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My job is more than walking around and clicking a button. It’s my experience with vulnerable human connection that allows me to be more in tune with the interactions happening around me. On your wedding day, I try to be super sensitive so I can prepare myself for any possible moment. A moment is defined by, “a very brief period of time”. Sometimes only a second. I pride myself on my ability to catch even the smallest expressions that ultimately make up the story of your wedding day.

Vendor Profile - Lynnsey Phillips

Lynnsey Phillips

I'm Lynnsey, the lady behind Lionlady Photography. I'm based in the PNW (specifically Seattle & Boise) but travel frequently from California to NYC to Europe. I'll pretty much go anywhere and pride myself on my ability to get through airport security with super efficiency. It's always uncomfortable writing about yourself so I'm resorting to bullet points:

1. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, lived in Seattle for seven years, and have lived in the Northwest my whole life.

2. I'm a proud dog & cat mom. One cute Pyrenees puppy named Pyra (peer-rah) and two kitties (Tiny & Loli).

3. I’m engaged to the love of my life, Ian, as of October 2020.

4. I’m a new mom to my baby girl, Opal Fae, as of March 2021.

4. My country count is 20 and I once traveled through Europe for four months.

5. I speak pretty okay French – I’m afraid to say I’m fluent – and one day hope to speak German as well.

6. I love getting to know all different kinds of people and learning about their backgrounds.

7. I'm pretty much an open book and won't shy away from many topics of conversation.

8. I'm on the never ending quest to have good hair after letting it air dry.


Good question! There's A LOT of talent out there for you to choose from. But I believe that choosing a photographer goes much deeper than just liking someone's work or how they price themselves. Your photographer is the person you'll interact with most on your wedding day so it's super important you like them. I go to great lengths to get to know you and provide a stellar client experience. I also respond to emails quickly and make myself available when needed. Impromptu phone calls, texts, etc. I'm your girl! Anything to help your wedding day be super chill and run smoothly.
So much goes into setting pricing for weddings. Mine is based off of seven years of experience & my high level of customer service. In order to run a sustainable business while maintaining the strong relationships I have with my clients, the starting points above are what I’ve found to be most beneficial. Yes, you can find cheaper photographers but it’s likely they are just starting their careers. They may take pretty photos but will they actually be in business come your wedding day? Do they have backup processes & insurance? Blunt words, I know, but your wedding day deserves someone who knows what they’re doing and will provide you an incredible experience.
When booked for both photo & video, I remain the lead photographer and direct a team of visual artists on your wedding day. This is very similar to how movie sets operate. There is a director of photography that communicates the desired aesthetic and the team works from there. In your case, I’ll still have a camera in my hands all day, don’t worry! Plus, if you book both you’ll receive $500 off!
For the high season (April - October) I book 9 - 12 months in advance. But in some instances I've booked two years out! So the sooner the better to ensure I'm available for your date.
I strongly believe that if you want stellar imagery that you have a stellar team behind you. Just knowing that you have experts making your dreams come true will put you at so much ease. And when you’re to able to relax it shows in front of the camera. With every booking, I provide my list of A+ vendor recommendations that will provide the best style & customer service.



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