Marry Me Officiant Service

With over 50 years experience in the education and entertainment industry, including the past three seasons as Santa at Town Square in Las Vegas, you can trust Daniel of Marry Me Officiant Service for your big day. As a licensed Clark County Officiant, and a licensed minister through the National Association of Christian Ministers, he dedicates himself to delivering services that match your needs and exceed your expectations. Various packages are available, including pre-marital counseling. Whether you desire a vow renewal, civil ceremony, elopement, or destination wedding, this dedicated wedding officiant in Las Vegas will handle your needs. Daniel will help with custom templates so you can write your vows and even dress in a character for themed celebrations, such as Dumbledore. Marry Me Officiant Service will also handle paperwork and filing to make your wedding official.

Address: 5045 Harrison #231 Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Phone: 801-628-4068

Profile: Marry Me Officiant Service

Interview: 10 Questions with Marry Me Officiant Service

Contact : Daniel Halkyard

Wedding Vows Las Vegas

Judy Irving, the owner and main officiant for Wedding Vows Las Vegas, strives to create modern ceremonies with passion and reverence while keeping them fun and lighthearted. She is happy to include various rituals and traditions into each wedding, as well as including children or other meaningful family members into your wedding ceremony. She offers an inclusive service, open to helping all people of all faiths celebrate their wedding in a way that’s true to them.

Officiant Style: Modern, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Civil Unions

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-245-6635

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Judy Irving

Peachy Keen Unions

Led by Angie Kelly, the team at Peachy Keen Unions marries over 350 Las Vegas couples every year. Their philosophy is inclusive and modern, and just a quick look at their work will show you that they are polished and professional as well. Their website includes a detailed breakdown of the process of booking and planning your wedding ceremony, so you know exactly what to expect along the way.

Officiant Style: Secular, Religious, Interfaith, Multicultural, Modern

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-812-0860

Social: Facebook

Contact : Peachy Keen Unions Team

The Gypsy Mobile Minister

Specializing in elopements, Joelle Righetti is the kind of officiant you can count on to make your wedding day go incredibly smoothly. She even offers packages that include details such as hair and makeup, so you can truly focus on what’s most important: saying “I do”!

Officiant Style: Elopement, Modern, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Civil Unions

Address: 9296 Long Grove Ave, Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-286-8254

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Pastor Joelle Righetti

Abundant Weddings

Reverend Kenneth Baker has been a practicing officiant for over ten years and is a mobile minister ready to travel to a location of your choice. He offers free rehearsals in all of his packages and is also a photographer who can capture a selection of photos to help relive your wedding day over and over.

Address: 7724 Four Seasons Drive, Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-839-1413

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Kenneth Baker

Timeless Connection

The owner of Timeless Connection, Dawn Mickens, draws on over 30 years of experience in her marriage to inspire and encourage the couples she marries. With transparent pricing and a variety of packages to choose from, Dawn makes it easy to decide what you need for your wedding ceremony, and she’ll be beside you to the altar.

Officiant Style: Same-Sex, Non-Religious, Religious, Interfaith, Multicultural, Modern

Address: S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147

Phone: 702-903-7461

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Dawn Angela

True Love Knots

Passionate about guiding and coaching people in their quest for love, Maria Romano of True Love Knots is not only an ordained minister, but she’s also a dating and relationship coach as well. With such a singular passion, you know that Maria will keep the focus of your wedding right where it should be: creating a healthy, happy, and fulfilling union to last for years to come.

Officiant Style: Same-Sex, Secular, Religious, Interfaith, Multicultural, Modern

Address: 955 Royal Viking Way Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-501-4150

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Maria Romano

XOXO, Jamelle

As a licensed wedding planner as well as an officiant, Jamelle is just the kind of person you want to be involved in your wedding. Encouraging her clients to ‘think outside the chapel, Jamelle is available for weddings anywhere in Nevada.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Same-Sex, Interfaith

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-245-9749

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jamelle Johnson

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When looking through this list, it’s easy to see that there’s so much more to getting married in Las Vegas than the kitschy Vegas weddings you see in the movies. With one of these talented officiants on your team, your wedding can be anything you’ve dreamed of.

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