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Hi, I’m Tom! I’d love to tell you about myself and how I got started as a wedding photographer, but that’s not why you’re here.

You’re here because you’re looking for someone to photograph your wedding, one of the most important days in your life. And you understand that the person that you choose to be your photographer is kind of a big deal. After all, you only get one shot at getting this right!

So how do you make this decision? There are only about a bazillion people out there who claim to be wedding photographers! How do you make your choice?

My recommendation is to look at what I call the “Three P’s”; Product, Price and Personality.
Product – Do you love the photos that you see on a photographer’s site? If not you should probably keep looking.
Price – Is the photographer in your price range? If you love their work, are you willing to possibly adjust your budget to allow you to hire this person?
Personality – Possibly the most important of the three P’s. You will spend most of your wedding day in very close contact with your photographer, far more than any other vendor. So you really want to make sure that you are a good fit to work together! Look at the photographer’s reviews to see what previous clients have to say. Set up a phone call or Zoom meeting. And if at all possible be sure to meet with your photographer personally! Best is if you are able to do an engagement session to find out how you work together.

I would love to have a chance to talk with you to see if we would be that “good fit” to work together. Check out my website, look at my photos, read my reviews. Then send me an email or give me a call and we can get to know each other!

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I offer a variety of packages depending on how much time and how many "goodies" you want for your for photo package. I am happy to help you design a custom package if none of my standard packages are a good fit. I also offer a variety of mid-week packages especially designed for couples who are planning a smaller wedding, such as a courthouse elopement. All of my wedding packages and pricing can be found on my website at so stop by and check it out!
As far as I know I offer the fastest turnaround of any photographer in the Seattle area, if not the entire country. My goal is to have your optimized files ready for you to see in ~5 days; hopefully while you are still on your honeymoon! Unlike many wedding photographers this is my full time job and has been for more than 30 years. This means that once I get home after your wedding the files are immediately loaded into my computer, and I start working on them. This usually takes a couple of 8 hour days at the computer. I will often send my couples a few "sneak peek" photos the day after their wedding so they have something they can share right away with family and friends. If you have a package that includes prints (most of my packages do) I usually have those ready within two weeks.
Absolutely! I give all of my couples a basic photo list well in advance of the wedding to help them develop their own shot list. This can really help reduce some wedding-day stress, since you don't have to be worrying about your photo choices on the wedding day. And of course I am always happy to take any photos that might occur to you on the spur of the moment.
YES! If you hire me to be your photographer, you get me as your photographer. Unlike some studios, I do not sub-out any of my weddings or work with "associate photographers". All of the work that you see on my site are photos that I personally shot, and when you hire me you can be assured that you will receive the same quality of work at your own wedding.
I would love to take you to the location/locations of your choice for photos! If this is something that you'd like to do we will plan out the timeline in advance, so you can either take the off-site photos before the ceremony (most common) or between the ceremony and reception. Either way it is definitely something that we can make happen!



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