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10 Questions with Brandon Mitchell

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hi, I'm Brandon Mitchell, Lead Cinematographer of Brandon Mitchell Films. Wedding have always been fun for me to attend, but then I was introduced to another level of fun for weddings, and that is capturing your love story. I started out with doing a coworker's wedding back in 2017 and I fell in love with weddings ever since. I find joy in getting to know you as a couple and capturing all the content of your big day and crafting a story out of it, YOUR story to be exact.

2. How long have you been filming weddings? How many weddings have you filmed?

I have been filming weddings for four years now and have done over fifty wedding in and around the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

3. How would you describe your videography style?

I would describe my style as cinematic storytelling and would describe your wedding video as a handcrafted feature film.

4. How well in advance should couples book their wedding videographer?

I like to get to know my couples a bit before they sign. Establishing something more than just a vendor client relationship is important to me and I believe makes your wedding day that much better. So booking a videographer I think should be at least a few months in advance and up there with booking your venue and photographer. Video is becoming more and more popular for weddings and finding a good one can be tough because the good ones get booked well in advance. It will also allow you to take advantage of some of the other services videographers may offer, like an engagement love story video shoot.

5. What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

My most popular package is the Feature Film Package. It is where you see moments from the entire day and various audio from the day. Audio can be from a first look or first touch, note exchange that you read, first look with dad, natural sounds from the day, your vows, and of course from the toast/speeches given during the reception. All these clips of audio are woven together to create a cohesive story of you from your wedding day. This package will have your wedding film looking, sounding, and feeling like a movie and brings back all the feels of the day.

My other option is the Highlight Film. You still get great cinematic images, and still from the entire day. Instead of various audio clips from the day woven to tell a story, the Highlight Film gives more of a wedding music video feel. All your best footage crafted over top of a music track.

Both packages give you 2 cinematographers, a full day worth of coverage, drone footage, and three videos which are a teaser, the ceremony in full, and of course your wedding film.

You can also upgrade and add to either package by adding rehearsal dinner coverage, a love story film, and/or raw footage.

6. Are you the wedding videographer who will be filming on the wedding day? How many camera people and cameras will be operating on the day?

I am always at your wedding. I do not hire associates to shoot weddings for you, so you get myself and my assistant who has been with me for the last four years on ever single wedding. Each of use will always have at least one of our cameras in hand and during the ceremony a total of four cameras are utilized.

7. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

While I cover all of the Hampton Roads area, up to Richmond (2 hours northwest) and down to the Outer Banks (2 hours south) for free, I have been to various other cities and states to capturing weddings. Outside of my coverage area, you can then expect a $0.50 fee per mile to your venue location and back. Anything over three hours then requires a one night stay the night of your wedding so that I can sleep, recharge, and get home safely the next day in order to start working on your wedding film.

8. How do you back-up your footage to ensure no footage is lost and for how long do you keep the footage after the wedding?

Footage is save in 2 spots. One is on my Macbook and it is also saved on an external hard drive. Footage is kept up to a year.

9. How long after the wedding will the couple receive the video? And how will the video be delivered?

You can expect to receive your wedding package within three months after your wedding date. I currently deliver your wedding package via a personally customized flash drive.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

To book your wedding video services, it requires a 25% deposit to hold your date. The deposit it not refundable. The only way a deposit is returned is if for some reason I have to cancel on my end. The only other time a deposit can be refunded is if in the event something occurs that is 100% out of your control that prevents you from marrying on your wedding date, for example a worldwide pandemic. You may cancel your booking at any time and receive a refund of any money released after the deposit. If you change your wedding date, a new deposit will then be required to hold the new date.



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