Your wedding day is sure to be one of the most impactful days of your life. Planning for your wedding can often become overwhelming if you can’t find vendors that fit into your budget, style, beliefs, and traditions.

A wedding officiant is, perhaps, one of the most critical choices you’ll make. An experienced officiant will make your wedding day truly incredible.

Here is a list of the top 10 wedding officiants in Chicago, Illinois, to help you find someone exceptional who is qualified to include all of your beliefs and traditions into your ceremony.

Officiant Jane, of Fab Weddings, is an award-winning officiant, author, and international speaker with years of experience in providing fabulous wedding ceremonies to couples of all faiths and cultures. She helps to create lasting relationships and excellent services that showcase your commitment to each other. Jill offers ‘Get Acquainted’ meetings to learn about your style preferences, religious or non-religious preferences, and interfaith options. Your wedding ceremony will be personalized entirely to your chosen options. Jane is offering excellent discounts for 2020 in her Basic, Mid-Range, and Premium wedding packages.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Civil. Cultural and Interfaith

Price: Prices Start At $ $350 

Address: 747 Fabulous Lane, Chicago, IL 60634

Phone:  (847) 363-6364

Instagram:  Fab Weddings

Wedding Officiant : Officiant Jane

Jill Brown, of Chicago Choice Ceremonies by Jill Brown, works primarily with non-denominational, non-religious, and LGBTQ couples searching for a ceremony that showcases their commitment to one another. Jill is passionate about her services and strives to create traditions that celebrate the merging of your lives. This wedding officiant in Chicago will work with you to create an incredible service filled with readings and essential stories. Jill offers complimentary consultations to ensure she’s a good fit for your needs. She realizes that no two weddings are alike and designs customized services for each couple.

Officiant Style: Non-Religious, LGBTQ, Interfaith, and Spiritual

Price: Contact For A Personalized Quote

Address: Chicago, Chicago, IL 60613

Phone:  (773) 929-2840

Facebook:  Chicago Choice Ceremonies by Jill Brown

Wedding Officiant : Jill Brown

Of Chicago Wedding Rites, Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart is a highly qualified officiant who’s performed hundreds of weddings in the Chicago area. Dr. Elizabeth is an experienced public speaker that aims to create magical moments full of laughter and happy tears. Clients praise her for her professionalism, sincerity, and fun-loving nature. She gladly works with couples from all walks of life and enjoys creating beautiful ceremonies that showcase your love for one another, your beliefs, and your traditions. Chicago Wedding Rites has two incredible wedding packages to choose from: fully personalized options, meetings, options for different types of ceremonies and rituals, and stories about your love.

Officiant Style: Civil, Religious, Non-Religious, and Interfaith

Price: $600 – $850

Address: 30 N. Michigan Ave Suite 1924, Chicago, IL

Phone:  (773) 495-0228

Facebook:  Chicago Wedding Rites

Wedding Officiant : Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart

Sheri Reda is the mastermind behind Flow Ceremonies’ one-of-a-kind services. She is a certified Master Life-Cycle Celebrant with over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry. Sheri specializes in all types of ceremonies and is thrilled to accommodate any tradition you’d like to include. Each service will include unlimited consultations, a personalized story of your commitment and love, researched readings, rehearsal coordination, and documentation handling. Sheri offers three spectacular wedding packages that can accommodate intimate or extravagant ceremonies.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Spiritual, Interfaith, Multicultural, and Civil

Price: Contact For A Personalized Quote. Prices Start At $850.

Address: Chicago, Chicago, IL 60625

Phone:  (773) 203-4631

Facebook:  Flow Ceremonies

Wedding Officiant : Sheri Reda

Rabbi Dina London specializes in Jewish and interfaith ceremonies that are unique and personalized to your traditions. She is familiar with all Jewish customs and prayers, including the seven wedding blessings and breaking of the glass. Rabbi Dina is flexible with ceremony options and is thrilled to perform traditional, modern, and spiritual ceremonies centered on your Jewish faith. She aims to give you a unique and memorable wedding ceremony that you’ll treasure forever. Rabbi Dina London also offers marriage counseling services to each couple before their wedding day.

Officiant Style: Jewish, Interfaith, and LGBTQ Ceremonies

Price: Contact For A Quote

Address: Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Phone:  (312) 497-1227

Facebook:  Rabbi Dina London

Wedding Officiant : Rabbi Dina London

Rev. Brad Hughes, of Love Story Weddings, aims to provide an unforgettable and fun ceremony that tells your love story. He offers fully customized wedding packages based on your budget, style, and ceremony preferences. Love Story Weddings offers Zoom meetings to each client to learn more about your love story and choices. Reverend Brad has a team of highly qualified officiants that specialize in all kinds of ceremonies. Clients commend Reverend Brad Hughes for his flexibility, professionalism, kindness, and ability to fill a room with laughter.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, and Interfaith

Price: Contact For A Personalized Quote

Address: Chicago, IL 60601

Phone:  (815) 347-8785

Facebook:  Love Story Weddings

Wedding Officiant : Rev. Brad Hughes

The Wedding Rev is owned by Reverend’s Dave Angle and Dick Hattan. Reverend Dave has 26 years of experience as a minister through the Evangelical Free Church of America. Reverend Dick is an ordained Priest in the Catholic Church. These men thoroughly enjoy getting to know clients to give them a memorable wedding ceremony. The Wedding Rev offers premarital counseling services and fully customized ceremonies based on your beliefs and traditions. Each wedding package includes a personalized script, a vow guide, copies of the script, and stories of your lives.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, and Interfaith

Price: Contact For A Quote

Address: Chicago, Chicago, IL 60601

Phone:  (847) 769-5595

Instagram:  The Wedding Rev

Wedding Officiant : Rev. Dave Angle

Pastor Rich is a bilingual officiant and Pastor located in the beautiful Park Ridge suburbs, 14 miles northwest of Downtown Chicago. He is a highly-regard officiant that’s available to perform Spanish and English ceremonies in the Chicago area. Pastor Rich offers consultations to learn about what’s important to you in a celebration. This Chicago wedding officiant will guide you through the planning process to ensure you receive a magical ceremony that puts your love story first. Pastor Rich will always customize your wedding package to suit your budget and style preferences. He has three base wedding packages to choose from: consultation, rehearsal options, and travel options.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, and Interfaith

Price: Prices Start At $500

Address: Park Ridge, Park Ridge, IL 60068

Phone:  (847) 292-1418

Facebook:  Pastor Rich

Wedding Officiant : Pastor Rich

Reverend Thomas Perrucci is the Chicago Wedding Guy. He is a wedding officiant with close to 40 years of experience performing unforgettable wedding ceremonies for couples in the Chicago area. Reverend Thomas has a process to ensure couples receive everything they’re looking for in a service. He strives to deliver inspiring and exciting ceremonies that showcase your values, personalities, and love. Reverend Tom offers complimentary consultations to ensure you’re getting everything you need for an incredible service. The Chicago Wedding Guy has four incredible ceremony packages to choose from.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, and Interfaith

Price: $250 – $1,000

Address: 501 Tadmore Court, Schaumburg, IL 60194

Phone:  (847) 310-0300

Facebook:  Rev. Tom Chicago Wedding Guy

Wedding Officiant : Tom Chicago Wedding Guy

Reverend Denise Tracy: Weddings and Ceremonies strive to provide ceremonies that tell a story. Reverend Denise has 30 years of experience and has performed more than 1,500 services for couples in the Chicago area. Her goal is to offer a spectacular wedding ceremony tailored to your wishes. Denise is familiar with all types of religious and non-religious ceremonies. This Chicago wedding officiant offers five ceremony options: Destination Weddings, Holiday Ceremonies, Ultimate Ceremony, Commissioned Ceremony, and Basic Ceremony. Each wedding package is based on the size and location of your service.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Civil, Interfaith, and LGBTQ

Price: Prices Start At $450

Address: 535 Arlington Ave, Elgin, IL 60120

Phone:  (847) 431-8282

Facebook:  Denise Tracy

Wedding Officiant : Denise Tracy

Address: Chicago, IL

Phone: (612) 865-5039

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Contact : Liz Rae

Address: 25 E Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: (773) 318-8963

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Contact : Bill Epperly

Address: 932 N. Racine Ave., Chicago, IL 60642

Phone: (773) 234-5731

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Contact : Michael Moody

Address: Chicago, IL

Phone: (630) 664-3500

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Contact : Phil Landers

Address: Chicago, IL

Phone: (312) 671-1804

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Contact : Bruce Otto

Address: Chicago, IL

Phone: (224) 714-9396

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Contact : Bonnie

Contact : Bodas Quintero

Address: 2311 W Arthur, Chicago, IL 60645

Phone: (773) 865-8540

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Contact : Tom Maluga

Address: 4718 S Saint Lawrence Ave, # 1 Chicago, IL 60615

Phone: (773) 715-5701

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Contact : Fr Jef

Address: Chicago, IL

Phone: (224) 434-3296

Social: Jeff G The Officiant

Contact : Jeff


Your ceremony is one of the essential parts of your wedding day, so it’s crucial to find an officiant with the ability to give you precisely what you’re looking for. You’ll want your ceremony to be personalized to include your beliefs and traditions. Whether you’re searching for a religious, non-religious, cultural, LGBTQ, spiritual, or any type of ceremony in between, each of these wedding officiants has extensive experience and fantastic pricing packages to suit every budget. Chicago is a breathtaking city with beautiful venues, delicious food, and stunning views that would be perfect for local and destination weddings.