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There’s nothing more love worthy than a classic wedding photo. That is until you take that classic, traditional feel and fuse it with contemporary style and technique. We are Kelly and Matt Pierce and we are storytellers who believe in the fusion of traditional and contemporary wedding photography. Not every single picture needs to go on Instagram. Some pictures are better off left as heirlooms and cherished in that classic way. This is where that fusion–that intersection comes together. Elegant, vibrant, and touching. Warming, soothing, and comforting. Our photography is there through every walk of life and beyond, capturing the essence of love. When love is all you have left, we preserve the memory that you’ll cling to. Let us create magical memories of your traditionally contemporary love story.

Vendor Profile - Kelly Pierce

Kelly Pierce

Discover Route Three Productions, San Antonio's premier family photography service. Specializing in capturing timeless memories, our skilled photographers blend creativity with expertise to create stunning, heartwarming family portraits. Whether it's a casual outdoor session or a grand family gathering, we personalize each shoot to reflect your unique story. Choose Route Three Productions for unforgettable family photos that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

We are renowned in San Antonio and across Texas and boast an impressive portfolio of over 500 weddings. As experienced photographers excel in diverse settings, ensuring every couple's unique story is beautifully captured. With a deep love for San Antonio and South Texas, we've honed our craft in various landscapes, reflecting the region's rich heritage in our photography. Our nationwide experience adds a versatile edge, making us adept at adapting to any wedding scenario. Choose us for wedding photography that combines local charm with national expertise, perfectly encapsulating your special day.


Standard Memories


  • 12 Hours
  • Raw Photos: 300+
  • No. of Prints: 5
  • No. of Photographers: 2
  • Delivery in: 1 to 12 Weeks
  • Delivery Mode: USB, Print, Dropbox, Online Gallery
  • Album Included: Yes
  • Pre-Wedding Consultation
  • Wedding magazines for guests
  • Engagement Session
  • Multiple Photographers
  • Full-Day Coverage
  • Photo Editing and Retouching
  • Large Number of Images
  • Printed Albums and Prints
  • Photobooth or Additional Sessions
  • Rights to Images

Basic Package


  • 4 Hours
  • Raw Photos: 200+
  • No. of Photographers: 1
  • Delivery in: 3 to 12 Weeks
  • Delivery Mode: Google-drive, Online Gallery
  • 2 Photographers for 4 Hours
  • Limited Number Of Images
  • Standard Turnaround Time
  • Additional Services Available


The answer is real simple: Expertise and quality. Matt is a recognized photojournalist and former field producer for a major news outlet. He is also an educator, teaching photojournalism and photography. He's won awards for his documentary work. Kelly is an experienced project manager and is an accomplished photographer in her own right. As a team, we work hand in hand to capture a full story that represents your special moments in the best possible way. You'll be working with two truly experienced professionals who are recognized to be at the top of the industry.
Unfortunately we don't "just take a few pictures," like some photographers will. When you work with us we are devoting a full-day to you and your wedding experience. Both of us are there with each of you documenting and creating special moments.
The short answer is "no." The reason is because we are professionals and we've been down this road before. In general, Kelly will be with the bridal party and Matt goes with the groom's party. We also stand at two different locations during the ceremony to capture things from different angles without being intrusive or too noticeable. We also work together keeping things organized and orderly throughout your wedding day. Experience has taught us that working as a cohesive unit just makes things flow better and you'll thank us for in the end.
The short answer is because Matt is an experienced and well-connected photojournalist. He knows how to work with people and has a well-established book of contacts that get you access to many locations that are often hard to gain access to for a private photo session. There can, at times be additional costs associated with the locations for things such as permits, but where there is a will there is a way. Think big and bold! Helicopters, airplanes, exclusive locations--even underground! You'd be shocked at the ideas we can help you come up with and then execute!
While many of our clients do allow us to use their name, image and likeness for self-promotion, many do not--and we respect that. However, our couples are often athletes, corporate managers, affluent individuals who require privacy. They range from music industry professionals and entertainers, professionals and school teacher. We serve a vast lineup of couples and we are proud to show you some of our featured work in a private setting.



1 Review for Route Three Productions

  • Kenny W
    Kenny W wrote a review June 23, 2023
    Solid Crew

    Exceptional on every single level. Professional and very knowledgable. Every single aspect of their work is the best quality and we could not have bee...n more pleased. Great work! Outstanding people!

    Date of wedding: 05-07-2023

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