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Vendor Dashboard Walkthrough

If your free listing has been created, this page will provide you with all the information you need to add more information to your vendor listing which will not only help our readers to learn more about your wedding business but the more information that you add in the different sections of your vendor dashboard account, the more exposure it will get via our network of websites.

The first step is to login to your vendor dashboard account.

Login to your vendor dashboard

If you’ve created your vendor account yourself or if our team has created your account for you and emailed you the login details, you can sign in and make changes to your listing at any time by going to WRLOGIN.COM

If your vendor account is not yet created, you can create your account here and list your business for free on WeddingRule.

Below is a step by step walk-through of the different sections of the Vendor Dashboard.

Vendor Dashboard

The Vendor Dashboard has the following sections:

  • Dashboard
  • Edit Profile
  • Manage Listing
  • FAQs
  • Checklist
  • Change Password


Once logged in, the first screen you’ll see in your vendor account is your “Dashboard”. The dashboard simply shows you some basic stats of the number of profile views, couple inquiries received etc.

If you are using a desktop or a table device, the option on the left in the black side-bar will allow you to navigate through the different sections of the dashboard.

If you are on a mobile device, you’ll find these navigation options in the main menu as shown in the screenshot below:

Edit Profile

The “edit profile” section of the vendor account will allow you to add your contact details such as your first name, last name, phone number etc. You can also add links to your Facebook, Instagram and other social media business profile pages.

Manage Listing

Click on the “Manage Listing” section of the Vendor Dashboard to update details on your vendor listing such as add new photos, update your address etc.

Click on the “Manage Listing” section will show you a screen like the one shown in the screenshot below:

Click on the blue button will allow you to edit your vendor listing.

Clicking on the blue button will then take you to the “edit listing” section which will then allow you to make changes to your listing.

In this section, add/update your business details such as your business name, a description text describing your business, your address and images to be added to you listing’s gallery etc.


Click on the FAQs tab to view the FAQs section of the vendor account

The FAQs section will allow you to add up to 5 frequently asked questions and their answers. Common questions that couples usually have are regarding prices, availability, package offerings and inclusions etc.

We highly recommend completing this section this it highly increases the reach of your listing in our network of websites.


Click on the “Checklist” tab of your vendor account to view the checklist section.

The checklist section will allow you keep track of the most important things to be added to your profile to ensure that your profile is fully activated and gets maximum reach and exposure in our network of websites.

Change Password

Click on the “Change Password” tab of your vendor account to view the Change Password section.

In this section, simply type in your old password, set a new password and click on the “change password” button to set your new password.

Login to your Vendor Account and start updating your vendor listing now.

Don’t have a vendor account yet? Sign up now, it’s free!