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Price Range $2900 - $6000


I am fascinated by the places around me and how I can tell stories with the people in front of me. I’m a Los Angeles based Wedding Photographer.

Photography has a magical way of preserving our memories, allowing us to hold onto moments that would otherwise be lost. Your wedding day will be filled with wonderful, fleeting moments around all of the people you treasure the most. It is my passion to tell your story in an artful, authentic and cinematic way.

Vendor Profile - Teri B


I am based in Los Angeles but photograph weddings all over California and around the world. In many cases, I create special quotes for destination weddings since traveling is my favorite thing. It never hurts to ask!
I have two Canon bodies but use my Leica M the most. I sometimes shoot on film and use a vintage Canon AE-1 Program I bought on ebay.
My turnaround time is typically 3-4 weeks, depending on my schedule.
As an artist, I actually love shooting at a brand new location. There is so much to discover and I get really inspired by new spaces. If your venue is local to LA or SF I am happy to do a walkthrough if this makes you feel better.
Being in front of the camera is really strange and it's natural to feel this way! I work with my couples and subjects to do everything I can to make the shoot or wedding day feel fun and relaxed. I give light direction and try to make everything feel natural. A engagement session usually helps with breaking down this barrier :)


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