Your wedding photographs are not merely photos that remind you of your big day. They are much more than that. For any couple, looking back at their wedding photographs brings back a flood of memories that have really strong emotions attached to them. These memories are nothing short of a treasure that every couple yearns to cherish for the rest of their lives.

That’s where the role of a wedding photographer comes into play. A professional wedding photographer will ensure that each photograph speaks for itself, whether it is the love and bond shared between the couple or the tears of joy and whirlwind of emotions on that day. The right photographer will know exactly how to do that, without missing an opportunity to capture any of those precious moments.

However, finding a wedding photographer who suits your style and provides you with a customized package can prove to be a taxing job. Our list of top 10 wedding photographers in Lexington Kentucky will make this task really easy.

Franzetti photography owned by Michelle is one of the most sought after wedding photographers, owing to her cheerful and fun loving personality. Her interaction with her clients is one of her finest qualities and her ability to form a connection with every client is absolutely phenomenal. Michelle recognizes that every couple has their own story, and she makes it her job to create unique and unforgettable moments out of that story.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism, Contemporary

Price: Starts at $ 3200

Location: Lexington, KY 40508

Phone: 859-588-0762

Facebook: Franzetti Photography

Profile: Franzetti Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Franzetti Photography

Contact : Michelle

If you are in search of a wedding photographer who can communicate well with you and offer you with tailored wedding packages that suit both your style and budget, then Dwayne Llyod is exactly what you were looking for. Dwayne Lloyd is another wedding photographer in Lexington Kentucky, that lets his work speak about his skill and creativity. His extraordinary quality of work is evident from the numerous services offered by him, some of which include high-resolution images, prints and digital images.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism, Contemporary, Traditional

Price: Starts at $ 1650

Location: 984 Sunny Slope Tr., Lexington, KY 40514

Phone: 859-552-3807

Facebook: Dwayne Lloyd Photography

Profile: Dwayne Lloyd Photography

Contact : Dwayne Lloyd

Shelly at Rochambeau Photography is a brilliant wedding photographer who is highly recommended by her previous clients. Shelly and her team specializes in providing a calm and relaxed environment for every couple, so that they can have fun and completely enjoy those intimate moments. The result is that the wedding photographs turn out to be nothing short of stunning pieces of some unforgettable and emotional moments. Give Shelly a try and you will not regret it.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism

Price: Starts at $ 1500

Location: Lexington, KY 40503

Phone: 859-327-4978

Facebook: Rochambeau Photography

Profile: Rochambeau Photography

Contact : Shelly

Yaste photography owned by Taylor Yaste is well known for producing timeless photographs of your wedding day. Taylor is undoubtedly one of the most genuine people in the photography business in Lexington Kentucky. Every couple that she photographs tends to be incredibly comfortable in front of her camera, which is exactly what every photographer dreams about. Taylor truly cares about how her clients look on such an important day and she plays an important role in ensuring exactly that.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism, Contemporary

Price: Starts at $ 3000

Location: Lexington, KY,  40509

Phone: 859-707-6505

Facebook: Yaste Photography

Profile: Yaste Photography

Contact : Taylor Yaste

Katelyn V. Photography is based in Lexington Kentucky. A true romantic at heart, Katelyn knows exactly how to capture those intimate moments. Instead of making the couple pose for long hours, she makes an extra effort to keep the environment relaxed so that the wedding photography session turns out to be fun and an ultimate experience. Get in touch with Katelyn today and have your slot booked.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism, Contemporary

Price: Starts at $ 4200

Location: Lexington, KY

Facebook: Katelyn V. Photography

Profile: Katelyn V. Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Katelyn V. Photography

Contact : Katelyn

Emily Faith is a Lexington Kentucky based wedding photographer. The photographs captured by her speak volumes about her skill and creativity. The smiles, emotions and the love shared between the couple is forever preserved in these spectacular photographs, which you can cherish for the rest of your lives. Make an appointment today and discuss in detail how you want your wedding photographs and get a customized wedding package that suits your budget.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism, Contemporary

Price: Starts at $ 1800

Location: Lexington, KY 40502

Phone: 859-494-2444

Facebook: Emily Faith Photography

Profile: Emily Faith Photography

Contact : Emily Faith

Are you looking for a wedding photographer, who can capture your wedding day in a most personalized way and produce stunning photographs that perfectly define your love story? Kristen Ellis is exactly that photographer if you plan to get hitched in Lexington Kentucky. She has the ability to capture the most intimate moments shared between the couple, without making them feel awkward in front of the camera. Hire Kristen and get an experience that is worth every penny.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism, Contemporary

Price: Starts at $ 2850

Location: 3276 Waterford Park, Lexington, KY 40517

Phone: 859-652-3631

Facebook: Kristen Ellis Photographer

Profile: Kristen Ellis Photographer

Contact : Kristen Ellis

Owing to her charming personality and friendly disposition, Adele has the capability of building a connection with her clients that tends to last even after the wedding. She ensures that every couple feels relaxed and makes natural poses instead of putting up fake smiles with awkward poses. Don’t hesitate to give Adele a call or email her with all your details and book an appointment.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism, Contemporary, Film

Price: Starts at $ 1750

Location: 2120 Wilkes Way, Lexington, KY 40505, United States

Phone: 859-519-9490

Facebook: Photography by Adele

Profile: Photography by Adele

Contact : Adele

Kevin and Ann are Lexington, Kentucky based wedding photographers. They are one of the most loved husband and wife teams in the wedding photography industry in Lexington Kentucky. They strive to provide a comfortable environment for every couple and create a bond with them. This helps them to capture some timeless photos which are high in quality and creativity. Kevin and Anna Photography are the perfect match for you if you want to have an ultimate experience.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism, Contemporary

Price: Starts at $ 3200

Location: 3132 Dale Hollow Dr., Lexington, KY 40515

Phone: 859-576-5075

Facebook: Kevin & Anna Photography

Profile: Kevin & Anna Photography

Contact : Kevin & Anna

Owned by Lauren, LEXlense photography is a Lexington Kentucky based wedding photography company. Lauren has a knack for taking stunning photographs that you will treasure for the rest of your life. She has an eye for detail and never fails to communicate with her clients well before the wedding ceremony. This helps her to understand what type of photographs the clients are looking for on their wedding day. You can trust Lauren to deliver for what she has been hired.

Photography Style: Natural, Photojournalism, Contemporary, Traditional

Price: Starts at $ 1500

Location: Lexington, KY

Phone: 859-588-6476

Facebook: LEXlense Photography

Profile: LEXlense Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with LEXlense Photography

Contact : Lauren

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Your decision of choosing a wonderful wedding photographer will make a great deal of difference in making ordinary wedding photographs into a collection of extraordinary  photographs. These wedding photographers are an expert in their field and their skill is evident from their display of professionalism and collection of creative photographs. Choose wisely, as your decision will help you make your wedding day into the most memorable day of your life that is full of poignant memories.

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