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What do nearly 30 years in the service industry and 10+ years in photography get you? Connection. Trust. Emotion. Real, genuine, unaltered feeling. Exposure. Vulnerability. And not necessarily in that order. Mix these all together with some strategy, and you get a fresh, fun storytelling photographic concoction created by me, Darrin Hackney.

What makes me a fun photographer? My background and my personality. I’ve always had a keen eye, particularly in the art of people watching from behind the bar. The restaurant and bar industry taught me how to feel the emotion of the moments surrounding me. In a weird crazy way, the bar business prepared me to photograph weddings. On your wedding day, we mostly fly by the seat of our pants, hitting special markers along the way like a bride walking down the aisle, to getting the party started while riding a party bus to eventually being surrounded by a group of people that have been drinking all night. I’m never rattled by your crazy friends!

Those real moments are now felt and captured by the people in front of my lens – feeling the love from a look between a man and woman, the way he holds and kisses her or the excitement and spark in the eyes of a professional for a headshot. My unique sense for capturing the spirit of the moment sets me apart.

I learned how to understand and comfort clients at some of the happiest, surprised or even sad moments in their life. The “big day” or any essential milestones can be some of the most vulnerable or stressful times for anyone – let alone in front of a camera. I earn trust to relax my clients before a shoot, shaking the jitters away to reveal those genuine emotions in an artistic, strategic storytelling photo.

My clients not only feel at ease with me, but I also have an uncanny ability to capture the energy and beauty of most of my subjects. Every photo consistently tells a detailed, emotional, vibrant story – without one word used.

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