming nuptials.

Address: 5th Pkwy, Sacramento, CA 95823

Phone: 916-261-1591

Social: WTF What The Flowers

Contact : Victoria Rule

Accents by Sage Floral Designs is one of the leading floral studios in and around Sacramento, best known for its gorgeous bespoke floral arrangements for wedding festivities. With 25 years in business, this florist has established itself as a local favorite, and for good reason. Arrangements and services on offer include bouquets, ceremony site arrangements, table centerpieces, rentals, and delivery, with options for arch and aisle flowers, cocktail hour flowers, cake flowers, and much more. The small little floral pieces and the gigantic arrangements alike will have an air of sophistication about them that sets Accents by Sage Floral Designs apart from the rest.

Address: Sacramento, CA

Phone: 916-799-6242

Social: Accents by Sage Floral Designs

Contact : Cheryl Sage

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Stockton, CA

Address: Stockton, CA 95212

Phone: 209-481-4336

Facebook: Embellish Floral Design

Instagram: Embellish Floral Design

Contact : Emily Bouchard

Address: Cumberland Pl, Stockton, CA 95219

Phone: 916-616-7776

Facebook: Glam Petal Floral Design

Instagram: Glam Petal Floral Design

Contact : Marianna Ratto

Address: 1439 N El Dorado St Stockton, CA 95202

Phone: 209-460-1060

Facebook: Lucy's Floral

Instagram: Lucy's Floral

Contact : Lucy

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Fresno, CA

At B&B Floral, they create custom floral wedding arrangements for your special day. They believe that no two brides are alike, and neither should their flowers. That is why they do not have any pre-packaged arrangements for you to choose from and can work with any size wedding party and budget. Each of their creations is custom-made to the specification of the bride. They will work closely with you to come up with the right floral arrangements based on your color and personality. You will love the detail of every bouquet, centerpiece, and floral decoration that they create. Let B&B Floral bring your wedding vision to life with flowers that speak of the love and romance of your wedding day.

Address: Fresno, CA

Phone: 559-676-3676

Social: B&B Floral

Contact : B&B Floral Team

With over 35 years in the flower business, D & L Flowers has the experience necessary to provide you with a bespoke floral wedding design that will bring your wedding dreams to life. This family-owned and operated flower shop wants to help you create the perfect wedding arrangements for your special day. Browse their gallery for inspiration, or tell them your ideas for your personalized wedding and how you want your flowers to look. They will then begin working on creating the best bridal bouquets and centerpieces that will elevate your wedding theme to a new level of elegance. D & L Flowers can help you with your floral wedding arrangements regardless of your style and budget.

Address: 7280 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93723

Phone: 559-431-7673

Social: D & L Flowers

Contact : James

With over 25 years of floral experience, In Full Bloom specializes in custom wedding floral arrangements that are breathtaking and beautiful. They source their flowers from local farmers and growers whenever possible to ensure your floral designs are the freshest and most aromatic on your special day. You will love their exceptional ceremony and reception flowers, along with wearable florals such as bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and flower crowns. Your wedding is their priority, and they will make sure your wedding flowers reflect the love and romance the two of you share for each other. Let In Full Bloom take care of all your floral wedding needs for your wedding day celebration.

Address: 1760 W Bullard Ave, Fresno, CA 93711

Phone: 559-431-2278

Social: In Full Bloom

Contact : In Full Bloom Team

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Long Beach, CA

Honey & Poppies is one of Long Beach’s most elegant florists, with founder and creative Megan Gray heading up the operation. Serving much of Southern California, this florist specializes in unique textures, color profiles, and sleek designs. Additionally, they emphasize both drama and simplicity to ensure that your arrangements are truly unique to your big day. Backed by an abiding love for flowers and the craft of designing and arranging, Megan and her team are a safe bet for wedding ceremonies and receptions in and around Long Beach, California.

Address: Long Beach, CA 90814

Social: Honey & Poppies

Profile: Honey & Poppies

Contact : Megan Gray

For floral designs that embrace boldness and vivid color palettes, Margaret Rose Floral Design is a natural choice. Based out of Long Beach and capable of serving the greater surrounding area, Margaret Rose Floral Design has been in business since 1980. Their team boasts years of expertise that allows them to offer couples truly excellent service, as well as charming and unexpected floral arrangements. They can work with wedding celebrations of all shapes and sizes, and believe that every wedding deserves gorgeous flowers to enhance the venue.

Address: Long Beach, CA

Phone: (562) 477-7762

Social: Margaret Rose Floral Design

Profile: Margaret Rose Floral Design

Contact : Margaret Platt

Rebelle Fleurs Event Design is one of Long Beach’s premier florists, staffed up by a team of dedicated industry professionals who can create custom designs that accurately reflect the aesthetic values of their clients. Whether clients are looking for a sleek, modern bouquet or a whimsical, frilly centerpiece, Rebelle Fleurs Event Design can create lasting memories through customized designs. Professional designer Leslie is at the helm with Rebelle Fleurs Event Design. She boasts over ten years worth of experience and has worked on over 300 weddings, giving couples the confidence of knowing their big day is in the right hands.

Address: Long Beach, CA 90815

Phone: (562) 485-9515

Social: Rebelle Fleurs Event Design

Profile: Rebelle Fleurs Event Design

Contact : Leslie

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