Plum Joy Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photography studios to be found across Lansing and beyond, with the variety of services performed serving as a benefit to any local couples planning their upcoming wedding festivities. The experience of working with Plum Joy Photography begins with an initial consultation after an inquiry filled out on the website, and then continues with an engagement session as a complimentary bonus, timeline assistance, continued communication as the wedding day approaches, and then the wedding day itself. After the celebration, Plum Joy Photography will deliver sneak peeks within 48 hours of the celebration and then a full gallery within 6-8 weeks of the day.

Address: Lansing, MI

Phone: 573-201-5556

Facebook: Plum Joy Photography

Instagram: Plum Joy Photography

Contact : Kelsey

Jessica Martinez Photography is a fabulous Lansing-based photography studio offering excellent services for local wedding celebrations occurring within the greater metropolitan area. Jessica Martinez Photography offers services for elopements starting at $2,600, which is a great low-budget option for couples hosting intimate gatherings of close family and friends. Jessica Martinez Photography also offers a full wedding experience starting at $4,300, with included amenities such as timeline planning assistance and curation, eight hours of wedding day coverage, and full printing rights with access to an online gallery full of edited high resolution images. This gallery can be provided to clients within four weeks of the wedding celebration, one of the quickest turnarounds to be found in photography companies in the local area of Lansing.

Address: Lansing, MI

Phone: 517-505-3323

Facebook: Jessica Martinez Photography

Instagram: Jessica Martinez Photography

Contact : Jessica

Johnson Photography is one of the premier wedding photographers in the area of Lansing, providing photography services to couples planning wedding celebrations of all shapes and sizes. Johnson Photography offers convenient packages starting at a rate of $4,500, which includes eight hours of continuous wedding photography coverage from the processional in the ceremony to the last dance of the reception. This package price can be reduced by employing the services of a Johnson Photography Associate Photographer. Staffed by a team of sisters who are comfortable guiding local couples in Lansing through the wedding planning process with a warm helping hand, Johnson Photography is an excellent choice of photography studio.

Address: Lansing, MI

Phone: 989-889-6473

Facebook: Johnson Photography

Instagram: Johnson Photography

Contact : Cayla & Mallory

When it comes to wedding photography services, Kali Shea Photography can handle the photography needs of wedding celebrations across Lansing and beyond. Kali Shea Photography starts prices for wedding photography at $3,300, with a customized experience that offers couples a bespoke experience throughout the entire wedding planning process. Kali Shea Photography will create a unique package for each client that ensures that the entire wedding day will be a breeze for the happy couple, with a minimum of eight hours of photography coverage that can span the entire ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner & dancing reception.

Address: Lansing, MI

Phone: 517-706-1008

Facebook: Kali Shea Photography

Instagram: Kali Shea Photography

Contact : Kali Shea

Alexa Hecksel Photography is a sophisticated photography studio located in Lansing, tending to the photography needs of wedding celebrations across the local area. Alexa Hecksel Photography offers packages for weddings and elopements beginning at $1,500, with inclusions in the package such as ten hours of photographic coverage on the big day, the option to add a second photographer, printing rights for all images, a complimentary engagement session in advance of the festivities, and destination services for which Alexa will travel wherever the celebration is taking place.

Address: Lansing, MI

Facebook: Alexa Hecksel Photography

Instagram: Alexa Hecksel Photography

Contact : Alexa Hecksel

Check out AA Studios for a Lansing-based photography outlet providing a vast array of services for wedding celebrations and other life events. With tons of multidisciplinary experience in fields including small parties and events, portraits, real estate photography, maternity and newborn photos, pet photography, and so much more, AA Studios has the experience to handle wedding celebrations with confidence and aplomb. AA Studios understands how important a wedding is to the soon-to-be-married couple, and so when collaborating with the couple, this photography outlet will work effortlessly to create unforgettable memories that will live up to all expectations.

Address: Lansing, MI

Phone: 734-624-9611

Facebook: AA Studios

Instagram: AA Studios

Contact : Anastasiia Greca

Benjamin David Photography is one of the most widely loved and locally celebrated wedding photography studios to be found across Lansing and beyond. With over 300 weddings under his belt, Benjamin is a masterful photographer who knows his way behind the lens while making all guests and the happy couple feel great about themselves in the process. Wedding packages with Benjamin David Photography can be compiled to exact client specifications, meaning that couples will only pay for the specific services that they desire for their wedding celebration. Package items include an additional photographer for multiple angles, high resolution edited images delivered in an online gallery, and physical print albums to commemorate the occasion.

Address: Lansing, MI

Phone: 517-803-3121

Instagram: Benjamin David Photography

Contact : Benjamin David

Bethany is the head photographer who helms up B. Hammar Photography, and when working with Bethany, clients will feel put at ease and comfortable throughout the entire process from the initial booking all the way to the delivery of the high resolution edited images in an online gallery. Bethany is a careful logistical planner, focused on the finer nuances of the wedding planning process and the wedding day, capturing images that will stand the test of time as they appear in photo albums for years to come. Packages with B. Hammar Photography begin at $1,500, with the option to add onto the package for a more individualized experience, with add-ons including additional hours of coverage, engagement shoots, a second photographer, and more.

Address: Lansing, MI

Phone: 517-214-9338

Facebook: B. Hammar Photography

Instagram: B. Hammar Photography

Contact : Bethany Hammar

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Now that you and your partner have concluded reading through our list of the top wedding photography studios to be found across Lansing, Michigan and beyond, we hope that you two feel prepared to take a big step forward with your wedding planning process by booking the services of your favorite wedding photographer from our list. This is no small step, and you and your partner should make sure that you agree on what you’re looking for from a wedding photographer before you make any permanent decisions. With all that said, we wish you two all the very best of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process! 

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