Stephanie Parshall Photography is one of the premier wedding photography outlets to be found across Kalamazoo and beyond, a great example of what a talented photographer can do to preserve the most memorable aspects of a wedding celebration for years and years to come. Stephanie Parshall Photography is owned and operated by Stephanie herself, and she brings a level of enthusiasm and passion for wedding photography that is absolutely infectious to the clients with whom she collaborates. For weddings, Stephanie Parshall Photography begins with a virtual consultation to get to know the couple, continues on with an engagement session and a planning phase with timeline creation included, and then, of course, the wedding day. Additional items include hand-designed legacy albums, and extras including an online gallery of high resolution digitally edited photos with the right to download and share as well as printing rights included.

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

Phone: 269-359-0572

Facebook: Stephanie Parshall Photography

Instagram: Stephanie Parshall Photography

Contact : Stephanie

When it comes to the photography for wedding celebrations in and around Kalamazoo, Christopher Deau Photography can add dimension, shape, and charm to the experience of wedding photography, capturing all of the finer details of the wedding day and forever framing them in photo albums and online galleries. Christopher Deau Photography offers convenient packages that combine multiple services into one place for a seamless booking and purchasing process; these packages include amenities such as two photographers for up to eight hours with additional hours available for an extra rate, an engagement session, edited high resolution images, a published blog with highlight photos, an online photo gallery, a sneak peek in advance of the release of wedding photos, and printing rights to all images.

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

Phone: 269-330-8713

Profile: Christopher Deau Photography

Facebook: Christopher Deau Photography

Instagram: Christopher Deau Photography

Contact : Christopher

Trevor Ritsema Photography is a lovely source of elegant and sophisticated photography for wedding ceremonies and receptions across the wonderful city of Kalamazoo and beyond. Trevor Ritsema Photography performs all kinds of photography shoots, from family photos to newborn and maternity shots to corporate branding photos to senior portraits; with all of this multidisciplinary experience, Trevor Ritsema is well-qualified to tackle each and every aspect of a wedding celebration with ease and effortlessness. Wedding photography begins at $2,100, with a package that includes six hours of coverage, an online gallery of photos, and full printing rights, while more expensive packages include additional hours of coverage, a second photographer, and a printing credit for physical art items.

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

Phone: 269-858-8314

Facebook: Trevor Ritsema Photography

Instagram: Trevor Ritsema Photography

Contact : Trevor

Look no further than Illuminate Photo Co. for a Kalamazoo-based wedding photography outlet with plenty of exciting amenities that will benefit brides and grooms as they plan their local wedding festivities. Illuminate Photo Co. offers a rate for intimate, small wedding celebrations at $3,400, with a sliding scale rate that increases with party size and hours of coverage. Illuminate Photo Co. offers high resolution edited images in an online gallery as well as printed wherever the client desires. A customized “museum-grade” album can be designed by Illuminate Photo Co. with the happy couple in mind. Additional services performed by Illuminate Photo Co. include tieline assistance, engagement shoots, consultations to get to know the couple, and more.

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

Facebook: Illuminate Photo Co.

Instagram: Illuminate Photo Co.

Contact : Jordyn Dryden

Honey Tree Photography is one of the most sought after wedding photographers to be found across the area of Kalamazoo and beyond, and this company is the perfect choice for any and all photography needs for a local celebration. Honey Tree Photography offers packages including valuable amenities such as six hours of wedding day coverage with two devoted photographers, a complimentary engagement session in advance of the big day, and access to all of the edited and retouched digital images with a full print release. This package goes for $3,200, while other packages can be purchased for pricier rates, including more hours of coverage and physical art items that will preserve the wedding photos in a tangible album.

Address: 1934 Portage Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Phone: 517-588-9198

Facebook: Honey Tree Photography

Instagram: Honey Tree Photography

Contact : Aleena Kendrick

For a Kalamazoo-based wedding photography studio with great experience planning and executing wedding photography for celebrations both large and small, check out Patty Leonor Photography. Patty Leonor Photography creates unforgettable imagery by seeking out and finding moments of “raw, emotional” connection between family and friends at a wedding party, ensuring a very personal experience that does not shy away from the heightened emotions that a wedding entails. Patty Leonor offers a variety of custom tailored wedding collections with pricing beginning at $6,000.

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

Facebook: Patty Leonor Photography

Instagram: Patty Leonor Photography

Contact : Patty Leonor Norman

Brea Oakes Photography is a certifiably excellent wedding photography company, owned and operated by Brea Oakes herself. Brea is an experienced professional photographer with a vast array of experience in several disciplines, including boudoir photography, senior portraits, lifestyle photography, and wedding celebrations. Brea Oakes Photography offers convenient amenities for micro weddings and elopements at a reduced rate that will benefit couples looking to save a little bit on the photography for their small, intimate celebration of close family and friends. For larger weddings, Brea Oakes Photography can offer timeline assistance, a complimentary engagement session, an online gallery, and a keepsake photo album, with an initial base rate starting at $3,000 for six hours of coverage.

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

Phone: 269-762-9406

Facebook: Brea Oakes Photography

Instagram: Brea Oakes Photography

Contact : Brea

Check out Lindsay Elaine Photography for a fabulous photography studio based out of Kalamazoo with a track record of high quality across the board when it comes to services for wedding parties. Lindsay Elaine Photography offers a wedding collection starting at $3,000, and this collection includes a completely customized and individualized experience leading up to the big day, ensuring a fully bespoke process for all parties involved. This collection also includes custom timeline planning, unlimited communication by phone or Zoom, and, after the party, an online gallery of high resolution edited images within eight weeks of the wedding date; printing rights can be granted to clients as an added benefit when working with Lindsay Elaine Photography.

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

Facebook: Lindsay Elaine Photography

Instagram: Lindsay Elaine Photography

Contact : Lindsay

Sol Luna Photography is one of the most excellent and elegant wedding photography studios to be found across the greater metropolitan area of Kalamazoo and beyond. When it comes to wedding celebrations, Sol Luna Photography can tackle any and all photography needs for the big day, with convenient packages that can be easily booked and purchased in advance of a celebration. Packages include such amenities as ten hours of coverage lasting the entire wedding day from the processional in the ceremony to the last dance at the reception; additional amenities with Sol Luna Photography include an engagement session added as a complimentary bonus, an online digital gallery full of high resolution edited images, a print release and access to a professional print lab, and customized timeline creation, among other such offerings.

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

Phone: 517-617-4308

Facebook: Sol Luna Photography

Instagram: Sol Luna Photography

Contact : Lyndsey Michelle Boyd

For a wedding photography company owned by a professional photographer who knows all of the ins and outs of wedding celebrations, check out Kalamazoo-based business Brian Menz Photography. Brian Menz Photography describes a style for weddings that is a mix of “traditional and photojournalistic photography,” meaning that Brian, the lead photographer, will make himself a fly on the wall for the celebration, looking for moments of genuine smiling, fun, and romance rather than forcing poses on unsuspecting guests. Brian Menz Photography works carefully with lighting during the celebration as well as in the editing and post-processing phase of the wedding photography experience. For his significant experience and signature style, Brian Menz Photography is a wonderful choice of Kalamazoo-based wedding photographer.

Address: Kalamazoo, MI

Phone: 269-744-6257

Facebook: Brian Menz Photography

Instagram: Brian Menz Photography

Contact : Brian

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Now that you and your partner have finished reading through our list of the top ten wedding photography outlets to be found across Kalamazoo, Michigan and beyond, we hope that you two feel ready to take a step forward with your wedding planning process.

Whether that means making a booking with your favorite photographer on our list or simply evaluating the options carefully with your partner, we hope that this list has given you an opportunity to launch forward with the remainder of your wedding planning process.

Once you find the perfect photographer, through a Zoom or phone call or even for an in-person consultation, you’ll know because of the feeling of comfort and security that the consultation will bring you.

With all that said, we wish you the best of luck in planning the remainder of your upcoming wedding festivities! 

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