Finding licensed, professional bridal hair and makeup is as crucial as your wedding venue. The right artist with comprehensive experience in the field can shape your big day. If you’re looking for a bridal beauty expert in Tucson, Arizona, take a look at the options given below. You can pick any of these hair and makeup artists to make your wedding a hit.

Gadabout SalonSpas is a beauty company in Tucson. They are a team of educated and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality hair and makeup services to brides across the city with luxury products. They try to create a welcoming space that cares for every personality and style. All specialists believe in celebrating you and delivering a beauty platform that exceeds your expectations. If you want to know more about their bridal work, do check their website and social media.

Address: 3207 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716

Phone: (520) 325-0000

Instagram: Gadabout SalonSpas

Facebook: Gadabout SalonSpas

Profile: Gadabout SalonSpas

Contact : Nails

Airbrush and Palettes is an award-winning beauty service, offering exclusive makeup for years. They also offer bridal beauty services, including airbrush makeup, false lashes, contouring, and more. Danna is a professional makeup artist with over 10 years of experience, trained in a range of makeup areas, from natural to subtle bridal looks. The team works closely with brides to create a flawless look with the ultimate finish. They focus on helping you look gorgeous and providing a fun environment. Call them now for other details.

Address: East Tucson, Tucson, AZ 85747

Phone: (719) 361-0040

Instagram: Airbrush and Palettes

Facebook: Airbrush and Palettes

Profile: Airbrush and Palettes

Interview: 10 Questions with Airbrush and Palettes

Contact : Danna

Established by Heather in 2013, Heather Van Houten Makeup & Hair is a famous choice for bridal beauty. Heather is a primary makeup artist and in love with makeup, color stories, and art to make her girls feel stunning. She is obsessed with telling your wedding story through your wedding day look. Heather and her talented group of makeup artists and hair stylists know how to reflect your style and personality through your look. You can also browse the before & after gallery of Heather Van Houten Makeup & Hair to see the bridal work quality.

Address: Tucson, Arizona

Phone: (520) 903-7087

Instagram: Heather Van Houten Makeup & Hair

Facebook: Heather Van Houten Makeup & Hair

Profile: Heather Van Houten Makeup & Hair

Contact : HEATHER

Tullia Salon & Spa can deliver you exceptional bridal hair and makeup services. They have a full team of licensed and experienced artists at your assistance as long as you need them on your special day. The entire group delivers these beauty services with a personal touch for all brides to make them look unique and simply outstanding. Besides, consider talking to their bridal leader and wedding coordinator in person to discuss things and ensure you get everything you desire and need for your big day.

Address: 3514 E. Grant Rd Tucson, AZ, US 85718

Phone: (520) 638-6040

Instagram: Tullia Salon & Spa

Facebook: Tullia Salon & Spa

Profile: Tullia Salon & Spa

Contact : Tullia

I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry is an on-site and destination hair and makeup team in Tucson. They are an elite group of freelance artists, hand-selected by award-winning and internationally published professional Margarita GoDiva. The IDHMA is specifically trained in makeup and hair for weddings. They offer a range of beauty services tailored to your requirements and overall bridal vision. Their services are available in different packages, and you can pick any of them as per your convenience.

Address: Tucson, Arizona

Phone: (520) 272-0573

Instagram: I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry

Profile: I Do Hair & Makeup Artistry

Contact : Raemie

Radiate with ReneeJ Makeup and Hair makes another great pick for the best bridal beauty experience. They have been in business for over a year, and Renee has been doing makeup for around 3 years. She and her team specialize in enhancing their brides’ natural beauty with airbrush makeup applications and creative hairstyles that go well with wedding outfits. The team’s mission is to make brides feel ultimate on their big day by offering the best experience.

Address: Tucson, AZ

Phone: (520) 465-0506

Instagram: Radiate with ReneeJ Makeup and Hair

Facebook: Radiate with ReneeJ Makeup and Hair

Profile: Radiate with ReneeJ Makeup and Hair

Contact : Renee

Founded by Judy, Queen Beauty Judy has been helping brides bring their inner beauty out to add excitement to their special day. This beauty business is your one-stop destination for looking fabulous. Judy is passionate about collaborating with her brides and bridesmaids to create unique, glamorous looks. She is a proper package in all areas when it comes to bridal beauty. Hire Judy and let her make your wedding joyful.

Address: Tucson, Arizona

Phone: (626) 552-5492

Facebook: Queen Beauty Judy

Profile: Queen Beauty Judy

Interview: 10 Questions with Queen Beauty Judy

Contact : Judy

Established in December 2014, Blink Beauty SalonSpa is a beauty service specialized in bridal makeup and hair. Alexis Whaples, the salon owner, is focused on creating a salon-spa environment to make their brides feel at ease, like a second home. They deliver several exclusive beauty options, such as on-site services, airbrush makeup, stylish hair, and salon & spa services, to make you feel relaxed. The team’s mission is to not only offer you incredible beauty services but execute them always with respect, kindness, and gratitude.

Address: 4429 E Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ, US 85711

Phone: (520) 373-5113

Instagram: Blink Beauty SalonSpa

Facebook: Blink Beauty SalonSpa

Profile: Blink Beauty SalonSpa

Contact : Alexis

The Power Room is an award-winning team of professional makeup artists and hair stylists. Rachel is a licensed makeup artist and hair stylist, the name behind this beauty service. She has been in the beauty industry for around 5 years and loves connecting with her brides. Rachel specializes in wedding makeup and hair, and the satisfaction and comfort of brides is her priority. From a soft to natural to polished look and more, she can help you achieve your desired wedding day look without any hassle.

Address: 473-401 S Tucson Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716, USA

Phone: (928) 853-6827

Instagram: The Powder Room

Facebook: The Powder Room

Profile: The Powder Room

Contact : Rachel

Haus of Dreams is an all-inclusive luxury bridal house in Tucson, Arizona. The business was founded by Andrea Salazar, a master and licensed makeup artist. They are a fully equipped bridal beauty team providing high-quality makeup and hair services. The team also delivers customized bridal packages to fit the needs of brides with different styles and tastes. Haus of Dreams is also called Makeup by Drai. Talk to them to know more.

Address: Tucson, AZ

Phone: (520) 730-4588

Instagram: Haus of Dreams

Profile: Haus of Dreams

Interview: 10 Questions with Haus of Dreams

Contact : Andrea

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Your wedding day makeup and hair look matters a lot, and hiring the right beauty professional can make a huge difference in making your day joyful and unforgettable. We hope this list of well-known bridal beauty experts in Tucson, Arizona, will help you select the best one for your big day. Talk to the experts in person before hiring any of them to avoid any confusion and make your day blockbuster.

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