Dhalia is not alone but has a whole troop of girls helping her out in terms of makeup and hair. They specialize in creating the perfect wedding look for the brides, and for doing that, they employ a unique feature; they meet the bride and try out her dream look on her before the wedding to ensure that she gets the perfect look she is looking for in her marriage. You can entrust Dhalia and her team with your hair and makeup on your wedding day.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 1553 Bradford Road Suite 203 Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Phone: 757-748-9172

Social: Dhalia Edwards Makeup

Profile: Dhalia Edwards Makeup

Contact : Dhalia Edwards

Each of the stylists at Hair We Are Salon offers an average of 15 years of experience, so you know you are in good hands. They offer both makeup and hairstyling services, and their makeup looks are designed to help bring out your natural beauty. They have a very affordable rate of service that can be accessed by all. They provide the services at your location as well as in their studio. Their artists are very talented, and their clients are delighted with their service, which is evident from their website.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 829 Lynnhaven Parkway Suite 108, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: 757-498-9868

Social: Hair We Are Salon

Profile: Hair We Are Salon

Contact : Jane Pryor

If you want to get your makeup and hair done by a professional who is also an award winner, then Kim Porter must be your choice. She excels in hair and makeup, and weddings are her specialties. She is a competent artist with 20 years of experience. Kim offers premium services to her clients with luxury, high-end products for the best finish. You must book your date ahead of time to get her services reserved.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: 757-761-5287

Social: Makeup by Kim Porter

Profile: Makeup by Kim Porter

Contact : Kim Porter

Vega aims at leaving everyone who sees you on your wedding day speechless. Her makeovers are stunning, and she is known for coordinating with the brides to bring the best out of them. She is famous for her neutral nude looks, as well as her dramatic and bold looks. You can discuss and reference any look that you want for your big day, and she is sure to ace them all.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 3425 Dandelion Cres Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Phone: 757-276-6169

Social: Makeup By Vega

Profile: Makeup By Vega

Contact : Carly Vega

SB makeup artistry is owned by Sydney, who wants every bride to feel beautiful inside out, and she puts in all of her efforts in making you feel special. Her forte is wedding makeup, and she uses a lot of unique techniques to make the makeup stand out. Sydney’s expertise in silicone-based makeup, airbrush makeup, and ensuring the makeup is long-lasting is absolutely certain, so you can dance out the night without the need for a touch up; she also takes care of the weather by adjusting the makeup accordingly.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: 757-401-5269

Social: SB Makeup Artistry

Profile: SB Makeup Artistry

Contact : Sydney

Laura Nadeau, the woman behind Lo & Co. Makeup Artists, is known for her makeup and hairstyling services. She does not settle for just lovely or good – she always takes the extra mile to get what her client wants. Lo has made 400 brides days and always looks forward to working with more brides, and she will do her best to make their wedding day the best, with the best possible hair and makeup. Numerous magazines have featured Laura’s works, and you can see samples of her work in her magazine and her social media handles.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 336 Legato Circle Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Phone: 757-744-2157

Social: Lo & Co. Makeup Artists

Profile: Lo & Co. Makeup Artists

Contact : Laura Nadeau

You can get your complete package here. The bridal package offers makeup, hair styling, bridesmaid’s makeup, all in one. They also offer on-site services, as well as group discounts for brides with a large team of bridesmaids. You can also go for separate makeup services if you are on a budget; your one-stop solution is Salon @3st day Spa.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 213 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone: 757-233-2631

Social: Salon@31st Day Spa

Profile: Salon@31st Day Spa

Contact : Kim Torsiello

If you do not have a particular look on your mind, then Jenifer has got the solution for you. You can consult with Jenifer, and she will suggest the look that will go best with your skin-tone. However, if you have a detailed look in mind, then Jenifer will help you achieve that too. She aces in bridal makeup and airbrush makeup, which makes your skin look flawless. Among the products she uses to style her bride are MAC, Chanel, Dior, and many more high-end products that give the best finish.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: 630-935-2303

Social: Artistry by Jennifer Lee Johnson

Profile: Artistry by Jennifer Lee Johnson

Contact : Jennifer

Kristen tries to channel the bride’s inner beauty by expressing it on her face. If you are bold, she will push for a bold look and make you feel who you indeed are, to feel comfortable and relaxed on the big day of your life. Kristen works on your face’s unique features to accentuate them and hides the little imperfections to make you comfortable and shining. Her hairstyles are also according to your hair and hair length, and if you want longer hair at your wedding, then extensions are used to modify their size and make the hairstyle look best.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: 757-404-7973

Social: Unveiled On-Site Beauty

Profile: Unveiled On-Site Beauty

Contact : Kristen Bacon

If you are looking for a luxurious makeover specialist, then look no further. Salon Vivace uses all the high-end products for their makeup and hairstyling service, which allows the brides to feel unique and royal on her wedding day. You can check out their website gallery to see their transformations. Salon Vivace is known for its traditional makeover, and its fusion and creative looks for a wedding.  You can also purchase their 12 weeks bride program to glow from inside.

Portfolio: Check out their portfolio

Address: 2228 Virginia Beach Blvd #103, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Phone: 757-463-1231

Social: Salon Vivace

Profile: Salon Vivace

Contact : Salon Vivace Team

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Some girls hire a professional only once in their entire lives for doing hair and makeup, and that is on their wedding day. Thus it is the eternal duty of an artist to uphold their day. The artists listed over here are living testimonials of their capability, and Brides, they will not let you down.

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