10 Questions with Annie & Lori

Lori Anne Weddings & Events

Planner - Annie Niccolai & Lori Schmidt

10 Questions with Annie & Lori

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Annie & Lori started working together in 2017 at a local Indianapolis venue/catering company. We both noticed a team of aunts and extended family members that would show up on the wedding day and try to set up the wedding and look for our guidance. We decided that there was a need for great wedding coordinators in the city, and Lori Anne Weddings & Events was born. After years of catering and venue coordination, we realized that we were passionate about planning, coordinating and executing events. We are special event planners here to help you enjoy your day and the planning process.

2. What's your experience as a wedding planner? How many weddings have you planned?

We have a combined 18 years of experience in the wedding/event industry. Since we started our own company in 2019 we have planned & executed 43 weddings. This does not include corporate events & social events such as, bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties ect...

3. What sorts of services do you offer (month-of coordination, full-service planning, or à la carte planning)?

We offer three different levels of day-of coordination in addition to full-service planning. We also offer consulting for couples who just need to make sure they are on the right track & need to know their next steps.

4. How do payments work (a percentage of the wedding budget, a flat fee etc.)? What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

For weddings, we stick with a flat rate fee for our services. The fee is based on what the couple needs for their day. We offer several different packages that include, set-up only, day-of coordination reception only, day-of coordination rehearsal, ceremony, & reception, and we always offer full service planning. Most of our couples choose to book us for our top day-of coordination package.

5. Who else is in your team and how many people on your staff will be at the wedding?

The team consists of Annie Niccolai, & Lori Schmidt. We are the co-owners & back each other up at the events. If for some reason one of us is not available, we have a tremendous group of people that we can rely on for help. You will always have two LAWE team members on your wedding day.

6. What happens if you're sick or otherwise unable to be there on the day of the wedding?

There are two of us for a reason. Every event has a primary planner, & a secondary, that will backup the primary on the event day. In the event of an emergency the secondary planner will cover the event for the primary with an assistant. If for some reason, the secondary is not available, every reasonable effort will be made to arrange for a backup coordinator. If we cannot perform due to illness beyond the control of the parties & a backup coordinator cannot be contracted, then we will return all fees to the client.

7. How many meetings will you have with the couple and how will they be involved?

We do not limit our couples to a certain number of meetings. We are happy to meet, call, text, email, Zoom, or meet in any other way you can think of, to make sure that we are all on the same page for your wedding.

8. Will you handle the invitations, from wording and ordering to the addressing and mailing? What about guest list coordination and RSVPs?

Depending upon the level of service you book with us, we can absolutely handle invitations, from wording & ordering to addressing & mailing. In regards to guest list coordination & RSVP’s, we can of course assist in helping our couples stay organized and on track.

9. Do you handle rentals? Will you coordinate delivery, arrival and set up times with the photographer, the florist, the musicians and the caterer/banquet manager?

We absolutely can handle rentals! We have relationships with all of the major rental companies in Indiana, & a few nationwide that we can use to create your perfect vision! We will always coordinate delivery & vendor arrivals with all vendors involved with your wedding.

10. Can you create a timeline that tells everyone involved in the planning process (other pros, members of the wedding party, to-be-weds and families) what to do and when to do it? How will you make sure everyone sticks to the schedule?

We always create a master timeline for the wedding weekend. This includes all of your vendors’ information, floorplan, & all scheduled times. The LAWE team members are in constant communication with all of your vendors, bridal party, & family to make sure that everyone knows what is happening at that moment, & what is coming up next.



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