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Welcome to my little world…
I’m Sasha, a Seattle based wedding, business, lifestyle, and travel photographer. I’m crazy about what I do and love being creative on the daily.

Whether I’m a third wheel on your wedding day, running around town on an engagement session, or just swapping travel stories, I’m doing it with passion and pouring my heart into our time together.

I’m in my happy place when working with people who have a lust for life and don’t take themselves too seriously. Let’s do more than just take photos, let’s create an experience and have some fun with it!

Feel free to stay awhile, dig in and explore…what’s mine is yours. Let’s get together and make some magic happen!

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Sasha  Reiko

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Sasha, a Seattle based wedding, business, lifestyle, and travel photographer. Let's focus on having a good time and creating candid, authentic photos that encompass all the awesome that is you. I’m not just a ‘photographer’ I’m an artist, a friend, and a person who cares deeply. I will literally be pouring my heart into whatever we're working on together by creating a visual story for you to enjoy and appreciate for years to come.

My ideal clients are people that value photography and can appreciate everything that goes into making beautiful images. I give everything I have to my work; my knowledge, experience, positive energy, and creativity. Let's not hold back, let's be in the moment, let's be awkward and laugh about it. Let's be authentic and not imitate cliche cookie cutter poses and staged re-enactments of Pinterest poses. I swear your favorite images will be the ones you least expect. The imperfect. The unexpected.

EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH A CONNECTION. I like to think I'm in the business of making friends. My hope is that laughter will guide our time together and that we’ll feel like old friends by the end. ​Connecting with your photographer directly contributes to the end result and will create an experience, not just a 'photo shoot'. ​The best images come from a vulnerable place, those moments when your guard is down and you are...well...YOU. ​So y​ou do you and I'll tell your story in a way that makes you feel something. ​Sounds good right?​

I take a limited number of clients each year and try to only work with people who connect with my work, vision, and can trust the process and let go. Every person I work with is a constant reminder that everyone has a different story. An important story, that needs to be told in a way that connects to them individually. There's no one size fits all and I will go out of my way to make sure you feel that during our time together. I’m deeply committed and passionate about what I do and I hope to share that with you!



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