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Hi ! !

So you got here to know more about the guy you consider as your photographer. Thank you, it’s a big honor.

But I’m still looking for the right answer to the question: Hey Tiago, who are you?

But to be honest, I like more the idea of having questions in mind than having a lot of answers. This is part of who I am, and because of all these questions, I’m driven to look for new cultures, places, movies, sounds, flavors. I’m a very curious guy and have a loud mind. I’m always changing, sometimes because I want and other times life pushes me to change.

The camera is the perfect excuse to be in places I would not be allowed to be without it and in these places I make amazing connections. Sometimes they last only for a day, sometimes we take them for life. But all of them are beautiful and make my heart beat strong. I love taking pictures of people and their connections. That’s why I am a photographer.

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