A great place to feel like a kid again, Coney Island is the ultimate playground for fun wedding photos filled with bold colors and fun rides. Perfect for sunlit beach photos, romantic blazing sunsets, and colorful light-filled photos at night, this is a versatile location that has a little of everything. No matter where you explore, the backdrop is sure to look incredible.

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One of the most iconic bridges in the world, this is a popular location for movies, TV shows, and haute couture photoshoots, which is why this is a great place for stylish wedding photos that encompass the true heart of NYC. A wonderful location that combines the modern city skyline, classic stonework of the bridge, and the surrounding waters around the island, this area looks great with blue skies during the day and warm sunsets in the evening.

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A unique park in the middle of a bustling city, Central Park is the ultimate nature hideaway that looks beautiful in every season. Designed with something to discover at every turn, there are plenty of interesting spots for stunning wedding portraits. From vintage horse-drawn carriage rides and winding paths through the gardens to gondola boat rides and romantic picnics for two, there truly is something for everyone.

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Featured in hundreds of movies, novels, TV shows, and photoshoots, Grand Central Station is one of the most beautiful examples of Beaux-Arts architecture that has been preserved to look as stunning as the time it was built. Filled with a rich history and known for being a busy transportation hub, every corner of the station has incredible details, warm lighting, and luxury design that create the perfect backdrop for vintage-inspired portraits. A gorgeous location in any season, the interior and exterior look immaculate all year round.

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A neighborhood full of culture and history, this is an upscale location with those famous colonial brownstones, trendy boutiques, energetic nightlife, and classic tree-lined streets that are perfect for romantic strolls. This area exudes a relaxed bohemian while surrounded by historical landmarks and modern entertainment. A great place for a wide variety of stylish wedding photos.

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Address: 1233 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029

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New York is a vibrant city that so many people love, and it’s a place full of hope where anything can happen. This is perhaps the perfect setting for a wedding photo session that has life, vivacity, and a true reflection of a connection between two people.

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