Are you planning a wedding in the Virginia Beach area? One of the most important parts of planning your big day is finding the perfect videographer to help you capture your precious memories.

No two couples are exactly alike, and each couple has different needs and requirements from their vendors. To help make sure you have a host of quality options available to choose from, we have curated a list of the top 10 wedding videographers in the city.

From aerial drone footage to artfully crafted montages that will bring the day back like it was yesterday, these businesses offer everything that you could ever dream of.

For your big day, you don’t want to worry about the details. That’s why you hire a professional videography team to handle all of your needs for your wedding day. In operation since 2017, Whitecaps Films is a small, female-owned small business in the Virginia Beach area. Mel and her team will work with you to craft the perfect video of your wedding. 

Specializing in high-soaring visuals and dynamic storytelling, your special day will be shot and edited by a professional team who love what they do, and it shows. With four different wedding packages to choose from, the team will work with you to choose the best option for your budget. 

The team is full of dedicated professionals committed to helping you make your special day even better with a story that you will want to watch repeatedly. You can visit their social media feeds to see some of their work.

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: 757-639-3066

Social: Whitecaps Film

Profile: Whitecaps Film

Contact : Mel

When choosing a wedding videographer, you want someone that will listen to your needs and understand how important this day is. Lloyd and Laura of Lloyd & Laura Weddings, are committed to ensuring that your special day will be truly unforgettable with the help of your wedding video.

They work with you to help you choose the right options, so you get the most out of your wedding. You can include any of the many additional features they offer to make your video even more memorable.

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: 757-384-0305

Social: Lloyd & Laura Weddings

Profile: Lloyd & Laura Weddings

Contact : Lloyd & Laura

Since 2008, Justin Gibby of Gibby Visuals has worked in the Virginia Beach area shooting high-end weddings for locals, celebrities, and athletes. He loves working with couples and making their special day even more special. His team’s passion comes from helping couples be their best on a day that can fly by in a blink of an eye. They love to shoot weddings and are always thrilled to have a chance to help couples memorialize their big day. 

He and his team will craft a heartfelt video of your wedding day that you will want to watch over and over again for years to come. 

Address: 2697 International Parkway, Suite #190-4 Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: 757-932-0220

Social: Gibby Visuals

Profile: Gibby Visuals

Contact : Justin Gibby

Delta Studio Productions offers multiple packages for couples to choose from and a plethora of options. This dedicated team of professionals is committed to helping you create the perfect video of your wedding day. 

With years of experience shooting and working with new couples embarking on their future, the experienced staff at DSP work with you to put together the perfect package. With their help, you can include not only your ceremony and reception in your video but also the moments in which you get ready for your big day and the other lead-up moments to your wedding. 

No matter your needs, the team at Delta Studio Productions will capture your day for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

Address: North Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Phone: 757-214-4344

Social: Delta Studio Productions

Profile: Delta Studio Productions

Contact : Delta

Devin Spencer Videography is a Virginia based multimedia company that specializes in a rich, authentic cinematic style. They focus on bringing forward the emotions and beauty of your special day so that every time you view the video, you will be transported back to your wedding.

Since 2016, owner and lead videographer Devin has wowed couples with his modern approach to crafting elegant stories that highlight your wedding day’s beauty and pageantry. Every moment will be professionally recorded for you to enjoy for years to come using the latest technology, from drone footage to multi-camera coverage of the ceremony and reception. 

With four packages to choose from, Devin Spencer Videography is here to help turn your elegant wedding into memories that you will share over a lifetime.

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Social: Devin Spencer Videography

Profile: Devin Spencer Videography

Contact : Devin

Brandon Mitchell of Brandon Mitchell Films has a passion for storytelling. He loves to create beautiful wedding memories for his clients, and understands just how important having a videographer present during your big day can be. 

He has a cinematic approach to videography, and offers several packages for you to choose from. His packages include the option for multiple cameras, so you are sure to catch every moment. You can also go beyond just covering the wedding day to include coverage of the engagement and the rehearsal dinner. 

You will love Brandon’s commitment to making your experience as memorable as possible. He loves to have fun and will be around to help you celebrate in every way possible. For a truly cinematic experience, let Brandon Mitchell Films capture your special day.

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Social: Brandon Mitchell Films

Profile: Brandon Mitchell Films

Interview: 10 Questions with Brandon Mitchell Films

Contact : Brandon Mitchell

Abe and Isaac started Picture Perfect Media with one goal in mind – to make art come alive. With over thirty years of combined experience, they are skilled at creating an unforgettable cinematic experience that you will watch repeatedly. 

Their professional and engaging manner helps ease the bride & groom, as they know that they are in good hands. Each package includes two cinematographers to capture your event with the option of adding a third camera so that every possible angle is covered, enhancing your day beyond anything you could have imagined. 

These two award-winning cinematographers know all of the best spots around Virginia Beach if you’re looking for additional videography. You will be in good hands with Picture Perfect Media.

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: 757-618-4989

Social: Picture Perfect Media

Profile: Picture Perfect Media

Contact : Abe & Isaac

Jonathan Chowthi started Iris Gaze Productions right out of film school and has been going strong ever since. His passion for beautifully crafted videos makes his wedding videos a masterpiece you will enjoy every anniversary. 

With over six years of experience filming and crafting beautiful wedding videos, Jonathan will work with you through the entire process to make sure all of your dreams come true. You are guaranteed a worry-free experience with Jonathan.

Let Irig Gaze Productions capture your special day, and you will have memories to view over and over again for years to come.

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: 757-447-7168

Social: Iris Gaze Productions

Profile: Iris Gaze Productions

Interview: 10 Questions with Iris Gaze Productions

Contact : Jonathan Chowthi

Brad Daniels started Ebb & Flow Films in 2015 to showcase his love for crafting beautiful videos and help Virginia Beach couples capture their wedding day. His professional and friendly demeanor and vast experience will make working with Brad a delight.

His dedication to helping couples film their wedding day no matter the budget is clear from the first moment you speak. His desire to capture the beauty, story, and emotion comes through in the finished product that you will cherish forever. 

When you are ready to pick one of the top videographers in the Virginia Beach area, choose Ebb & Flow Films to help capture your day. 

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: 757-291-1842

Social: Ebb & Flow Films

Profile: Ebb & Flow Films

Contact : Brad Daniels

Vizink Weddings uses elegance, a unique style, and several years of experience creating beautiful wedding videos to capture every moment of your wedding day. Their passion for crafting elegant videos that fit any budget will show when you sit down and watch your memorable day. 

With a variety of packages available, the dedicated team at Viz Ink will work tirelessly with you to make sure every special moment is preserved. Go beyond just the day and let Marcus and his team capture the rehearsal dinner or craft an emotional ‘how we met’ video to show at the reception. You can even livestream the event for those who cannot attend. 

Let Marcus and Viz Ink Weddings create a masterpiece that you and your family will enjoy forever.

Address: Chesapeake, VA

Phone: 757-324-2005

Social: Vizink Weddings

Profile: Vizink Weddings

Contact : Marcus Johnson

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When planning your wedding, you want the best for your taste, style, and budget. Take you time and talk with several videographers before making a final decision and don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is an important moment that you want to cherish for a lifetime and you want to work with the right videographer for you. Good luck, happy wedding and happy future!

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