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Thank you for being here. My name is Jason Kaczorowski and I am more than just a Chicago Wedding Photographer.

I am a memory purveyor and an experience creator who believes that memories are our most treasured possessions.

My superpower is capturing the most powerful moments of your life and transforming them into works of art.

My style is an artistic approach of modern photojournalism and timeless portraiture.

I carve bold, dynamic lighting to shape striking, cinematic images that bleed emotion.

Our team delivers sophisticated wedding photography that is far from the ordinary.

The pride we take in catering to our client’s refined taste is what has consistently earned us the title of Best Wedding Photographers in Chicago.

I invite you to discover the types of commanding photos that we would love to create for you!

The most popular place to begin is our Wedding and Engagement portfolios. Enjoy our latest and greatest Wedding and Engagement highlights, discover the questions on everybody’s minds in my Frequently Asked Questions section or simply contact me so we can create time to get to know each other and explore your wedding together.

Vendor Profile - Jason Kaczorowski

You have discerning taste. You see the world differently. You know what stands out.

Shouldn’t the memories from the most important day of your life mirror your personality and merit your distinct taste?

Tell me more about you, your love and your wedding and I will show you how my photography will provide the power to transport you back in time and help you experience and relive all the exciting events and emotional moments from the most incredible day of your life!


With the diversity of cultural aspects of each wedding and the variance in each event's unique timeline, wedding size, number of family members participating in portraits and differing level of décor and details to capture, it’s always best to cave time to connect so we can explore your wedding and tailor your day together. I believe each wedding deserves a minimum of 6 hours of coverage which is what I begin each event with.
Both my team and I always carry two cameras, multiple lenses and multiple forms of lighting in case any of our equipment were to ever fail or become stolen at a wedding. Our professional cameras are equipped with two memory card slots which shoot dual back-up for redundancy in case one of our cards were to ever fail or become corrupt while we are photographing your event.
I provide the highest security for your wedding photos. Your Digital Files are always captured in lossless RAW format using cameras which employ two memory card slots so in case one of our cards fails during a wedding, we always have a back-up card of your data. As soon as I return from your wedding, I immediately back-up your files to two external hard drives in addition to creating a 1:1 ratio catalog of your full resolution images in Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud. Finally, once your RAW image files have been processed and exported as JPEG files, they are uploaded to the Cloud.
• Our team will wear protective masks throughout your wedding. Because of the nature of COVID-19, we want to protect you and your guests on the off chance that I or a member of my team could be carrying the virus while asymptomatic at your event. • We will sanitizing our equipment throughout the day, as well as taking frequent breaks to wash our hands in between your timeline of events. • Provided dancing is permitted (based on current health mandates), we will be photographing from the perimeter of your dance floor, utilizing a longer focal length to compensate, in order to keep a safe distance from your guests. • If I or a member of my team becomes ill and/or we are forced to quarantine ourselves, I will allocate an equally amazing photographer to capture your day during any unexpected absence. Jason Kaczorowski Photography is fortunate to have multiple incredibly talented, healthy assistant second photographers should the need arise to quarantine oneself from your event.
Baby don’t hurt me… Don’t hurt me… No more.


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