Disc Jockey Boston is a premium wedding entertainment company run by DJ Omari, one of the industry’s top names.

DJ Omari has years-of-experience performing in both private events, corporate events, and on bigger stages. His style is unique, as he specializes in a mixture of different genres. This is perfectly suited for events like weddings because the guests are likely to have varying music tastes. He knows how to keep everybody on their feet in an uplifting environment.

Apart from various DJ packages, Disc Jockey Boston also offers uplighting, photo booths, and other add-ons. The add-ons include moving headlights, dance floor lighting, extra sounds, and a projected monogram.

Address: 172 St Botolph St. Boston, MA 02115

Phone: (617) 319-9393

Social: Disc Jockey Boston

Profile: Disc Jockey Boston

Contact : Omari Hayles

Epic Entertainment Boston has a team of high-class DJs that offer a mix of various genres to ensure that no guest at your party remains un-entertained. Overall, these DJs specialize in creating an environment full of energy!

Their team includes some of the top names in Boston, including DJ Sheldon (the owner), DJ Obie, DJ Jonathan, and DJ Renzo. Apart from that, Epic Entertainment Boston also provides photo booth and lighting services to spice up your wedding party further. To get a quote, you contact the company via their business website or give them a call.

Address: 20 Blackman Rd, Canton, MA 02021

Phone: (781) 267-3443

Social: Epic Entertainment Boston

Profile: Epic Entertainment Boston

Contact : Sheldon

With more than 15 years of wedding DJ experience, Baltazar Entertainment has hosted hundreds of big events in Boston and other regions. This company has a highly versatile team of wedding DJs that will pull off a performance based on your personality and style. 

Whether you are looking for elegant and formal music for the reception, or energy inducing EDM session, Baltazar Entertainment has your back! This versatility has made Baltazar Entertainment a popular choice among couples in Boston, MA.

Their wedding DJ package includes a specialized DJ with a vast selection of music, a photo booth, and uplights. For add-ons and additional services, you can request a quote via their business website or phone.

Address: 4 Nutmeg Lane, South Easton, MA 02375

Phone: (617) 843-3866

Social: Baltazar Entertainment

Profile: Baltazar Entertainment

Contact : Baltazar

DJs of Boston is one of the most active wedding DJ services in the Boston, MA area. This company features highly seasoned DJs, including DJ Taylor, DJ Chris, DJ Anthony, DJ Bobak, DJ Ben, and DJ Erikson.

All these DJs carry years of experience performing at weddings throughout Boston and beyond. They also specialize in many different genres and hence, are well-suited for a diverse audience. To find out more about DJs of Boston, reach out to them via phone or their business website today.

Address: 745 Atlantic Ave Boston, MA, US 02111

Phone: (617) 237-0858

Social: DJs of Boston

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Interview: 10 Questions with DJs of Boston

Contact : Bobak

Eduardo Alves is one of the most well-esteemed DJs in Boston, MA. Now, he operates his Wedding DJ services under the name of Eduardo Alves Events. He specializes in wedding ceremonies and other private events and also offers a photo booth service.

To find out more about Eduardo Alves Events, visit their website, where you can find their diverse portfolio. With that, their Instagram account is pretty active also.

Address: 59B Prospect Street, Milford, Massachusetts 01757

Phone: (774) 573-4952

Social: Eduardo Alves Events

Profile: Eduardo Alves Events

Contact : Eduardo Alves

Jacob Sound Entertainment is a leading wedding entertainment service that operates in Boston and surrounding areas and is run by DJ Jacob. Apart from DJ services, Jacob Sound Entertainment also provides talented string musicians for wedding ceremonies.

Overall, this service is highly specialized for weddings and other formal events. They also offer a photo booth with plenty of colorful props, animated gifs, custom logos, and backdrops. To get custom quotes for your wedding, you can contact this service via the official website and phone.

Address: Boston, MA

Phone: (617) 710-3110

Social: Jacob Sound Entertainment

Profile: Jacob Sound Entertainment

Contact : Jacob

Frank Pietroski, also known as Frank the DJ, has been performing at weddings for the last 30 years. He has covered over 1000 events, along with 300 weddings. He also has 15 years of experience working on-air on the radio.

He provides a highly customized DJ service for your big day. No matter where you’re holding your wedding – from your backyard to a hotel – he’s always there to make sure you can party the night away. His extensive experience means that he has an unmatched music collection from various genres, making him highly suited for a diverse wedding audience.

Address: 395 Circuit St, Norwell, MA 02061

Phone: (617) 680-7063

Social: Frank The DJ

Profile: Frank The DJ

Interview: 10 Questions with Frank The DJ

Contact : Frank Pietroski

EventSmith Boston is one of the most active DJ services in Boston. This is a modern service that uses the best DJ equipment to deliver a seamless music experience.

They specialize in a wide range of events such as weddings, micro-weddings, social events, and corporate events. They also offer virtual events via live audio-video via Facebook, Zoom, or a private streaming link.

These tech-savvy DJs are highly experienced and can surely pump your wedding jams up! Along with DJ service, they also offer colorful and attractive photo booth add-ons.

Address: Boston, MA

Phone: (857) 540-5353

Social: EventSmith Boston

Profile: EventSmith Boston

Contact : Brian Smith

Eros Booth offers a highly versatile DJ service covering various styles. This service is fully customized, based on the couple’s preferences and the theme of the wedding.

Unlike other services, their DJs simply do not plug a USB stick and hit play. Instead, they are real turntablist DJs who know what they are doing. These DJs transition from one song to the other seamlessly, which keeps the guests hooked up. Without any abrupt breaks, your guests are certainly going to stay on their feet! Overall, Eros Booth DJs are professionals who have been rocking weddings for many years. Other than DJs, Eros Booth also offers lighting design and photo booth services for weddings.

Address: Boston, MA

Phone: (617) 501-5622

Social: Eros Booth

Profile: Eros Booth

Contact : Shawn Stacks

For the Latin couples in the Boston, MA area, the Boston Latin DJs service is perhaps the best choice. These LGBTQ friendly DJs specialize in Latin-American weddings and Quinceañera, with a highly relevant music collection.

To check a demo of their music and what they can offer, just head to their website. There, you can find their diverse portfolio along with testimonials from past clients. Overall, ‘Boston Latin DJs’ is a fully customized Latin American music service. These DJs know how to pump a Latin American wedding up!

Address: Boston, MA

Phone: (617) 970-2253

Social: Boston Latin DJs

Profile: Boston Latin DJs

Contact : Willie

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If you are getting married soon, you would want to look for a talented DJ in Boston. If you’re looking to hire a DJ service, this list features some of the best options in Boston.

When hiring a DJ, make sure to communicate your needs and requirements properly and check their portfolio. Also, never hesitate to ask for music samples.

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