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If you want your wedding pictures to be captured with modern elegance and graceful simplicity while being your true self, I am your photographer. I am inspired by warm summer evenings by the sea and love for a genuine love story, that is raw and unique.

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Ruta Swanson


As a photographer with a deep appreciation for cultural and religious traditions, I understand the importance of capturing those special moments in a way that honors their significance. Being from Lithuania, I have a unique perspective on cultural traditions and I make it a priority to incorporate them into my photography. My goal is to provide my clients with a collection of photos that captures the essence of their cultural and religious practices while also telling their unique story. I believe that by blending tradition and modernity, I can create a beautiful and timeless record of their special day.
My photography style is best described as a blend of classic romance and modern simplicity. I appreciate the beauty of natural light but I also love to incorporate different lighting techniques to create dynamic imagery. To ensure that my photography aligns with the vision you and your partner have for your wedding day, I like to get to know my couples beforehand. We'll have a consultation where we can discuss your wedding day timeline, your preferences for the look and feel of your images, and any specific shots you have in mind. I'll also take time to review any inspiration photos you may have so I can get a sense of your desired aesthetic. On your wedding day, my ultimate goal is to deliver beautiful and timeless images that capture the unique moments and emotions that make your wedding day special, while staying true to your desired aesthetic.
I find that every couple has unique needs for their wedding day. That's why all of my packages are custom designed to fit the specific needs and vision. During our initial phone consultation, I'll take the time to learn more about your wedding plans and get a better understanding of what you're looking for in your photography. From there, I can create a personalized quote that reflects your vision for the day.
Absolutely! I would be honored to join you on your wedding day, no matter where it takes place. Whether you're planning a destination wedding in Napa Valley, Half Moon Bay, or any other location in Northern California, I'll be honored to meet you there and create stunning imagery for your special day.
No, my name is Ruta. When I created my company 12 years ago my Lithuanian last name was not an option to use for a business name, so I came up with a fictitious name Amber Shore, that reminds me of my childhood days spent by the shores of Baltic Sea.



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