Grand Rapids, MI

Address: 505 Cherry St SE #611, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: 616-855-4079

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Contact : Rebecca Climie

Address: 401 Hall St SW Ste 185C, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: 616-328-5957

Facebook: TruVision Studios

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Contact : Matt Trubac

Address: 1462 Milton St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Phone: 616-822-1754

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Contact : Kelly Sweet

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Detroit, MI

Named after its owner, Jeffrey Lewis Bennett, JLB Wedding Photography is famous for its unique digital color processing, art-directed sessions, and customized albums. After starting professional wedding photography in 2003, Jeffrey has covered hundreds of intimate or grand weddings so far. Being a professional photographer, he clicks approximately 2000 pictures in full-day coverage of 8 hours and delivers around 500 to 700 after the couple’s final selection. Furthermore, you will receive all your photographs in black & white, color, and several other processes.

Address: Detroit, MI

Phone: (248) 444-0161

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Contact : Jeffrey Bennett

Killer Creations Wedding Photography & Cinematography is one of the best-known spots in Michigan. They promise to build wedding photographs that highlight your one-of-a-kind relationship. The team loves what they do and is all set to be a part of your big day celebrations. The company delivers more than just photography services. Their mission is to provide all wedding couples with an exclusive experience. They interact with you throughout the ceremony to build unique timelines and make your wedding day as smooth as possible.

Address: Detroit, MI

Phone: (734) 634-3880

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Contact : Mike

If you want to make your wedding day flawless, you can trust the professional of Erin Schmidt Photography. They are an award-winning business specializing in delivering perfectly executed wedding photography services in and around Detroit. Erin, the owner & lead photographer, is passionate about authentic wedding photography. The team is all set to capture all special moments of your once-in-a-lifetime occasion in proper style. The perfect details and visible emotions will take you back to the moment whenever you see those pictures. They have multiple packages, and you can choose any that suits your demands and budget.

Address: Detroit, MI

Profile: Erin Schmidt Photography

Facebook: Erin Schmidt Photography

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Contact : Erin

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