Planning for your wedding can be extremely exciting with the thought of the result – joining your lives together as one.

What most people don’t count on is the sheer amount of things to plan for, especially if you’re having a large wedding. The planning process can quickly become overwhelming if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for in a vendor.

Check out the top 25 wedding photographers in San Antonio with all of the information you’ll need to find someone incredible that works with your style and budget.

Carolina Lima Photography is an excellent pick for couples who want all their special moments to be photographed at their best. They have been providing their services in and around Texas for years and are also available to travel worldwide. Carolina is well-known for creating realistic, meaningful, emotional, and timeless wedding day pictures. She is passionate about capturing all details of your big day and documenting them correctly to build a box of life-long memories. Her fantastic wedding photography work has been featured in several publications, including BRIDES, Rachel Ray Magazine, The Knot, and Martha Stewart Weddings. For other details, consider contacting Carolina.

Address: San Antonio, TX

Phone: (910) 853-1291

Social: Caroline Lima Photography

Profile: Caroline Lima Photography

Contact : Caroline Lima

Bluefire Photography is run by Kristin, a San Antonio-based photographer who has been photographing special moments since 2002. She loves photographing weddings, as is also available for engagement photoshoots.

Wedding packages start at $1400, with a minimum of 6 hours of wedding coverage and over 400 images guaranteed. If necessary, she can also provide a second photographer at an hourly rate. For couples planning intimate, micro weddings, she also offers specialized packages starting at $450 for a minimum of 1 hour of wedding coverage, consultation and planning assistance, at least 75 edited and airbrushed images, and more.

Address: San Antonio, TX,

Phone: (210) 878-9001

Social: Bluefire Photography

Contact : Kristin Blue

David Pezzat Photographers is a San Antonio-based business that specializes in local as well as destination weddings. David Pezzat is an award-winning photographer who started practicing photography when he was just 16. His exclusive work has been featured in many well-known publications, such as The Knot, Project Wedding, Wedding Wire, Maxwell Brides Magazine, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, and The Valley Wedding Pages. Hire David and let him create artistic and unique photographs that can reflect connection, emotions, and feelings.

Address: San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 414-2382

Social: David Pezzat Photographers

Profile: David Pezzat Photographers

Contact : David

Located in San Antonio, Justin Brownell Modern Wedding Photography is a service known for documenting the big day with a photojournalistic and innovative approach. Justin, the owner & professional photographer, believes that every love story is unique; that’s why he considers capturing every wedding ceremony in a unique style. With over 5 years of experience in this industry, he can easily document your big day and add creativity to it. Browse their portfolio to see their work quality or consider talking to Justin for any query.

Address: Based In San Antonio, TX

Phone: (512) 789-5206

Social: Justin Brownell Photography

Profile: Justin Brownell Photography

Contact : Justin

Marvin Anthony Photography LLC delivers wedding and portraits photography services in San Antonio. They are one of the well-known photographers in the region, working continuously to meet couples’ expectations for their big day. Marvin is a passionate photographer who strives to use a customized approach to create mesmerizing photos that you can cherish for life. He is very professional and personable. Talk to Marvin, discuss your specific expectations, and let him make a customized package for you.

Address: 1333 Buena Vista St, San Antonio, TX 78207

Phone: (210) 900-0096

Social: Marvin Anthony Wedding Photography

Profile: Marvin Anthony Wedding Photography

Contact : Marvin

Sun Gold Photography is owned and operated by Damian and Paula Williams. This husband and wife photography team is passionate about capturing the love between couples through stunning imagery. Damian and Paula have more than a decade of experience in the wedding industry and offer a unique experience for each couple. Sun Gold Photography offers a ‘Month of Coordination’ package to help with every aspect of wedding planning. This service comes with a wedding coordinator, timeline preparation, meetings, walkthroughs, and vendor confirmations. Sun Gold Photography will be an excellent choice if you’re searching for a one-stop-shop for all of your wedding day needs.

Style: Photojournalism and Contemporary

Price: Prices Start At 2,000

Address: 626 Calhoun Dr, New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone:  (830) 609-9018

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Sun Gold Photography

Contact : Damian

Philip Thomas Photography is an award-winning photography service with domestic and international experience. Philip Thomas is well-known for his ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and unobtrusive photography style. He does his best to stay behind the scenes to capture every candid moment of your special day. Philip takes a limited amount of weddings every year to give clients a fantastic experience. Clients praise Philip for his unique style, professionalism, and artistic ability. He would be an excellent choice for couples in search of a skilled photographer with the ability to photograph your wedding while staying behind the scenes.

Style: Photojournalism

Price: Prices Start At $3,000

Address: San Antonio, TX

Phone:  (210) 833-1168

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Philip Thomas Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Philip Thomas Photography

Contact : Philip Thomas

Vintage Photography Fine Art Wedding Photographer is a Texas-based destination photographer. Began in 2010, they strive to shoot from the heart and keep photos beautiful, simple, and timeless. The team is committed to clicking clean black and whites and soft and colorful pictures that are completely free from distractions. They work patiently to capture every moment of your big day in style, letting you make the most out of it. 

Address: San Antonio, TX

Phone: 956-295-9178

Social: Vintage Photography Fine Art

Profile: Vintage Photography Fine Art

Contact : Yvette

Daniel W Torres Photography is a dedicated team of professional photographers in San Antonio, Texas. Daniel W. Torres, the owner & experienced photographer, takes his knowledge and inspirations of art, love, and beauty and mixes them with his exceptional photography style. Daniel has been working in this field for years and knows how to click unique and creative photographs. He can definitely help you capture your big day and document it into forever images. Talk to Daniel for more details on his services and pricing.

Address: 1036 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78210

Phone: (210) 472-2088

Social: Daniel W Torres Photography

Profile: Daniel W Torres Photography

Contact : Daniel Torres

Moments & Milestones is a name famous for delivering creative photography services in and around San Antonio. With years of industry experience, they have built a proven and consistent process and follow it whenever they take a new wedding photography project. The team firstly talks to you to know your vision and then makes a plan to click personality-driven, creative pictures that genuinely describe your unique love story. Hire Moments & Milestones and get ready to relive the magic of your big day through wedding pictures that will last a lifetime.

Address: 11230 West Ave Ste 2110, San Antonio, TX 78213

Phone: (210) 973-6640

Social: Moments & Milestones

Profile: Moments & Milestones

Contact : Derek

Chris is a professional documentary wedding photographer, inspired to step into the photography industry after his interests in nature, art, traveling, and different cultures. He has a unique way of documenting special moments and producing incredible photos. Chris has captured hundreds of weddings across the globe in his 10 years of career. He follows a wedding photojournalism style, and their standard time of delivering wedding pictures is 10 weeks after the event date.

Address: San Antonio TX 78213

Phone: (210) 860-6356

Social: Christian Margain Photography

Profile: Christian Margain Photography

Contact : Christian Margain

Jodi opened Jodi Daniel Photography to bring her passion to life. Her photography approach is natural, and she tries her best to click as fun and candid shots as possible. Whether it’s portrait photos or a wedding day shoot, she tries her best to make every couple feel comfortable clicking raw pictures. Jodi talks to her couples several times to understand what kind of photos they want. If you hire her, she will interact with all your other vendors to provide you with a seamless experience, followed by delivering classic and timeless wedding photos.

Address: San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 381-4065

Social: Jodi Daniel Photography

Profile: Jodi Daniel Photography

Contact : Jodi Daniel

Onelife Wedding & Portrait Photography is an award-winning, prominent wedding photography business in San Antonio, Texas. The team aims to capture natural expressions and candid moments of couples. They work closely with every couple to help them accomplish the end goal. The professional photographers of Onelife use their skills and push their boundaries to provide you with results that you can treasure and enjoy with your family, friends, or coming generations. Browse their website to select a wedding photography package that meets your specific desires.

Address: San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 764-9578

Social: Onelife Weddings & Portraits

Profile: Onelife Weddings & Portraits

Contact : Pete

Established in 2004, Darkroomfoto is another trusted wedding photography service. They can document your special memories in a natural, traditional, contemporary, and photojournalistic style. Kat Carey, the owner of this business, has more than 15 years of experience in professional photography. She operates this photography business with the help of her husband, Mike. Both of them have been shooting wedding events for years and are committed to making couples feel special by giving them exceptional services. Check out their business website for more details.

Address: 1100 Broadway #310, San Antonio, TX 78215

Phone: (210) 748-2982

Social: Darkroomfoto

Profile: Darkroomfoto

Contact : Kat Carey

Julia Corinne Photo is a trusted wedding & portrait photographer, serving the San Antonio area for the past few years. Julia can help you capture the real laughter, the genuine emotions, and the absolute tear so that you can relive those special moments every time you see your wedding album. For wedding photography details and availability, go to the contact form now. They accept limited weddings each year; therefore, call them directly to make your reservation now.

Address: San Antonio, TX

Social: Julia Corinne Photo

Profile: Julia Corinne Photo

Contact : Julia Corinne

With a background in Fine Art photography, Aiessa has been photographing weddings for a long time. She has the natural ability to make couples and guests feel comfortable to click candid and precise shots. With her patience and sense of humor, Aiessa gives her best to make the photography process a blast. No matter your photography requirements, they charge you on a per hour basis, with $225 for 1 photographer and $325 for 2 photographers. Moreover, the final bill depends on your needs and desires.

Address: San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 316-4772

Social: Aiessa Ammeter

Profile: Aiessa Ammeter

Contact : Aiessa Ammeter

Dos Kiwis Wedding Photography and Studio is a San Antonio-based portrait studio. After capturing more than 750 weddings successfully, they have become a premier wedding studio in the city. The team can capture your love story uniquely, from engagement pictures to the big day photographs. Both David and Dane are award-winning wedding photographers, capturing unforgettable wedding moments for more than 18 years. They believe that your wedding day is worth remembering; therefore, their photographers ensure to capture every moment and detail from beginning to end. 

Address: 1112 West Ave San Antonio TX 78201 United States

Phone: (210) 735-5555

Social: Dos Kiwis Wedding Photography and Studio

Profile: Dos Kiwis Wedding Photography and Studio

Contact : Dane

Derek Copenhaver Photography is a traveling photography and cinematography service based in San Antonio with six years of experience in the wedding industry. Derek aims to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and show who you are. Capturing candid images is Derek’s specialty. He believes photographs should elicit emotions and showcase your love for each other. Derek Copenhaver offers affordable pricing packages for photography and cinematography that are sure to please every couple. This photographer is a fantastic option for couples in search of photographs and video of their wedding day.

Style: Photojournalism and Film

Price: Prices Start At $2,495

Address: San Antonio, TX 78299

Phone:  (210) 393-0859

Social:  Instagram

Contact : Derek

Michelle Jones, of Michelle Jones Photography, has been professionally photographing weddings since 2008. This professional wedding photographer in San Antonio takes a limited number of weddings to ensure each couple gets the attention they deserve for such a momentous occasion. Michelle is passionate about capturing every raw and candid moment of your wedding day. There are three different wedding packages to choose from that include two photographers, a USB drive of every image, and an online gallery. Michelle also offers additional options that can be added to your wedding packages, such as rehearsal dinner coverage, portrait sessions, albums, and canvas prints.

Style: Natural and Photojournalism

Price: Prices Start At $3,499

Address: San Antonio, TX 78247

Phone:  (210) 482-0632

Social:  Instagram

Profile: Michelle Jones Photography

Contact : Michelle Jones

Bend The Light Photography has been in operation since 2007 and specializes in capturing every special moment of your wedding day. Kaylinn and Jenn are the photographers behind the camera lens. They realize people often feel uncomfortable with being photographed and aim to help you overcome those feelings. These ladies offer authentic photography that showcases who you are. Bend The Light Photography has two affordable wedding packages to choose from that include options for intimate or large celebrations. Both packages include an online gallery that allows you to download every edited image.

Style: Photojournalism and Natural

Price: Prices Start At $2,450

Address: San Antonio, San Antonio TX 78251

Phone:  (210) 373-4447

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Bend The Light Photography

Contact : Kaylinn

Chrystina Straughan, of Straughan Photography, is an award-winning photographer with a degree in photographic craftsmanship. Chrystina and her team offer free consultations to help learn more about your style and needs in a wedding photographer. She is passionate about capturing your love story with classic and candid images. Clients praise Straughan Photography for their professionalism, talent, and work ethic. Chrystina strives to give you images that elicit emotions and bring you back to your wedding day when you look at them.

Style: Photojournalism and Contemporary

Price: Prices Start At $2,800

Address: 3517 Columbia, Cibolo, TX 78108

Phone:  (210) 445-9837

Social:  Facebook

Contact : Chrystina Straughan

Allison Jeffers Wedding Photography is owned and operated by Allison Jeffers. She has over seven years of photography experience in the wedding industry and has photographed more than 150 weddings. Allison enjoys getting to know her clients to give them an incredible photography experience that creates memorable images. Telling your love story through photographs helps you relive every moment of your wedding day. Allison offers customizable wedding packages that always include two photographers, engagement or bridal session, High-resolution digital images, and digital downloads.

Style: Photojournalism, Natural, and Traditional

Price: Prices Start At $4,800 for Allison’s Services and $2,800 For Associate Photographers

Address: Kerrville, Texas, Kerrville, TX 78028

Phone:  (830) 377-2222

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Allison Jeffers Wedding Photography

Contact : Allison Jeffers

Monica Roberts, of Monica Roberts Photography, aims to capture your love story and beauty through stunning natural light. She describes herself as outgoing, fun, and energetic, with an innate ability to help clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. Monica offers affordable wedding packages to suit every couple’s style and budget. She uses a variety of photography styles to give you the photographs you desire. Clients praise Monica for her professionalism, incredible images, experience, and friendly nature. Monica Roberts Photography would be a superb choice for couples who need help feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Traditional, and Contemporary

Price: Prices Start At $3,000

Address: 18771 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, TX

Phone:  (856) 278-1310

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Monica Roberts Photography

Contact : Monica Roberts

Jackie Nemeth, of Eyeronic Love, has six years of experience in the wedding industry. She’s photographed more than 60 weddings and offers a quick turnaround for her beautiful images. Jackie specializes in eye-catching and timeless imagery that captures who you are as a couple. Eyeronic Love has three wedding packages to choose from – The Elopement Package, The Digital Age Package, and The Classic Package. The Classic Package is the most extensive and comes with full wedding day coverage, retouched images on an engraved USB drive, printing rights, a one-hour engagement, and bridal session, a custom wedding album, 100 4×6 prints, and 20 8×10 prints.

Style: Photojournalism and Natural

Price: Prices Start At $2,800

Address: 3422 Butterleigh, San Antonio, TX

Phone:  (210) 854-4386

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Eyeronic Love

Contact : Jackie

Jenny King, of Jenny King Photography, enjoys using various photography styles to capture stunning natural photographs that showcase who you are. Jenny prides herself on her organization, professionalism, and ability to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She offers affordable and customizable pricing packages that include eight hours of wedding coverage, an engagement photoshoot, digital files, and high-resolution images. Jenny is available for local and destination weddings. Clients praise Jenny for her ability to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera and going above and beyond what’s required.

Style: Photojournalism, Vintage, Traditional, and Contemporary

Price: Contact For A Quote

Address: 118 N Main St. Suite D, Victoria, TX

Phone:  (361) 772-0278

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Jenny King Photography

Contact : Jenny

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San Antonio is a beautiful city with a rich history. It offers plenty of breathtaking locations for wedding photography. When choosing a wedding photographer, it’s always best to read reviews and set up a consultation to see if they are a good fit. You’ll want to relive each moment of your wedding day for years to come. A photographer with the right skills will make the process seem simple and fun. Each of these professional wedding photographers in San Antonio offers packages to suit every style and budget.


Top 5 Wedding Photography LOCATIONS in San Antonio

With its wealth of colonial architecture and unique southwest culture, San Antonio has no shortage of breathtaking historic scenery and colorful vistas. When it comes to choosing a wedding photography location in San Antonio, it may be hard to pick between historic, urban or natural locations.

We’ve chosen our Top Five Wedding Photography Locations in San Antonio to make it a little easier for you to decide.


1. The San Antonio Riverwalk

The San Antonio Riverwalk

Along the banks of the San Antonio River, which meanders through downtown, the Riverwalk spans fifteen miles and includes a plethora of perfect backdrops for your wedding photography. From colorful umbrellas outside the many cafes to spectacular architecture, there are a ton of unique locations at the Riverwalk that are perfect for wedding photography, not to mention the serene natural scenery of the river itself.

Location Style: Urban, Riverside

Social: The San Antonio Riverwalk

Address: 849 E. Commerce Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205


2. Market Square

Market Square

Established in the 1700s, Market Square has been serving Mexican food and culture literally for centuries. With colorful banners and brightly painted buildings, this is a perfect location for couples who’d like a pop of color in their wedding photos. With entertainment and street vendors, you never know just what might greet you at the market, but one thing’s for sure: this is a great place for fun and lively photos.

Location Style: Historic Mexican Cultural Site

Social: Market Square

Address: 514 W Commerce St San Antonio, TX, US 78207


3. Blue Star Arts Complex

Blue Star Arts Complex

The industrial vibes of the Blue Star Art Complex give a distinctly urban feel when used as a wedding photography location. The eclectic collection of buildings in the complex offer a wide variety of colors, textures and styles to serve as photo backdrops, so there’s something fitting for every couple.

Location Style: Urban

Social: Blue Star Arts Complex

Address: 1420 S Alamo St, Ste 117 San Antonio, TX, US 78210


4. Phil Hardberger Park

Phil Hardberger Park

With over 300 acres of sustainable natural park space, Phil Hardberger Park is a fitting setting for couples looking for a more natural wedding photography location. There are romantic benches under sweeping tree branches, plenty of flowers and greenery as far as the eye can see, and it’s located right inside San Antonio.

Location Style: Natural, Park, Garden

Social: Phil Hardberger Park

Address: 8400 NW Military Hwy. & 13203 Blanco Road. San Antonio, TX, US 78231


5. The Pearl

With both historic buildings and modern urban architecture, the Pearl district has many picturesque spots and hidden corners for romantic wedding photos. There are also a selection of cafes and bakeries for a snack during your photo session – and some cute cafe photos, of course! The Hotel Emma is also on-site at the Pearl and showcases breathtaking architecture and vintage finishings, perfect for couples who’d like a little old-world charm in their wedding photos.


As you can see from this list, you may not need to choose between San Antonio’s many different types of wedding photo locations, because most of these options offer more than one building or area that’s perfect for photography. Whether you’re dreaming of somewhere bright and colorful or somewhere secluded and romantic, the result is sure to be wedding photographs in true San Antonio style.

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