Few aspects of a wedding celebration make the same impression as a wedding dress. Serving as one of the most potent images of a wedding, the wedding dress should be both a personal statement of artistic value as well as a symbol of beauty, elegance, and romance when it comes to the feelings evoked at the wedding ceremony and reception. Since you’ve already put so much of yourself into planning an elaborate wedding celebration, you deserve a wedding dress that makes you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. To find this wedding dress, you’ll need to start evaluating the bridal salons in your area and find a wedding dress among the many, many gowns available for sampling that meets your needs.

To help you expedite that process, we’ve collected this list of the top ten bridal salons in and around Indianapolis, Indiana! When it comes to wedding dress collections, off the rack options, and designer gowns, this list has you covered, ranging in styles, sizes, and shapes to meet any possible specifications that you could have for your wedding dress. We hope this list helps you attain a sense of the kinds of bridal salons available to you in your local area, and we hope you enjoy checking out these potential options!

Sophia’s Bridal and Tux is one of Indianapolis’s premier bridal salons, providing local brides-to-be with some of the most elegant wedding dresses on the market. Appointments with Sophia’s Bridal and Tux can be scheduled in advance of a visit to the showroom, which guarantees prospective brides the services of a devoted stylist on staff, who can guide and provide assistance throughout the process of wedding dress sampling, selection, and purchasing. With over 1,000 dresses on display, Sophia’s Bridal and Tux offers dresses from some of the world’s most admired designers, with a wide array of plus size dress options to meet the needs of brides of all body types. 

Address: 2025 East Southport Road, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Phone: 317-222-5465

Social: Sophia's Bridal and Tux

Contact : Jessica Limeberry

At Brides by Young, brides-to-be can sample some of the most sumptuous, luxurious wedding gowns available from world-class designers. Walk-ins can sometimes be accommodated, but it is highly recommended that appointments be made in advance of a visit to Brides by Young. Sizes of sample gowns at Brides by Young range from 14-34; prices of gowns start at $1,100. Wedding dresses are delivered within four to six months of an order, so it is recommended that gowns be purchased at least eight to twelve months in advance of an upcoming wedding date. Alteration services are not offered in-house, but Brides by Young partners with a local expert seamstress who can attend to any and all dress fixes and adjustments. 

Address: 5252 E 82nd St #202, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: 317-550-1558

Social: Brides by Young

Contact : Young

Marie Gabriel Couture Bridal is a boutique bridal salon based out of Indianapolis, carrying wedding dresses of all shapes, sizes, and styles. While appointments are not absolutely necessary at Marie Gabriel Couture Bridal, they are highly recommended to make sure that all brides have their questions answered and their process guided by a dedicated stylist on staff; appointments last ninety minutes on average. Sample gowns range from sizes 10 to 16. Alterations are available in-house through an “After Service Package,” including everything the wedding dress will need leading up to the wedding date, including storage, alterations, gown bags, and steaming of gown and accessories.

Address: 5252 E 82nd St Suite #201, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: 317-849-3333

Social: Marie Gabriel Couture Bridal

Contact : Young Colling

Sure to impress any bride-to-be, Gretchen’s Bridal Gallery is a charming bridal salon based out of Indianapolis. Gretchen’s Bridal Gallery recommends that purchases of wedding dresses be made well in advance of a forthcoming wedding date, due to the fact that dresses take an average of six months to arrive after a purchase. Appointments must be made in advance of a visit to Gretchen’s Bridal Gallery. Sample sizes come in sizes 2-28, ensuring that brides-to-be of all body types can effortlessly fit into the gowns on display at Gretchen’s Bridal Gallery. Gowns typically start at $1,000, with the average gown costing $1,250; off the rack discounted gowns are available starting at $500, perfect for brides looking to stretch their budget as far as possible. Just next door is Yong’s Alterations, a devoted seamstress service that can attend to all necessary fixes and adjustments.

Address: 5447 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: 317-849-9980

Social: Gretchen's Bridal Gallery

Contact : Gretchen Vierk Reynolds

Nancy’s Bridal Boutique is an Indianapolis-based bridal salon with over 300 elegant wedding gowns in stock. In business for over 25 years, Nancy’s Bridal Boutique is an Indianapolis institution, providing brides with dresses that radiate sophistication and beauty. Appointments should be made in advance of a visit to the showroom at Nancy’s Bridal Boutique, and appointments typically last somewhere from one to two hours. Dresses begin at $1,000 and go up to $6,000. Sample sizes range from sizes 8 to 14, with a plus size section available for sizes 18 to 26. It is recommended by Nancy’s Bridal Boutique that dresses be ordered nine to twelve months in advance of an upcoming wedding date, as dresses typically take six to seven months to arrive after a purchase.  Some rush options are available for an additional charge, and an off the rack variety of dresses is available for purchase, for convenience in both budget and timing.

Address: 3917 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Phone: 317-842-2080

Social: Nancy's Bridal Boutique

Contact : Nancy

With a unique mission to serve clients of all walks of life and an avowed statement of anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and anti-body shaming, Curvy Custom Bride is an ideal choice for brides looking to express their affiliation, gender expression, and identity without fear of shame, judgment, or persecution. Custom dresses made by Curvy Custom Bride start at $1,500, and appointments should be made in advance of a visit to the showroom. Initial appointments are totally complimentary and last ninety minutes, ensuring enough time to address possible concerns and to sample a wide array of dresses. Accessories including sashes, belts, and veils can also be purchased at Curvy Custom Bride.

Address: 1111 E 54th St #138, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Phone: 802-505-0004

Social: Curvy Custom Bride

Contact : Lei

Erin Young Designs is a charming bridal salon located in Indianapolis, with a wide array of services available beyond simply wedding dress displays and sampling. Services offered by Erin Young Designs including wedding dress alterations, veils and accessory purchasing, custom designed dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and vintage bridal redesign. Fabrics for custom dresses range from silks to cottons to lace to ribbons & buttons, among other such materials. For a totally customized approach to wedding dress shopping that eschews the big name designers in favor of local, hand-crafted, carefully curated beauty, check out Erin Young Designs.

Address: 1134 E 54th St Ste E, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Phone: 317-384-1070

Social: Erin Young Designs

Contact : Erin Young

At Blue House Bridal, elegance is the name of the game. Designer dresses range from Jenny Yoo to All Who Wander to Kitty Chen Couture, and so much more. Appointments at Blue House Bridal should be scheduled in advance of a visit to the Indianapolis-based showroom, during which brides can try on some of the trendiest dresses on the market, in styles ranging from boho to classic to modern. Founded in 2011, Blue House Bridal has a decade of experience under their belt in matching prospective brides with the dresses of their dreams, and the team of consultants, stylists, and designers on staff at Blue House Bridal can create a seamless, effortless experience for any bride who patronizes this boutique bridal salon. 

Address: 31 South Rangeline Road, Carmel, IN 46032

Phone: 317-683-3574

Social: Blue House Bridal

Contact : Brittany

Ivry lane Gown & Tuxedo is one of the most sought after bridal salons in Indianapolis, with a gallery of wedding dresses available for sampling that speaks to the elegance and luxury of the upcoming wedding celebration. Appointments at Ivry Lane Gown & Tuxedo should be scheduled in advance of a visit to ensure that one of the stylists can work with the bride-to-be through the wedding dress sampling, selection, and purchasing process. The stylists at Ivry Lane Gown & Tuxedo prioritize comfort above all, meeting their brides-to-be where they are in terms of budget, size, style, and so much more. This creates a fully individualized experience from start to finish, where all needs are met and all concerns are heard. With dresses from some of the world’s greatest designers as well as unmatched customer service, check out Ivry Lane Gown & Tuxedo.

Address: 30 E Main St, Brownsburg, IN 46112

Phone: 317-350-2197

Social: Ivry Lane Gown & Tuxedo

Contact : Synthia Nance

For wedding dresses that are as elegant as they are affordable, check out The Wedding Studio for any and all wedding dress needs. The standard price range for gowns at The Wedding Studiom is $1,000 to $6,000, with most gowns falling between $1,800 and $3,500. Walk-ins can usually be accommodated at The Wedding Studio, but to guarantee the help and guidance of one of the consultants on staff, appointments can be made in advance of a visit. Appointments with The Wedding Studio last up to ninety minutes. Sample sizes range from size 10 to 30, with most between 10 and 14; over 100 plus size gowns are on display in sizes 16 to 34, fitting brides of all body types. Though alterations are not offered in-house at The Wedding Studio, the team can refer brides to a local tailor who can attend to any fixes or adjustments necessary in a timely fashion.

Address: 997 E County Line Rd Suite AA, Greenwood, IN 46143

Phone: 317-743-8000

Social: The Wedding Studio

Contact : Adrienne Love

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When it comes to wedding dresses, this list of the top ten bridal salons in and around Indianapolis, Indiana has you covered! With any style, size, or price that you might require, these bridal salons are well stocked with the fanciest, most elegant, most sophisticated, and most beautiful wedding dresses available for purchase. With your wedding date quickly approaching and so many aspects of the wedding planning process to which you must think about attending, there’s no time like the present to reach out to a few of these bridal salons with which you felt some kind of connection or attraction. Feel free to schedule an appointment, or two, or three, and see if any of the wedding dresses that you sample might be a good fit for your personal stylistic preferences and your budget. With these incredible options available to you, we’re confident that you’ll find the wedding dress you’ve been imagining for yourself in no time. We hope that this list served as a prompt for you to evaluate what you’re looking for and has armed you with the intel and confidence to go out and find it! 

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