Flow Ceremonies: 10 Questions with Sheri Reda

10 Questions with Sheri Reda

WeddingRule Interviewed one of the most popular and highly sought-after wedding officiants in Illinois, Sheri Reda of Flow Ceremonies. Chicago based Sheri is the founder and owner of Flow Ceremonies.

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Officiant - Sheri Reda

10 Questions with Sheri Reda

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hi, I'm Sheri Reda, a certified master life-cycle celebrant with Unitarian Universalist seminary training and with certificated in mediation and spiritual direction.

I work as a celebrant because I believe that the extraordinary moments of our lives—the funny, romantic, sad, hopeful, and joyous moments that punctuate our lives—are sacred. They offer the opportunity to stop time and live out what is most important to us.

* I love talking to people, and listening to people, which means that I will love learning your story.

* I'm an inspired writer, by which I mean that I write your ceremony with your spirit in mind.

* I am a confident enough presenter to hold the moment and yet put you front and center, where you belong.

At its best, this work feels to me like a calling. At the least, it's still a really cool job.

2. What's your experience as a wedding officiant? How many weddings have your officiated?

I have been part of the weddings of friends and acquaintances for decades, but I began working as a professional celebrant in 2012. I officiate at up to twenty weddings per year.

3. How far in advance do couples need to secure your services?

For holiday weekends, I often book a year out, but I can also work within a short time frame. June, July and August are busiest.

4. How would you describe your officiant style?

My style is your style! That said, I tend toward warm, inclusive, humor-inflected ceremonies. When a client prefers solemnity, I can go there without sacrificing authenticity. But I'm tuned into the joy of the event, and the desire of everyone, honorees or guests, to smile, laugh, reach out, and have fun.

5. What are your fees for officiating a wedding?

Because every ceremony is unique, my fee varies considerably. On occasion, I officiate at low-cost elopement-style weddings. However, most of the weddings I do range in price from $900 to $1200 and include research into readings and ceremony elements, including my client's personal story, as well as coordination with your wedding professionals. I also handle the license and deliver an electronic or paper keepsake.

6. What do you wear when you officiate a wedding?

I wear what you want me to wear!

Most often I wear a simple black dress or a dress that is color–coordinated with the ceremony. However, I have worn slacks, saris, and cosplay items when the event has called for them.

7. How many pre-wedding sessions will the couple need to have with you?

I meet with you in person or online so that we can both determine whether I am the celebrant for you. At that meeting, I take lots of notes and invest in your story as if you have already hired me. If you do hire me, we'll communicate by email and text as I prepare your ceremony. If contracted to hold your rehearsal, I'll be there, but I don't require pre-ceremony counseling or evaluation.

8. Will you be able to create a personalized ceremony?

Except in the rare case that a client wants a standard, elopement-style wedding, all my weddings are not only personalized but individually created! You wedding is about your personal love and your personal commitment.

9. Are you available to travel if needed?


10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

I require a downpayment of half my fee to book my services. The second half is due the week before the wedding.

The one time a couple cancelled before they returned their Q&A and embarked on the process, I refunded their entire fee. The one time a couple cancelled their wedding late in the process, I kept the downpayment but cancelled their obligation to make a second payment. Then I sent them their story as a keepsake they could use in a later ceremony.



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