Hiring your wedding planner is one of the most critical decisions when thinking about your special day. Your wedding planner needs to be a person you feel comfortable talking to, listens and internalizes your concerns, and understands your vision.

They are problem solvers and are meant to take the stress away so that you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and spending time with your guests who have traveled to celebrate with you. A wedding planner will also ensure that no detail goes amiss and may be able to save you money by keeping to a budget.

The award-winning team at Rafanelli Events has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and even named one of the US’s top wedding planners by Harper’s Bazaar. They have led the concept and design for numerous celebrity weddings and state dinners and continue to ensure every wedding is centered around their clients’ needs. They understand that this is your day, your dream, and your time to shine. Let them help embrace and surpass the visions you have of your dream wedding. From the engagement party to the rehearsal dinner and the big day itself, they will be on hand for as much or as little as you require.

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Address: 867 Boylston Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 888-593-1220

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Contact : Bryan Rafanelli

Mandy Connor and her team of wedding professionals aim to make every one of their weddings authentic down to each detail. They want to focus on ensuring your wedding day is about you and what makes you tick, rather than sticking to specific packages or bridal trends. Their weddings are uniquely personalized, and their creativity flows through from the stationary to the flowers to the décor. Whether you are in the early stages of planning or need some last-minute assistance to maintain your sanity, they can step in and help you dream up something amazing together.

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Address: 213 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 609-234-1075

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Contact : Mandy Connor

You can trust the professional team at EFD Creative to bring the very best design and planning to your wedding day to ensure a seamless celebration that you and all of your loved ones will fondly recall for decades to come. These nationally recognized wedding and event planners have been featured in various publications, including Brides Boston and Boston Wedding Magazine and numerous online blogs. EFD Creative is a full-service wedding planner; however, they also have mini packages if you need assistance with specific elements such as budget planning, venue recommendation, timeline development, or day of ceremony and reception assistance.

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Address: South End, Boston, MA 02118

Phone: 978-857-0762

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Contact : Kasie Donoghue

Marrero Events is a highly acclaimed and award-winning wedding planning firm featured in many print and online publications. You can expect personalized service and meticulous event management as they know all of the very best vendors in the Boston area, and their stunning reputation will open plenty of doors. Whether you intend to have an intimate ceremony or a full-blown party with hundreds of guests, they will be there to make it all run smoothly. Destination weddings throughout New England are their specialties.

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Address: Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 978-304-0773

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Contact : Paula Marrero

Since 2008, Joe Rogers and his team have been designing, planning, primping, and doing everything else needed to make wedding days not only run smoothly but fabulously. There are no rules with Contagious Events and no specific vendors you need to be tied to, so your creativity is limitless. Whether you need a full-on wedding planning service or just the help on the actual day, they can help make it happen. If you are a couple looking for an inspired team that will step it up a notch and surprise your guests, then certainly give these guys a call.

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Address: 134 Beach Street, Suite 1, Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617-910-0745

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Contact : Joe Rogers

Whim Events is a full-service wedding planning service that believes in collaboration to inspire magical moments on your wedding day that are uniquely you. Their services include design, floral creation, and production for a simplified approach explicitly tailored to your vision. Tell them about your priorities, what you couldn’t live without on your big day, and what makes you smile (or cringe). Together you can develop the perfect timeline and budget to make sure your design concept is on point and create an incredible and memorable celebration of your love.

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Address: 24 Roland Street, Boston, MA 02129

Phone: 617-413-9735

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Contact : Natalie Pinney

AJ Williams and her team have been in the wedding industry for more than a quarter-century. Their creativity and expertise are unparalleled from concept to when you say ‘I do’ and into your wedding celebration. Chat with them about your personalities, tastes, likes, and dislikes, and the overall mood you envision for your wedding day. They will be there to hold your hand, avert any crisis that arises and offer unconditional support throughout the planning process. Expect a collaborator that will listen to your wishes and design a dream wedding that is all you could have imagined.

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Address: 75 Newbury Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 617-267-2244

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Contact : AJ Williams

Janie Haas founded the company in 2003 but has been in the event business for over forty years and still absolutely loves the process. She and her team of professionals can custom design and coordinate all of the details for your wedding day with meticulous attention to detail. They will work with you on your preferences and budget and help guide you on making the most out of every aspect of your day.  They can then concentrate your budget on the things that matter the most to you and your guests. Janie Haas events have won numerous awards for their immaculate service and look forward to working with you on your big day.

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Address: Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 978-725-5956

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Elegant Aura Events is built on a foundation of love and devotion for planning inspirational weddings and events that are flawless by design. Liz Quill and her team focus on the design and logistical elements of your big day and have various packages available depending on your needs. Whether you are looking for a trusted team to make all of the arrangements where you have minimal input or simply require some additional organizational assistance, they are there to help and create a tailored day just for you.

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Address: 118 Huntington Ave Suite 1405, Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 774-571-8327

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Contact : Liz Quill

Wedding planning and coordination with personalized service has been the mantra of Kelly Elizabeth Events for over ten years and counting. They have assisted with hundreds of weddings and bring the same passion and expertise to each couple and their special day. They can offer full-service wedding planning where every detail and logistical hurdles are attended to with care. Alternatively, they have packages that specialize in design, décor, and styling so that your vision can come to life right down to the set up on your day. If you find yourself in over your head at the last minute, they also have services where they take over in the final weeks to ensure everything runs smoothly and stress-free.

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Address: 92 Saint Botolph St. Boston, MA 02116

Phone: 617-932-2332

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Contact : Kelly Soule


There are a wide range of services on offer when it comes to wedding planners, and just like a best friend or a mom, you could never pinpoint their expertise to only one element. They will be there in your time of need to help destress and be there to share in your joy and delight when you finalize your wedding details. Chat with some of the vendors on our list and pick a wedding planner who really gets you.