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Meet Heidi + Chad

We are a husband and wife team, specializing in weddings, portraits, and boudoir photography, and we believe in helping you tell your story.

Heidi is an artist, a storyteller, and a hopeless romantic. Being a part of the art community has always been important to her. She enjoys traveling, personal photography projects, watching movies, and of course spending time with her husband.

Chad is also an artist, drummer, and musical mastermind. Chad has had several records produced both independently and with his band. He spends a great deal of time working on his latest project, a 91 Chevy Beauville, which he and his wife plan on converting to a camper van for their many travels.

We are not only photographers of the Midwest, but love to travel to locations all over the world for various projects. We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships with our clients and delivering quality service with great attention to detail.

We are always inspired by the human interactions and connections going on around us. We take pictures of beautiful moments so that they are always available for us to revisit. Behind every photograph, there is a story, and photography is truly the greatest way we know how to portray these wonderful tales.

You are creating the memories, we are creating the photographs.

Vendor Profile - Heidi Schoeffler

Heidi Schoeffler


Of course! There is a lot that goes in to planning a wedding and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you and also make sure you are getting the exact coverage and items you are looking for.
Yes! We believe that your engagement session is a great way for us to get to know each other and make your wedding day go even smoother. We will know what to say that gets you laughing, what you are comfortable with, and more of your story.
Yes, I do! Every image that you receive has been hand-edited with great attention to detail. I have my own personal style that I apply to each of your images in order to deliver a custom product specifically for you.
I do not as I have chosen to specialize in photography to give you the very best of this specific art form. I do however know many amazing videographers in the two main states I photograph weddings in, Kansas and Arkansas, that I would be happy to provide recommendations.
I provide a "print release" and not a copyright release. There is a difference. A print release allows you to make prints at various places (which I have recommendations for high quality prints) and items like this. That's not the same as obtaining the copyright. Copyright simply means that I am the creator of the images, and I own the copyright. Selling or obtaining the copyright is not possible, but you will have the ability to print and share as much as you would like.


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