Lindsey Jones Photography is one of the most sought after photography outlets to be found across Bowling Green and beyond, a great source of high quality wedding photography services that will help freeze and preserve unforgettable memories of a wedding celebration in the local area. Lindsey Jones Photography offers wedding collections that begin at $2,700, and the style that Lindsey takes is organized around the photographic principles of soft color palettes, fresh florals, and tons of natural light, all serving as the best possible backdrop for a storybook ceremony.

Address: Bowling Green, KY

Phone: 270-935-7555

Facebook: Lindsey Jones Photography

Instagram: Lindsey Jones Photography

Contact : Lindsey

Look no further than Christina Ellis Photography for a supremely talented wedding photography service offering a variety of amenities for wedding celebrations in the area of Bowling Green and beyond. Christina Ellis Photography prioritizes an “effortless and connective experience,” meaning that Christina will help couples look like their truest selves in front of the camera, as she picks out moments to capture with an easy and relaxed style. Bookings with Christina Ellis Photography include access to an engagement session prep guide, location and styling guide, and a wedding welcome guide, all of which can make couples more confident and prepared for the photography aspect of their upcoming celebrations.

Address: Bowling Green, KY

Phone: 270-779-0697

Facebook: Christina Ellis Photography

Instagram: Christina Ellis Photography

Contact : Christina

When it comes to wedding celebrations across Bowling Green, Cindy Watson Photography is a fantastic choice of photography company. Cindy Watson Photography offers wedding coverage beginning at $2,000, which includes six hours of coverage, with an alternative to work at $300 per hour for fewer hours of coverage. This package also includes engagement pictures as a complimentary benefit as well as downloadable images made available in an online gallery of high resolution digital files. The wedding turnaround time for pictures is about six weeks, and a second shooter for the wedding day can be added to the package for an additional fee.

Address: Bowling Green, KY

Phone: 352-221-4354

Facebook: Cindy Watson Photography

Instagram: Cindy Watson Photography

Contact : Cindy Watson

Sur La Lune Photography is one of the premiere wedding photography studios in the greater metropolitan area of Bowling Green, with photographers who are true industry experts behind the lens. Wedding celebrations captured by Sur La Lune Photography are sure to benefit from the “inspired, narrative-driven” process and approach taken by the charming and talented photographers at this studio, delivering classy, upscale photos that speak to the sweeping romance of the big day. Though posed photos can be executed by the photographers with Sur La Lune Photography, the preferred form of photography is candid, driven by the actual moments of organic interaction occurring naturally during the wedding ceremony and reception.

Address: Bowling Green, KY

Phone: 270-883-2406

Facebook: Sur La Lune Photography

Instagram: Sur La Lune Photography

Contact : Carrie & Ganer

Shelley and Portugal is a wonderful photography studio located in Bowling Green with a special passion for capturing wedding ceremonies and receptions. Shelley and Portugal are veritable experts when it comes to “documentary storytelling,” a style of capturing wedding ceremonies and receptions that takes a non-obtrusive approach favoring moments of organic connection and intimacy that will sparkle and shine in front of the camera. With a series of “honest images” that speak to the romance and refinement of the wedding day without forcing any poses, Shelley and Portugal are the masters of the fly-on-the-wall approach at wedding celebrations in and around Bowling Green.

Address: Bowling Green, KY

Phone: 270-784-7791

Facebook: Shelley and Portugal

Instagram: Shelley and Portugal

Contact : Shelley & Portugal

Few local photography studios can match the wedding photography services on offer with Bowling Green-based Cassie Adkins Photography. Cassie Adkins Photography is owned and operated by professional lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer Cassie, who is a wife and mother herself, which gives her a particular expertise in speaking with soon-to-be-married couples and making them feel comfortable and heard throughout the process of working together. Uniquely interested in framing love stories, Cassie Adkins Photography is a great choice of photography studio for friendly and experience-informed wedding photography services.

Address: Bowling Green, KY

Phone: 270-535-3696

Instagram: Cassie Adkins Photography

Contact : Cassie Adkins

Wedding celebrations are the bread and butter of Morgan Marie Photography, a fabulous photography outlet located in Bowling Green and traveling to wedding celebrations across this local area. Morgan is the head of the operations at Morgan Marie Photography, and she is more than available to travel for weddings across Kentucky and beyond, with plenty of experience capturing weddings with an eye for natural light, vibrant colors, and effortless poses that make soon-to-be-married couples look like their most honest, beautiful selves in front of the camera lens.

Address: Bowling Green, KY

Phone: 270-799-5015

Facebook: Morgan Marie Photography

Instagram: Morgan Marie Photography

Contact : Morgan Marie Southard

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Now that you and your partner have taken this opportunity to look through our list of the top wedding photography studios to be found across the greater metropolitan area of Bowling Green, Kentucky and beyond, we hope that you two feel ready to tackle the remaining aspects of your wedding planning process with ease and comfort. After all, this is one of the highlights of the wedding planning process, getting to interview and consult with several photographers to determine which will be the best blend of professionalism, passion, and personality to bring a unique look and feel to your wedding party. With all that said, we wish you two all the very best of luck with your ongoing wedding planning!

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