Catering not only food but also your vision, Thomas Caterers of Distinction has a great team of professionals to handle everything for you. With numerous awards and certified event planners, Thomas Caterers is highly respected in their field.

The company was founded in 1983, and with so many years of experience behind them, they are truly excelling on every level. Handling up to 500 events per year, Thomas Caterers is a force in the industry.

Their food is styled to perfection, looking both stunning and exceptionally tasty. They don’t have a single type of cuisine, which means they are versatile and strive to provide tastes that suit you the best.

They strive to appeal to any budget, and their price depends on your date. You can contact them through their website.

Address: 4440 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone: (317) 542-8333

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Contact : Kelly

Since 1987, MBP Catering has managed to maintain a high level of professionalism and great quality of food. They aim for absolute client satisfaction and provide a personalized experience through great food.

MBP Catering’s cuisine is based on classic tastes and amazingly prepared dishes that include steaks, scallops, and mouth-watering chocolate trifles.

You can contact them through Facebook or via their website.

Address: 950 S. White River Parkway West Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46221

Phone: (317) 636-4444

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Contact : Beth

Khan’s Caterers opened in 1998 with a single goal to provide not just good service but the best one possible. They achieve this by creating food with fresh ingredients and ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.

Kahn’s Caterers are exclusive and have a sparkling reputation as one of the best in the state. With their own venue, Montage, which has lake views and gorgeous style for each of its rooms, they are an all-in-one event organizer.

They have versatile menu options, including meat, pasta, and fish, along with vegan and vegetarian options. Their cuisine is innovative and uses the finest ingredients.

They also offer several special occasion packages. Reviews are available on Facebook, and you can contact them through their website.

Address: 8580 Allison Pointe Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: (317) 577-3663

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Contact : Joe

Launched in 2001, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering had some unique clients on its list over the years. They catered to a famous clientele such as Oprah Winfrey and Sean Connery and in remarkable places like Hamptons, Manhattan, and Beverly Hills.

Offering five menu options with amazing ingredients and something for everyone, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is based on a modern French cuisine that retains the classic tastes.

Contact them through their website for more information about their pricing.

Address: 9840 N Michigan Rd, Carmel, IN 46032

Phone: (317) 283-2776

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Contact : Pamela

With almost 20 years of experience behind them, Mills Catering offers creative and straightforward dishes that look good and taste even better.

They have great attention to detail, which allows for perfectly executed service. They are flexible and offer a personalized experience. This means that they will craft a unique menu that suits you and your needs. You can contact them through their website for further information.

Address: 2828 E 55th Place, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Phone: (317) 254-0705

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Contact : Matt

Quality of ingredients, preparation, and presentation are paramount to Nameless Catering Company. They insist on high-quality food and service throughout the event. Feeding up to 6500 people per week, they enjoy every moment of it, and they would love nothing more than to add you and your guests to their list. Their wedding menus include everything you need plus free tasting before the wedding so you can make sure the dishes are perfect.

Nameless Catering is based on a cuisine that offers classic American tastes as well as Mexican flavors. Along with food, they also have a great bar service. You can contact them through Facebook or their website.

Address: 56 S 9th St, Noblesville,Indianapolis, IN 46060

Phone: (317) 344-8449

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Contact : Chad

Opened in 2013 but with a tradition spanning back to 2005, Indy Fresh catered to whooping 100,000 events. They believe quality doesn’t have to mean steep pricing, and with their affordable service and amazing offers, they are correct.

Indy Fresh only cooks delicious food coming to you from an award-winning professional chef. Their menu is customized to your needs and special preferences, but they do have two classic options, Italian food, and Barbecue. For those with specific tastes, they also offer a Chef’s Favorites menu. 

There are two packages, one is for those on a budget, and the other is a deluxe package that includes everything you need. For an exact and quick quote, contact Indy Fresh through their website.

Address: 3047 Lafayette Rd Indianapolis, IN

Phone: (317) 605-1200

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Contact : Amy

Opened in 1986, Sahm’s has over 4 million happy clients behind them and many more to come. They would love to add you to that growing list of happy and well-fed people.

Sahm’s provides catering for both small and large weddings, and they offer a variety of menu options. Plus, they have several buffet options, with international tastes and even pizza catering. Along with food, they have a great beverage service.

They are happy to customize any of their menus to your specific needs and requirements to ensure you are thoroughly satisfied with their food and service. Contact Sahm’s through their website and scroll through their Instagram for amazing photos of food.

Address: 1 American Square, Indianapolis, IN 46282

Phone: (317) 536-1305

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Contact : Shelby

Started in 2000 under a different name, Black Plate Catering was a hit from the get-go. They are a fun team of professionals that will take care of everything with a smile.

Whether you have a big or small wedding, they do it all, and they have their own exclusive venue, the Glossbrenner Mansion, which is elegant and will offer you an incredible wedding experience.

Their cuisine is based on amazing gourmet dishes. Tasty food, lots of personality, and the best quality of food and service are all available in the vibrant team that is Black Plate Catering. Contact them through their website for pricing and additional information.

Address: 2025 E 46th St, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone: (317) 255-8030

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Contact : Keith

Since 1981, Crystal Catering has aimed to provide the best catering service with a knowledgeable and professional team. They see you as a partner, not only a client, which is why they cater to your needs. Crystal Catering offers both catering services and event planning that will take you through every step of the way and ensure the best experience overall.

Their food features the freshest ingredients and is made by the best chefs. Plus, they have several amazing venues for you to choose from. You can contact Crystal Catering through their website.

Address: 6729 Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Phone: (317) 251-2628

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Contact : Miranda

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We know that having this list, all of those amazing caterers all in one place will make your life easier.

So the only thing left is to pick one that suits your needs and your budget the best and let them prepare incredible food for your perfect day.

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