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Inquiries section of your Vendor Dashboard


If you are partnered with us with our Pay Per Lead advertising program, your vendor dashboard has a section called “Inquiries”. As the name suggests, the “Inquiries” section of your vendor dashboard lists details of all email inquiries that your storefront / vendor profile page has received via our platform. The “Inquiries” section of your vendor dashboard also allows you to ‘mark the quality of lead’ received  via our platform. There are 3 categories an email lead can be marked as: A) Good B) Average and C) Spam. If you mark an email lead as spam, you will not be charged for that lead. We only charge you for leads marked as Good, Average or unmarked leads. Below is a step by step guide to help you mark the quality of your leads via your vendor dashboard:


Step 1: Login to your vendor dashboard


Login Link: WRLOGIN.COM wr-dashboard-login  


Step 2: Click on the “Inquiries” section of your dashboard




Step 3: Click on the ‘+’ sign


Find the inquiry that you would like to rate and click on the blue ‘+’ located right next to their row as shown in the screenshot below: wr-dashboard-inquiries-section-view-details


Step 4: Click on “View & Rate” button


Clicking on the ‘+’ sign as mentioned in the previous step will expand the row showing more details for that particular inquiry. You also be able to see a blue button called “View & Rate” as shown in the screenshot below. Please click on “View & Rate. wr-dashboard-inquiries-section-view-and-rate  


Step 5: Mark the quality of the lead


Clicking on the “View & Rate” button will take you to the details page for the inquiry showing you all details for that particular inquiry. Scrolling down the page you you’ll find a dropdown titled “Quality of Lead” which will allow you to select from 3 options: “Good”, “Average” or “Spam”. Please mark an inquiry spam only when you receive a spam or very poor quality inquiry with fake details mentions. The internet is a strange world and we all get unwanted spam emails every now and then. Marking spam qualities accordingly via your vendor dashboard ensures that you do not get charged for the spam inquiries.  



Please email us on [email protected] and our team would love to help you!

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