Founded in 2006, Stephen Salazar is directed by the innovative minds of Jenelle and Stephen Salazar. Their top priority is to capture and create your big day in the most creative and beautiful way possible. Their videography style is intimate, cutting edge, and fashion-based, making them unique. They love to think outside the box and push their talents & boundaries to the limit to provide you with the best results. Hire them and be ready to receive the most remarkable artistic wedding videography.

Address: 5500 E Flamingo Rd #208, Las Vegas, NV 89122

Phone: 702-622-1869

Social: Stephen Salazar

Profile: Stephen Salazar

Contact : Stephen Salazar

Memory Lane Video is a team of experienced videographers, cinematographers, and editors – a considerable part of the Nevada wedding industry for 10+ years. All of them strive to create wedding cinema to pull you in, making you relive every emotion of your big day. The team continues to set the highest standard for wedding videography and cinematography. They follow a custom approach for filming the wedding to ensure every video contains a unique and personalized stamp. Their storytelling is woven together with high-end filmmaking, editing talent, and a creative perspective to put together the most beautiful day of your life.

Address: 8509 Copper Mountain Las Vegas 89129

Phone: 702-501-5622

Social: Memory Lane Video

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Contact : John Sanchez

Sarah Trow started Starchazer Productions Wedding Photo & Video in 2013 to fulfill her dream of being an artist and filming the special moments of to-be-weds. Her goal is to capture candid moments so that you can cherish them for life. Sarah runs her business along with her sister Mel and husband Vincent who are both excellent photographers & videographers as well. They use the latest HD DSLR cameras for filming weddings. Their professionals create a range of wedding videos, such as preview videos, hi-lite videos, and full ceremony videos. Please feel free to talk to their experts to discuss your package.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 909-287-4308

Social: Starchazer Productions

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Contact : Sarah

Gurson Inc is the leading team of wedding cinematographers or videographers based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Led by David Wolk, this studio offers flexible wedding packages and services to capture your big day in the most creative way, without exceeding your particular budget. Their custom wedding videography approach, tailored to a particular industry, culture, and tradition, will deliver you precisely what you need. Book them today and get ready to receive phenomenal wedding work.

Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: 909-725-5884

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Contact : David Wolk

LuxLife Las Vegas was built under the foundation to capture the most precious and stunning moments for to-be-weds. They offer every style of videography to suit your specific wedding cinematography vision. Every couple deserves unique and exciting wedding videos, and they have the experience & knowledge to craft the most spectacular wedding gallery. Their top-level wedding associates ensure each couple receives magical wedding memories that will last a lifetime. They have three main packages to offer, which can be customized as per couples’ varying needs.

Address: 2905 Lake East Dr #150, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Phone: 702-997-3913

Social: LuxLife Las Vagas

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Contact : Luxlife LA's Vagas Team

Mario and Danielle, owners of Izzo Pro Video & Photo, is a team of professionals that specializes in wedding videography and photography. With ten years of combined experience in the field, the two of them are innovative experts committed to offering exceptional cinematography services in Nevada and beyond. Their videography packages include lots of things, such as drone coverage, parent bridal party interviews, raw videos/clips, and several other things. The best thing about them is that they will deliver wedding films within 30 days. If you don’t get your video within this time, they will pay you back. 

Address: Las Vegas, NV, 89123

Phone: 702-637-4005

Social: Izzo Pro Video & Photo

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Contact : Mario and Dani

New Romantix is a Las Vegas-based team of professionals specializing in tailored wedding experiences for all couples. They are passionate and crazy about highlighting the love of every couple. Each video session is customized to the unique style of every couple. Whether you prefer a soft look or a high-end editorial look, their professional videographers and cinematographers have got you covered. You will find a range of videography packages on their website, and you can also browse their gallery to see their wedding work.

Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: 702-272-8706

Social: New Romantix

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Contact : Jazmin

Vintage Modern Films is a Las Vegas based filmmaking duo specializing in creating bespoke wedding films for fun and adventurous couples. Will and Geri Cortez have years of experience capturing each couple’s unique love and creating films that reflect their personal love story. They meet with each and every couple to get to know their personalities, their style and the special love they share. Whether your wedding is dramatic, quirky, or an all out party, Vintage Modern will create a one-of-a-king wedding film that is uniquely you.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: (702) 430-1188

Social: Vintage Modern Films

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Contact : Will Cortez

Madison is a freelance videographer native to Las Vegas and shoots weddings throughout Utah and The West. Since 2014, videos and films have been a stunning outlet for her. Madison is inspired by the candid and real moments; she puts all of them together to describe your big day story. The final videos they craft and deliver are candid, raw, and documentary – a recap of the happiest moments of your big day. No matter which wedding package you pick, drone coverage is an add on.

Address: Las Vegas, NV, 85701

Phone: 520-289-6465

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Interview: 10 Questions with Madison Hafen Films

Contact : Madison

Cydney and her husband are best known for managing the magic of your big day. They believe every couple deserves the best for their wedding and focus on creating videos that bring couples and their families to tears. Cydney’s goal is to capture every thought, every emotion, and the real magic of your big day to make it a lifetime experience for all. She will listen to you carefully and ensure to meet all your needs by paying close attention to all details. Whatever you have in your mind for your wedding videography, it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed by hiring Cydney as your wedding videographer.

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 775-527-1444

Social: Cydney Robinson Films

Profile: Cydney Robinson Films

Contact : Sydney

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There are lots of things that you and your spouse may miss on the actual wedding day. This is where a wedding videographer comes into the picture. These top 10 videographers or cinematographers in Las Vegas can help you make your big day memorable for years. Check out the list and choose the best one that suits you.

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