10 Questions with Dr. Makayla Saramosing

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Officiant - Dr. Makayla Saramosing

10 Questions with Dr. Makayla Saramosing

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Greetings to Everyone!

My name is Dr. Makayla Saramosing, and I am a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City with Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC. Our other officiants and I happily officiate marriage ceremonies all over Oklahoma. For many, many years, our experienced team has been helping couples have wonderful experiences getting married and making the most of their extra special day. Why is your wedding so incredibly important to us?

We started officiating all types of wedding ceremonies many years ago, because marriage is such an important life event in two people's lives. Indeed, a good start to a marriage affects a lot of family members and friends as well, so it is imperative that it goes really well. This is why Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC offers optional premarital counseling, as it gives a nice $45 discount off of the marriage license and, more importantly, offers great insight, advice and counsel prior to getting married in the first place.

Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC offers a great deal of packages, from simple signings for people who want something small, quick and simple to much larger packages with rehearsals, ceremony enhancements, and much, much more. We also offer all kinds of wedding ceremonies (i.e., different faiths or agnostic/atheist, LGBTQIA+, etc.) that should suit everyone's needs. All of our wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are extremely flexible, knowledgeable and helpful.

Most or all of our wedding officiants in Oklahoma are also married, so we also offer helpful advice and counsel during many of the wedding ceremonies, because many persons seeking to get married have little or no experience with it. Marriage is such an important event in the lives of those who choose to get married, and it can be so great and at times very, very difficult. We know this is true, because most or all of us have been married for many, many years and know exactly what it takes to be happily and successfully married.

Dr. Makayla Saramosing (I), for example, was first licensed to marry people in 2005, and I have married thousands of couples in Oklahoma over the years. I really love to see people smile and be happy, and I am so far the only combined transgender and lesbian wedding officiant in Oklahoma! So, I am very open and tolerant to issues of age, race, gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, nationality, gender and so on. Many couples choose me and the others with Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC, specifically because we are so open, tolerant and understanding.

Please contact Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC today at (405) 696-6450, and we will be more than happy to help officiate your wedding ceremony for you. We will help you make this extra special milestone super special. :)

2. What's your experience as a wedding officiant? How many weddings have your officiated?

My personal experiences with officiating wedding ceremonies are as diverse as the couples I have had the opportunity to marry. I have helped couples with a wide variety of different needs and desires, and the other officiants in Oklahoma with Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC have helped people of a wide variety of genders, ages, ethnicities, ages, religious beliefs/non-beliefs, genders, sexualities, and so on. We do our best to take cultural considerations into account, and we do not judge the couples we are helping. Every couple is in a different place and has special needs they need us to help meet, and our flexibility helps us do this.

Over the years, the other officiants and I with Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC have been blessed with the opportunity to marry thousands of couples in Oklahoma and elsewhere. The marriage license clerks at the local courthouses know us very well, so when you mention our names to them, most of them already know who they are and smile knowingly.

One couple I officiated a wedding ceremony for was atheist, and I told them that I am, too. They wanted to have a ceremony with the "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" theme, so instead of saying, "Amen" at the end we said, "Ramen" and wore spaghetti bowls on our heads. We all had a wonderful and memorable time.

Another couple I assisted with a wedding ceremony a few years ago had a 20-year age difference between them. They said they chose me, because I am transgender and lesbian, and they thought I would be more understanding of their decision. Well, they were right! I sure was! As long as they were both of the legal age to get married, it was totally their choice and their lives. Indeed, my own wifey and I have a 21 year, 3 months and 3 week-age difference between she and I. Judging others is so lame!

We also have a lot of transgender wedding couples choose us, because all of our officiants are so open and understanding, and most or all of us are LGBTQIA+, too. Indeed, I, Dr. Makayla Saramosing, am transgender and lesbian, so they know I will not judge them. They were always extremely happy with our services, so that made us extra happy as well. :)

We could list a *ton* of these kinds of happy wedding stories, so if you ever want to know any additional details, please just feel free to ask us! :)

3. How far in advance do couples need to secure your services?

The sooner couples can book their wedding ceremonies, the better. Why? It is because we are very well-known and popular, and some of our wedding clients book their wedding ceremonies with us at least a year or more in advance. The spring, summer and autumn seasons are the busiest, so we take the full payment at the time you book your wedding ceremony date to reserve that specific date and time.

Do not worry though! At Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC, we totally understand that sometimes things come up and the couple might need to change their date and time. As long as we still have enough slots open to fill your need and you provide us with some advance notice, we try to remain flexible in assisting you make your wedding ceremony an extra special event! :)

4. How would you describe your officiant style?

All of the styles of our wonderful wedding officiants in Oklahoma with Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC vary, but I am the sweet, playful yet professional, outgoing, charismatic, flexible, accepting, patient type. This is one reason so many couples want me to officiate their wedding ceremonies: Because I LOVE to see the SMILES on their faces!

When officiating a wedding ceremony, we usually cover several basic things:

1) Introduction & Asking for Objections

2) First Set of Vow Exchanges - These Can be Traditional Vows or Personalized Ones

3) Second Set of Vow Exchanges, With Correspond with the Ring Exchange

4) Wedding Ceremony Enhancements, if Any

5) Advice to the Couple

6) Pronouncement as Spouse & Spouse

7) Presentation of the Happily Married Couple

This is just a general guideline, however. We can always add or delete certain sections, in order to meet the needs of the wedding couple. :)

5. What are your fees for officiating a wedding?

Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC offers multiple packages, in order to ensure that we meet the widely diverse needs of our extensive wedding clientele.

Simple Signing Package - $78.75:

This is the simplest, least expensive and fastest method of getting married. This package is only $78.75, and the couple goes and gets their wedding license for an additional $50 ($5 if they have their premarital counseling certificate) and brings it and their two witnesses to the designated location of one of our wedding officiants in Oklahoma. There are no vows with this package, and the couple signs the marriage license in front of the marriage officiant and their two adult witnesses, and then the officiant also signs off on it as well. Then the couple brings the marriage license back to the courthouse via mail or in person and gets certified copies for legal reasons.

Courthouse Ceremony Package - $135.45 - Monday - Friday, 10:00 am-3:00 pm Special:

This package is the cheapest, quickest and least expensive ($135.45) marriage ceremony package that Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC offers. The couple hires the wedding officiant in advance, and then the couple, the couple's witnesses and the wedding officiant in Oklahoma go meet at a local courthouse at the designated time and date. For expediency purposes, the couple getting married will also want to get their marriage license prior to the officiant's arrival for an additional $50 or $5 with a premarital counseling certificate. The couple, witnesses and the officiant then hold the ceremony somewhere at the courthouse and signs the license thereafter, and then the couple turns the license back in to the courthouse and gets their certified copies.

Elopement Ceremony Package - $207.90:

This special package is designed for couples who require more flexibility with the day of the week, time and location of their wedding ceremony. This ceremony package is meant for weddings with 20 people or less, but it can be done anywhere in the metro on any day or time. For a a extra fee, it can also be done in other more remote locations. This wedding ceremony package is quicker and still pretty inexpensive. It also comes with free pictures and and a free video from the officiant's cell phone, if desired.

The wedding couple pays the fee in advance. Then they get their marriage license in advance at the courthouse for $50 or $5 with a premarital counseling certificate and subsequently meets with their guests and the officiant in Oklahoma on the designated date and time. Once everything is completed, the couple signs the marriage license and turns it back in to the courthouse by mail or in person and gets their certified copies. If the couple needs help with location ideas, the wedding officiant in OKC can help suggest some locations or might even offer his/her/their own residence as a venue.

Wedding Ceremony Package: - $288.75:

The wedding ceremony package has all of the benefits of the "Elopement Ceremony Package," plus it comes with extra benefits! This package is meant for larger wedding ceremonies that require more time and effort. This package allows for even more consultation time, optional premarital counseling that lowers the cost of the wedding license itself, one free wedding ceremony enhancement (handfasting, unity candle ceremony, unity sand ceremony, unity wine ceremony, etc.), and the officiant will return the marriage license to the courthouse in person on behalf of the couple, if desired. As mentioned earlier, it also comes with all of the other benefits of the "Elopement Ceremony Package," and though it costs a bit more it is really comprehensive and nice.

Wedding Ceremony + Rehearsal Package - 393.75:

This ceremony package is basically the same as the "Wedding Ceremony Package," except for the fact that it comes with a rehearsal added onto it as well. A rehearsal can be extremely helpful in practicing and making sure that a wedding ceremony goes smoother and flows better on the actual date and time. The marriage officiant can easily address procedures and questions during the rehearsal time, too.

Premarital Counseling $25 for Wedding Couples or $25/Hour a-la-carte for Non-Ceremony/Signing Couples:

Unfortunately, premarital counseling is not mandatory in the State of Oklahoma, so couples that get married are not required to have it before getting their marriage license here in Oklahoma. However, many people seeking to get married do not think it out very well in advance, and they rush into it or are too toxic and unhealthy to be getting married at the present time. Premarital counseling can help offer a more objective look into what marriage really is, the well-being of the couple, and what it takes to stay successfully married for life. There is also the added benefit of a $45 reduction in the cost of the wedding license itself. :)

Photography & Videography:

Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City & Wedding Ceremonies in OKC offers a lot of different packages for photography and videography, and it depends on the size of the event and whether the couple only wants photos, only wants videography, or wants both photography and videography. Our professional photographers will be more than happy to discuss all pricing and package options with the couple in advance. :)

6. What do you wear when you officiate a wedding?

The clothing our officiants can vary, depending on the needs of the couple and the officiant himself/herself/themselves. Most times Dr. Makayla Saramosing wears a white surplus and a purple or blue stole, but couples have also asked for casual clothing styles, country clothing wear, or even costumes! Clothing always matches the needs of the couple. :)

7. How many pre-wedding sessions will the couple need to have with you?

This varies with the needs of the couple, the package size selected, the complexity of the wedding ceremony, etc. Couples can always meet with the marriage officiants in Oklahoma both before and after booking their wedding ceremony. Sometimes couples like to meet in person in advance, and at other times they only wish to meet over the phone or via Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc. Many couples already know our high reputation, so they do not have many questions about our officiants themselves.

Regardless, if there are ever any questions or concerns, our wedding officiants are always happy to discuss things in person, over the phone, via SKYPE, Facetime, Zoom or via text message, etc. We know that getting married can be both a very stressful and exciting time for many couples, and there can be a lot of questions and anxiety. :)

8. Will you be able to create a personalized ceremony?

Absolutely! There are few days in life that are all about a certain individual.

- Birthday

- Baptism/Special Religious Day (if religious)

- Wedding Day

- Date of Death

Wedding days certainly fall into this category, so it is imperative to make the most of it! Hopefully every person will only have one such date in their lives. Our wedding officiants work super hard to make this day work well for the individuals involved, tailoring the ceremony itself to fit the needs of the individuals. Some of the specialties we offer are as follow:

- Ceremony Enhancements (i.e., handfastings, unity candle ceremonies, unity wine ceremonies, unity sand ceremonies, etc.)

- Traditional vs. Personalized Vows

- Religious or Non-religious Requirements

- Optional Premarital Counseling

- Special Attire Worn

- Special Location

- Use of Our Professional Photographers & Videographers

- The Addition or Deletion of Certain Ceremony Parts

- Bringing Guests in to Watch Via Zoon, SKYPE, Facetime, etc.

- And Much, Much More!

This extra special day is all about the couples themselves, so we try to be extra flexible! Need a special arrangement or accommodation? Please feel free to ask us! :)

9. Are you available to travel if needed?

Our ability to travel depends on the day, time, scheduling and location of the ceremony itself. Weddings that are booked well in advance usually have a higher chance of getting an officiant to travel to the location, compared with last-minute events. The busiest seasons like spring and summer have the lowest chances of travel, but if done in advance we might be able to work something out to help you. Over the years, we have gone to some pretty remote locations, because we realise that sometimes there just isn't anyone nearby to marry you . . . or sometimes there is someone there, but they are too bigoted and uneducated to be willing to marry and LGBTQIA+ couple. :(No worries though! That is what we are here for. :)

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

We do not generally offer refunds, because we book up really quickly and save your date and time where we could have booked someone else. Under some circumstances, however, we have been known to issue refunds because of the Covid-19 pandemic, etc. Most times we offer credits and allow the couple to reschedule their wedding and move the date/time/location.



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