Boston’s Floral Couture is a full-service Euro boutique floral shop specializing in weddings, bridal showers, and other events. No matter whether you are having a small intimate wedding or a large event, these creative florists will develop a couture floral design that shines with the love and romance of your special day. They will work with your ideas and colors and come up with the best floral arrangements, from elegant and soft bouquets, boutonnieres, and ceremony flowers to towering centerpieces that will be the envy of your guests. Boston’s Floral Couture can handle all your floral wedding arrangements for your big day.

Address: 735 E Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: 502-618-2415

Facebook: Boston's Floral Couture

Instagram: Boston's Floral Couture

Contact : Andrea Glass

Rose & Honey Floral is a full-service florist specializing in creating floral wedding arrangements for every type of wedding and event. This team gets pretty giddy over floral design and loves to create new arrangements that have never been seen before. Their natural creativity and seasonal flowers guide their designs and help them come up with a unique floral arrangement that speaks to your style and personality. They use only quality flowers and an intentional detail that you will see in every petal, flower, and arrangement they create. For a bespoke floral wedding arrangement on your special day, choose Rose & Honey Floral for all your floral wedding needs. 

Address: Louisville, KY

Instagram: Rose & Honey Floral

Contact : Mary

Bloomed Roots provides premium, one-of-a-kind floral arrangements for your wedding, bridal shower, and other events. Bailey discovered her love of flowers and natural talent for creating stunning floral designs and decided to help Louisville couples with their floral arrangements. She takes your ideas and inspirations and will create unique floral arrangements using only the freshest flowers to ensure they last the entire day. You will love her elegant bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower crowns. She also offers all the floral reception decors you’ll need, including centerpieces, cake flowers, and much more. Bailey and her team at Bloomed Roots will make sure every flower is perfect, and you are thrilled with your floral wedding arrangements on your special day. 

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 502-418-3340

Facebook: Bloomed Roots

Instagram: Bloomed Roots

Contact : Bailey Wynn

Grace Huneck opened Botanica in order to give her creative talents and love of flowers an outlet. It allows her to help couples create the perfect floral arrangements that are as unique as they are. Grace understands that your love story is what makes the two of you special and uses that inspiration to develop bespoke floral arrangements that highlight the love and emotion the two of you feel for each other. She can work with a variety of styles and offers everything from simple and elegant bouquets and boutonnieres to imaginative and colorful floral designs that are sure to have everyone talking. View her portfolio and if her past designs are what you are looking for, book your consultation today and have Grace start designing your dream floral arrangements.

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 502-777-8372

Facebook: Botanica

Instagram: Botanica

Contact : Grace Huneck

Beholden Blooms believes that flowers can bring joy, elegance, and vibrancy to your wedding day celebration. Nicole uses natural compositions and locally grown flowers for her distinctive and bold floral designs. She uses the best flowers from local farmers and growers to ensure your floral arrangements will look and smell great the entire day. You will love her creative bouquets, floral crowns, boutonnieres, and other floral creations that will complete your wedding theme. She offers full wedding and elopement packages and will design your flowers to match your color and personality. Let Beholden Blooms create the best floral wedding arrangements for your special day, no matter your party size and budget. 

Address: Frankfort, KY

Phone: 859-444-4529

Facebook: Beholden Blooms

Instagram: Beholden Blooms

Contact : Nicole

Oberer’s Flowers has served Louisville area couples with unique floral wedding designs that highlight the love of emotion of their wedding day celebration. They know how stressful preparing for your wedding can be. That is why they have created several wedding floral packages that will make picking your flowers as easy as possible. First, browse their different styles, such as White Rose Supreme, Secret Garden, Moonlight, Sunrise, Prairie Wind, Blushing Grace, Cape Town, and Cherry Love. Then, pick the design that speaks to you the most, and then book a consultation to go over your order and let them perfect your floral wedding designs. 

Address: 1115 Herr Ln #150, Louisville, KY 40222

Phone: 502-329-7774

Facebook: Oberer's Flowers

Instagram: Oberer's Flowers

Contact : Oberer's Flowers Team

Giselle Smith started Lovely Leaves so she can create inspirational floral wedding designs for local area couples. Giselle and her team have completed over 400 floral arrangements and are capable of working with your ideas, no matter your style and budget. She can’t wait to work with new couples and discuss their ideas to give them a bespoke floral design that is perfect for your wedding day celebration. With offerings ranging from simple and elegant bouquets and boutonnieres to a petal-strewn walkway leading you to your beloved, and creative centerpieces that will thrill your guests, Lovely Leaves is your best choice for a custom floral wedding design for your special day.

Address: Elizabethtown, KY

Instagram: Lovely Leaves

Contact : Giselle Smith

D N Surprise Florist is committed to offering the finest floral arrangements with prompt and friendly services from knowledgeable florists. You will create a custom floral design based on the type of wedding package you select. They have a floral package for every style and budget that includes elegant bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, including centerpiece packages, and much much. Choose the colors that match your wedding theme and work with their floral designers to come up with the best floral wedding arrangements that will bring your bridal vision to life. D N Surprise Florist wants to be your top choice for all your wedding day florals.

Address: 2001 W Broadway #2, Louisville, KY 40203

Phone: 502-202-2509

Facebook: D N Surprise Florist

Contact : Sheryl Anderson

Panache-Flowers Gifts & Events offers you premium floral arrangements for every style and budget. You will love their artistic designs and creative arrangements that blend with your colors and wedding theme and will elevate your wedding day to a whole new level. They will add a bit of panache to your floral designs as they work with you to perfect your ideas, so everything is perfect down to the last petal. Their dedication to your arrangements will show in your elegant and aromatic bouquet, boutonniere, and floral crown. Additionally, we’re sure your guests will love the stunning centerpieces and cake flowers, plus all of the small details you want to make your wedding as unique as the love you share with your partner. 

Address: 3617 Lexington Rd #2949, Louisville, KY 40207

Phone: 502-899-3899

Facebook: Panache-Flowers Gifts & Events

Contact : David King

Since 1985, Sherry’s Cottage Flower Shop has created wonderful bouquets and ceremony flowers for local area couple’s that suit many styles and budgets. They use only the highest-quality flowers, greenery, and other natural elements to create bespoke floral arrangements based on your colors and ideas. Browse their gallery of bridal, bridesmaid, flower girl, and tossing bouquets. Additionally, they also offer boutonnieres, wreaths, and other ceremony flowers, as well as centerpieces, cake flowers, table arrangements, and everything else you can think of. Let Sherry’s Cottage Flower Shop help you with all your floral wedding needs. 

Address: 9902 3rd Street Rd, Louisville, KY 40272

Phone: 502-933-7870

Facebook: Sherry's Cottage Flower Shop

Contact : Sherry McGinty

Fable Florals understands how stressful preparing for your wedding can be. That is why Faye wants to help you create perfect hand-tied bouquets and boutonnieres for your special day. You will feel relaxed from your first consultation to the final setup as she works with your ideas and colors and comes up with a custom plan just for you. If you need inspiration, check out her portfolio to help you select the right arrangements that speak to your style and personality. After she’s created the designs of your dreams, Faye will deliver and set up all your flowers on your big day. You will be in good hands when you trust Fable Florals for your floral wedding arrangements.

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 940-867-6021

Profile: Fable Florals

Facebook: Fable Florals

Instagram: Fable Florals

Contact : Faye Goodyear

Jaclyn Journey designs timeless bespoke wedding floral arrangements inspired by southern hospitality and charm. Jaclyn is a talented designer who loves creating beautiful weddings with amazing floral designs that perfectly blend with every couple’s wedding day theme. Her design background allows her to create the ultimate space with mood-setting florals strategically placed so you and your guests get the most out of your floral designs. You will love her elegant cascading bouquets, floral walls, and other decorations that will bring out the love and romance of your special day. Let Jaclyn Journey and her creative talents bring your unique floral vision to life with the freshest flowers that will last all day long.

Address: 117 N. Wenzel Street, Louisville, KY 40206

Phone: 502-744-2717

Facebook: Jaclyn Journey

Instagram: Jaclyn Journey

Contact : Jaclyn

Since 1969, Hedman’s Suburban Florist has helped Louisville area brides with their wedding flowers with love and deep attention to detail. This family-owned-operated shop uses only the freshest flowers for all your floral wedding needs. Their offerings include colorful and elegant bouquets, table arrangements, wreaths, and much more. Their creative designers will work with your colors and ideas and make suggestions to perfect your design until it seamlessly blends with your wedding theme. No matter whether your style is modern and chic, bohemian, natural and classic, or something completely new, Hedman’s Suburban Florist is ready to help make your floral wedding designs come to life with their amazing floral arrangements.

Address: Louisville, KY

Phone: 502-937-7039

Facebook: Hedman's Suburban Florist

Instagram: Hedman's Suburban Florist

Contact : Marilyn

Nanz & Kraft Florists is a full-service florist in Louisville. They have been awarded Best Florist in Louisville, KY by Louisville Magazine for sixteen years. The team delivers special attention to meet couples’ expectations with their flower arrangements & decorations. They will assign a design manager to optimize all your wedding-related requirements. Call them now or contact their design manager by filling the appointment form to discuss further details.

Address: 141 Breckenridge Ln. Louisville, KY 40207

Phone: 502-897-6551

Profile: Nanz & Kraft Florists

Facebook: Nanz & Kraft Florists

Instagram: Nanz & Kraft Florists

Contact : Eddie & David

J. Elizabeth Designs is a leading florist company in Louisville, KY, offering their services in and around the city for over 16 years. The team specializes in full-scale wedding designs. With years of experience, this floral business is dedicated to delivering adequate floral arrangements. They have the knowledge and expertise to build a desired floral look from traditional to contemporary. The team will partner with you to make your wedding decorations as stunning as possible. Contact them now to figure out how they can help you.

Address: 808 Lyndon Ln, Ste 104 Louisville, KY 40222

Phone: 502-741-3929

Profile: J. Elizabeth Designs

Facebook: J. Elizabeth Designs

Instagram: J. Elizabeth Designs

Contact : Jill Doyle

Country Squire Florist is a full-service floral stop that serves the Louisville region. Founded in 1973, this is a family-owned and operated business. Their professional staff provides couples with personalized services to help them pick desired flower arrangements. All designers deliver a comprehensive collection of traditional as well as contemporary designs. The team’s motive is to offer fresh and personalized flower arrangements to couples at their weddings. They have a vast assortment of fresh flower arrangements, blooming plants, green plants, gourmet baskets, and afghans. Check their website to know more.

Address: 9601 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40223

Phone: 502-425-1530

Profile: Country Squire Florist

Facebook: Country Squire Florist

Instagram: Country Squire Florist

Contact : Dee Wilhem

Lloyd’s Florist is a Louisville-based floral service specializing in giving a unique and personal touch to weddings. They offer their services to couples throughout the region. Their wedding team is always up to listen to your vision and choose the best flowers for your big day. You can go through their gallery for inspiration for ceremony flowers, reception flowers, or bouquets. If you’re ready to set an appointment, contact the team now and let them help you.

Address: 9216 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40229

Phone: 502-968-5428

Profile: Lloyd's Florist

Facebook: Lloyd's Florist

Instagram: Lloyd's Florist

Contact : Michael Gaddie

If you’re looking for the best wedding floral arrangements, do contact Charissa’s Floral Design. Charissa Shea operates the company, and they specialize in offering unique and beautiful floral decorating services for all special occasions, including weddings. All their floral design services and packages are designed to meet the budget of different couples. To know more about their business and services, feel free to reach out to the team any time.

Address: 10513 Watterson Trail, Louisville, KY 40299

Phone: 502-523-6811

Profile: Charissa's Floral Design

Facebook: Charissa's Floral Design

Instagram: Charissa's Floral Design

Contact : Charissa Shea

If you’re looking for an experienced, dedicated, and trusted floral designer, consider hiring Millennium Events. They are renowned in the community for providing all clients with custom wedding floral design & planning services. The team delivers exceptional experiences to couples with beauty, creativity, and style for everlasting and unforgettable memories. They work tirelessly to execute the wedding vision of each client with the utmost attention to detail. Call them now to clear your queries or schedule a consultation for further discussion.

Address: 3104 Preston Hwy, Louisville, KY 40213

Phone: 502-618-2525

Profile: Millennium Events

Facebook: Millennium Events

Instagram: Millennium Events

Contact : Jason O'Daniel

Berry’s Country Garden Florist is a team of professional florists transforming couples’ visions into reality. They design floral arrangements with passion and creativity. The team’s eye for floral artistry goes beyond the lilies and roses. They specialize in turning weddings into occasions that will be cherished and admired for years to come. They source a comprehensive collection of beautiful and unique flowers, ensuring quality over anything. As a premier flower and event design stop, the team fabricates dreams and brings them to reality for all couples. 

Address: 7710 Fegenbush Ln, Louisville, KY 40228

Phone: 502-239-0344

Profile: Berry's Country Garden Florist

Facebook: Berry's Country Garden Florist

Contact : Rhonda

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Choosing your flowers for your special day should be a fun and exciting time as you prepare for saying I Do. These top wedding florists in Las Vegas, NV, can make your flower shopping an easy and stress-free experience as they work with you to come up with the best floral arrangements for your wedding day celebration. Your flowers will be fresh and of the highest quality to ensure your arrangements last the entire day. Choose the best bouquets, centerpieces, and ceremony and reception flowers from their galleries, or have one of these creative florists develop a bespoke floral design that sings to your style and personality. You will be in good hands with any of these top florists, regardless of which one you choose. 

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