Owned by Greg Penn, Columbia Steak House is the oldest Lexington-based catering service. They have been serving a wide range of delicious food since 1948. They are best known for their “Nightwalk” special – a dish that includes baked potato, an 8-ounce tenderloin, homemade rolls with honey butter, and a Diego salad with celery and garlic seasoning. Regardless of your guest list, their extensive traditional menu includes chicken, steaks, and seafood dishes, offering something special for everyone to delight their taste buds.

Address: 201 North Limestone Lexington, KY 40507

Phone: (859) 268-1666

Social: Columbia Steak House

Contact : Columbia Steak House Team

Founded by Jill and Janet Bakehorn in 1995, Bluegrass Catering has become one of the sought-after catering companies in the Central Kentucky area. Be it an intimate celebration or a big event, their priority is to provide couples and their guests with a legendary combo of innovative cuisines and exceptional services. They have catered thousands of special occasions, while their goal has remained the same: to exceed people’s expectations every time they taste their food. Their menu is extensive, and they also serve vegan and gluten-free food on special orders.

Address: 903 Manchester Street, Lexington, KY 40508

Phone: (859) 231-7676

Social: Bluegrass Catering & Events

Contact : Jill Bakehorn

Dedicated to using farm-fresh ingredients, Dupree Catering + Events is a full-service catering service. Their executive chefs and trained catering staff share a passion for delivering exquisite cuisines and high-end customer services. Their chefs work with couples to customize wedding menus and prepare all the food from scratch with hands to ensure freshness and deliciousness. With lots of options on the table, including sample cocktail and hors d’oeuvre menus, sample station menus, sample buffet dinner menus, and sample plated dinner menus, you get a chance to finalize your wedding menu as per your personality and taste. Moreover, the catering team will also work closely with you to plan an unforgettable event.

Address: 201 E Main St, 1500 Lexington, KY 40507

Phone: (859) 231-0464

Social: Dupree Catering + Events

Contact : Dupree Catering + Events Team

Known for serving the freshest and finest food in Lexington, Selma’s Catering and Events is a famous, full-time wedding catering company. The team goes the extra mile for couples and their guests, helping with everything from proper setup and beautiful food display to excellent serving to tear-down and more. They serve locally sourced dishes and can arrange a tasting to help you create your signature wedding menu within your budget. So, hire them to enjoy delicious food and impeccable services.

Address: 720 Henry Clay Blvd Lexington, KY 40505

Phone: (859) 971-2763

Social: Selma's Catering & Events

Contact : Selma's Catering & Events Team

Specializing in offering couples a unique culinary experience, Wild Thyme is an exceptional catering service. From rehearsal dinners to weddings, they take pride in crafting truly signature food to make every occasion enchanting and memorable. The team works with brides, grooms, and their loved ones to prepare personalized menus to fit their theme, taste, budget, and dietary restrictions. Their food options are 100% customizable, and they can arrange buffet-style catering for more than 400 guests. 

Address: 1060 Chinoe Rd, Ste 108 Lexington, KY 40502

Phone: (859) 523-2665

Social: Wild Thyme

Contact : Wild Thyme Cooking Team

Focused on offering unique creativity, extraordinary cuisines, and unparalleled services, Seasons Catering is a full-time, off-premise catering company. They have become one of the best-known wedding catering services in Central Kentucky, thanks to their outstanding culinary professionals and intuitive service team. They have a vast range of cuisines, including local Kentucky food, traditional American flavors, and even international delights. Whatever your taste preferences, their award-winning culinary professionals can exceed all your expectations by helping you create a customized menu.

Address: 333 N. Ashland Ave., Lexington, KY 40502

Phone: (859) 266-6661

Social: Seasons Catering

Contact : Matthew Stoddart

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Your choice of catering service can make or break your whole wedding experience. We hope this list of wedding caterers will help you hire the best catering company in Lexington. Regardless of who you choose as your caterers, you will be provided with a delicious range of cuisines that will leave all your guests happy, delightful, and satisfied.

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