10 Questions with Victoria Meyer

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Officiant - Victoria Meyer

10 Questions with Victoria Meyer

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hi! I'm Victoria Meyer and I marry the people!! At least that's what I tell my kids every day when I head out to my office. I'm going to marry the people! I'm a full-time, full-service wedding officiant. I marry couples just about every day, either in my office on Monument Circle or just about anywhere in the greater Indianapolis area. I'm an expert in how to get legally married in Indiana and how to write and perform wedding ceremonies.

My goal is to help every couple feel comfortable on their wedding day. I want to marry any couple any way they want to be married. You might want a simple, courthouse-style wedding just to be legally married. That's OK! I do that. You might want to get married in your own living room or backyard surrounded by friends and family for an intimate, informal wedding. That's OK! I do that too! Maybe you dream of a romantic elopement. I love a romantic elopement!! Are you planning a BIG wedding, don't want to get married in a church, want enough religion to keep your parents and grandparents happy but don't want to make you or your other guests uncomfortable? I specialize in that! Die-hard Secular Humanist? I've got you covered! Same-sex couple? LGBTQIA? All are welcome here! Are you, or members of your family on the Autism Spectrum? Do you have high anxiety? No worries! I have two children on the autism spectrum. Everyone is welcome and accepted just the way they are!

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2. What's your experience as a wedding officiant? How many weddings have your officiated?

I have been marrying couples in Indiana for over 11 years. I've married over 4 thousand couples!

I provide a wide variety of wedding officiant services to meet all wants and needs, from simple ceremonies to fully personalized wedding ceremony scripts for formal wedding ceremonies.

I offer Civil Ceremony Services in my office for just the couple and up to 8 guests!

I offer couples the choice of a number of pre-written ceremonies for their wedding or let them write their own ceremony! I provide all the tools. Sometimes, it's a collaborative effort to find the perfect words to express your relationship on your wedding day. I'm known for my ceremony options!

I'm flexible with everything from #funwedding officiant weddings, to formal religious ceremonies, to hospital bed weddings. I've also married quite a few couples in prison!

3. How far in advance do couples need to secure your services?

Same-day appointments are almost always available!

4. How would you describe your officiant style?

I try to be whatever you need me to be.

5. What are your fees for officiating a wedding?

My prices range from $100-$550.

6. What do you wear when you officiate a wedding?

I ask every couple what they would like me to wear. If it's a simple wedding in my office, I consider that casual - couples come in jeans and t-shirts and so do I. For formal weddings, I dress professionally in a black dress or suit. If a couple requests I wear something else I do my best to accommodate. I do not wear religious garments.

7. How many pre-wedding sessions will the couple need to have with you?

I don't require pre-wedding sessions. I meet many couples for the first time on their wedding day or at their rehearsal. We can accomplish a lot by email!

8. Will you be able to create a personalized ceremony?


9. Are you available to travel if needed?

I travel up to about an hour from my home in Fishers, IN in any direction.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

*For services less than $350, payment is due in full at the time of booking.
*Refunds, minus the retainer, are available if you cancel within 30 days of your scheduled appointment. (30 days or earlier before your scheduled wedding date.) $150 Appointments are subject to a $50 Retainer. $250 Appointments are subject to a $100 Retainer. The $350 Brown Count Elopement is subject to a $100 Retainer.
*Appointments for Small, formal and informal weddings scheduled within 30 days of your appointment, full refunds are available upon cancellation. (This means, if you book a wedding today for 3 weeks from now, I will refund your money. If you book a wedding for 3 months from now, I will refund your payment minus the retainer)​
*$400 Formal Wedding Packages require a $150 non-refundable retainer to save your date and time with the $250 Balance due 30 days before your wedding day and, if paid early, is refundable up until 30 days before your wedding day.
*$550 Formal Wedding Packages require a $150 non-refundable retainer to save your date and time. The *$400 balance is due 30 days before your wedding day and, if paid early, is refundable up until 30 days before your wedding day. ​​
*In cases of Force majeure - Such as fire, flood, tornado, or worldwide pandemic that forces the government to shut down or limit your wedding- I will do my very best to reschedule services when it is a more suitable time to do so, doing my best to work with your other vendors to find a date and time that works best for most. I go forward with the assumption that you still intend to be legally married and that I am the person you hired to legally marry you. Legal marriages can happen without guests or a reception. If you choose to no longer utilize the agreed-upon services - be they legal or to perform a formal ceremony if you are already legally married - you forfeit any payment already made. ​



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