Cakes by Gina opened its doors in 2003 and has been providing Houston with superb wedding and celebration cakes ever since. Whether you are after the latest hand-painted trend or a 3D cake that matches your theme perfectly, we don’t doubt that Gina can pull it off. Wedding cakes require a 25% deposit to hold your date, and cake tasting can be arranged by appointment. Don’t forget to bring your vision board or Pinterest ideas, since Gina is keen to collaborate and design a cake that no one in Houston has ever seen before.

Address: 14165 Bissonnet St Suite M, Houston, TX 77083

Phone: 281-495-9400

Profile: Cakes by Gina

Facebook: Cakes by Gina

Instagram: Cakes by Gina

Contact : Gina

There is little doubt that Nadine Moon and her customers overhead whispers of ‘who made the cake?’ long before her business became a reality. In fact, we have seen thousands of wedding cakes in our time, and Nadine’s cake designs still make our jaws drop and our mouths water with anticipation. This multi-award-winning company has been featured on national television numerous times, and the creations never cease to amaze with their gravity-defying heights. Nadine prides herself on not only creating cakes that look amazing but taste fantastic. There are no less than twenty different cake flavors and twenty-six different fillings, and we haven’t even got to the frostings yet. Computing the number of options is beyond us, but we know they will each be superb.

Address: 1811 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77019

Phone: 713-528-4719

Profile: Who Made the Cake!

Facebook: Who Made the Cake!

Instagram: Who Made the Cake!

Contact : Nadine Moon

Bavarian Cakery is famous in Houston for their Signature Bavarian Cheesecake. They are even able to incorporate this divine dessert into their wedding cakes in your choice of chocolate or rich vanilla. Then imagine it huddled between layers of fresh fruit, puree or liqueur, and any of their cake flavors. Sugar-free and gluten-free cakes are on offer, which can be tried at the cake tasting with prior arrangement. Bavarian Cakery also makes gorgeous decorated sugar cookies, cake pops, truffles, and macarons that can be themed to your big day with specialized colors and designs.

Address: 8815 Solon Road, Unit F2, Houston, TX 77064

Phone: 281-469-3116

Profile: Bavarian Cakery

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Contact : Tara James Little

You haven’t seen elegance unless you’ve seen a Dolce Designs cake. For your heavenly wedding, cake master Jesi takes her time to make only the tastiest and most beautiful cakes from an experience of over eight years and a vision conceived since infancy. With the artistry and graceful definition of each hand-drawn stroke, even subtle colors look distinctive on her wedding cakes. The positioning of the flowers, diamonds, pearls, and ribbons is also exceptional, making you want to bite into a slice at first glance. Additionally, the flavor is excellent because this top wedding cake baker in Houston meticulously chooses only edible sweetness and natural options. So, you won’t be let down whether you select fondant, buttercream, or naked cakes.

Address: Houston, TX 77494

Phone: 832-451-9430

Facebook: Dolce Designs

Instagram: Dolce Designs

Contact : Jesi Celeita

Supreme Kakes & More is a Houston-based bakery specializing in wedding and celebration cakes and cupcakes and delicious fruity desserts for buffets. Your imagination is the only limitation when collaborating with Supreme Kakes & More, so we recommend that you arrive with printed copies of your preferred designs and anything relating to your wedding décor. Don’t feel silly bringing your invitations, color swatches, or table designs, as these can all help make a cohesive look. There are dozens of flavors to choose from, but our standout favorite has got to be their Supreme Cake, which has a caramel filling and a layer of phyllo dough with Bavarian cream in a yellow cake. Simply scrumptious!

Address: 14520 Memorial Dr # 28, Houston, TX 77079

Phone: 281-496-1000

Profile: Supreme Kakes & More

Facebook: Supreme Kakes & More

Instagram: Supreme Kakes & More

Contact : Veronica Anaya

Carla started Whisk Bakery in 2014 after many years honing her craft by working under some of the best bakers and caterers in Houston. She also studied to receive her Bachelor of Science, so she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to chemistry in the kitchen. Cake tastings can be arranged for up to four people, and a portion of the cost for the same will be reimbursed towards a wedding cake order. Choose from your favorite three cake flavors, two fillings, and two frostings, and then dive in. Whisk Bakery specializes in romantic, whimsical cakes that are timeless by design.

Address: 6104 San Felipe St #2, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: 713-303-8118

Profile: Whisk Bakery

Instagram: Whisk Bakery

Contact : Carla

Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen specialize in cakes, so they know just how critical it is to get your cake just right. Your chosen design will be on display for all to see at the reception and then hold pride of place in your wedding pictures for a lifetime. Once you slice into your cake, and perhaps coyly smear a bit of icing on your new spouse’s lips, you’ll find out how delicious Tammy’s cakes are. By using only the exceptional ingredients and their signature flavors, Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen has been able to intertwine beautiful detail with delectable taste combinations.

Address: 7710 Cherry Park Dr B, Houston, TX 77095

Phone: 281-861-7995

Profile: Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen

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Contact : Tammy Allen

Dawn and the crew at For Heaven’s Cake are always keen to collaborate and come up with wedding and groom’s cakes that are entirely in tune with your celebration. Whether you are traditional or modern, wacky or reserved, they can ensure that your cakes will be delicious and beautiful. Signature flavors include strawberry, red velvet, pineapple, or spice, and gluten-free options include almond, vanilla, or cinnamon roll. However, that is just a tiny selection of their cake and frosting flavor combinations, so speak to them about booking a tasting to try your favorites.

Address: 17488 NW Freeway, Houston, TX 77040

Phone: 832-876-9197

Profile: For Heaven's Cake

Facebook: For Heaven's Cake

Instagram: For Heaven's Cake

Contact : Dawn Bradley

For over two generations, Susie Edwards of Susie’s Cakes & Confections has been showcasing her Argentinian baking talent to the people of Houston. Indeed, her cakes taste amazing; however, it is the exquisite detail that will catch you by surprise. Expect minute details with perfectly placed pearls and the most delicate lace made out of sugar. Many of her grooms’ cakes are so realistic that we can’t imagine they are filled with delicious cakes and creams. Cake tasting and consultations are arranged by appointment only and be sure to bring in your ideas and inspiration.

Address: 12280 Westheimer, Suite 6A, Houston, TX 77077

Phone: 281-493-3222

Profile: Susie’s Cakes & Confections

Facebook: Susie’s Cakes & Confections

Instagram: Susie’s Cakes & Confections

Contact : Susie Edwards

Few businesses in America of any type have the history and heart of Three Brothers Bakery. Now run by the second generation of one of the original brothers, we are sure that their Polish ancestors would be proud beyond measure. What’s more, they make fantastic cakes, bread, and pastries, which is why they have continued to expand since opening in 1949. Today, the wedding cakes on offer at three Brothers Bakery are stunning works of art that are fit for the pages of any bridal magazine. We couldn’t even nail down one specific decoration type as they seem to be able to do it all. Check out their grooms’ cakes while you’re at it for some incredibly fun inspiration.

Address: 4036 S Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77025

Phone: 713-666-2253

Profile: Three Brothers Bakery

Facebook: Three Brothers Bakery

Instagram: Three Brothers Bakery

Contact : Bobby & Janice

These mouthwatering desserts are so beautiful they should be in a museum. Buttercup Bakery has the vision and talent you desire to create one-of-a-kind cake designs and flavors. With over five years of success, you can trust Buttercup Bakery to go above and beyond your expectations. They accept a restricted number of orders since they aim to handcraft only the best cakes. Your guests will love that every bite is bursting with flavor and decorated with exquisite sugar flowers and delectable ruffles. With gorgeous design, decor, and detail, their wedding cakes have features on Martha Stewart Weddings. Your wedding cake will feature organic, in-season, imported European butter, 24K edible gold, and deft brush skills.

Address: 411 W. Main St. Tomball, TX 77375

Phone: 281-513-8493

Instagram: Buttercup Bakery

Contact : Kristina Guilbeau

Though the bakery is recognized for various items such as sandwiches, bread, and an espresso bar, the award-winning wedding cakes offer unparalleled designs and tastes. You can trust the experienced and trained chefs at World Catering Bakery to design and deliver an impressive cake. From three-tiered white cakes with pearls and flowers to eye-catching artistic creations paired with edible branches, candlelight, and colorful fruits, you can’t deny yourself a cake from World Catering Bakery. The flavors go beyond vanilla, chocolate, and banana, with a hint of a variety of filling options. With their pre-designed cakes, World Catering Bakery does not limit your cake options; instead, they open your mind to unlimited possibilities for your wedding.

Address: 1073 Silber Rd Houston, TX 77055

Phone: 713-780-4351

Facebook: World Catering Bakery

Instagram: World Catering Bakery

Contact : Monica & Meagan

Nancy’s Cake Designs has various Signature Cakes, like the blooming floral elegance of the Aurora Cake or the Art Deco-inspired Juliet Cake. These traditional cakes are an excellent springboard for checking your preferences; however, Nancy’s Cake Designs can design just about any cake you can dream of. Naked cakes, lacy cakes, dual designed cakes, and floral cakes are all on offer, along with their vast array of flavors and fillings. A 30% deposit is required to save your date, with the remainder being due one week before your wedding day.

Address: 6969 Gulf Freeway #455, Houston, TX 77087

Phone: 713-644-9505

Profile: Nancy's Cake Designs

Facebook: Nancy's Cake Designs

Instagram: Nancy's Cake Designs

Contact : Nancy

Erica made the leap of faith in 2017 to completely conceptualize and launch her baking company. Texas, as a whole, is lucky in that regard to have this award-winning wedding cake baker. Wink by Erica cakes are artistically created based on your specific requests. Get ready to devour fluffy and moist goodness. Wink by Erica bakes custom cakes from scratch for each happy couple. Whatever you need, whether it’s tall cakes, sweets, fondant, or hand-drawn artwork, you can trust Wink by Erica to deliver nothing but the best. What more could you wish for when the cakes look vibrant and the flavor is exquisite? Your wedding guests will rave about your yummy desserts for years to come.

Address: 6104 San Felipe St Suite #2, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: 832-582-0218

Facebook: Wink by Erica

Instagram: Wink by Erica

Contact : Erica Corral

You can’t miss this chance to try a sample of Sweet Delights Wedding Cake because they have more than 24 years of experience baking the tastiest cakes in Houston, Texas. Expect the highest standards in the baking industry from these professionals. Sweet Delights Wedding Cake has been featured on several well-known shows, including The Buzz Lady, Ultimate Wedding Show, and many others. These top Houston wedding cake bakers offer delicious groom and personalized wedding cakes for your big day. They always use fresh — never frozen — ingredients. Their decadent, fluffy cakes are all prepared to order. Additionally, the detailing is unmatched. The flowers and sprinkles are expertly handcrafted, making your three- or four-tier cake look heavenly.

Address: 2121 N. Main st Houston, TX 77009

Phone: 832-677-2242

Facebook: Sweet Delights Wedding Cakes

Instagram: Sweet Delights Wedding Cakes

Contact : Roslyn Allen

Can you possibly have too much sweetness? Becca Cakes certainly doesn’t think so. These Houston wedding cake bakers offer all things sweet and moist to celebrate your day. Their selections include the most colorful cupcakes, fluffy macarons, crunchy cookies, chewy cake cups, and gooey brownies prepared from scratch every day. Becca Cakes has an incredible assortment of wedding cakes. These professionals devote extra effort to making a memorable cake, both in terms of appearance and flavor. They use sweet flowers and other high-quality culinary complements to create your custom cake until it replicates your ideal cake. When you order from Becca Cakes, you will receive a modern, opulent, and tasty spotlight-deserving wedding cake.

Address: 1207 W 34th, Ste 200 Houston, TX 77018

Phone: 713-364-3360

Facebook: Becca Cakes

Instagram: Becca Cakes

Contact : Rebecca Pham

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It’s quite universal that one partner is more involved than the other with the planning process when planning a wedding. However, it isn’t challenging to get volunteers on board when tasting cakes and confections. We hope that you use this time to create a flavor combination that is unique to you two as a couple.

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